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looking north west towards Sacre Coeur

Believe it or not I've only posted 1 photo of the Mad Tea Party before and that was from my very first "photo trip" to Disney in 2010. I think for the way I shoot the parks the Tea Party has always fallen in a weird space in the parks where I just never made it over to it in time to get a shot. This time however it was on my short list of shots to get so I grabbed this one right after close on our first night in the Magic Kingdom. Enjoy!


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Tanto per cambiare un po'!

window decoration seen on my walk.


Have a nice day, see you later!

This reminds me of one of those noise-making party spinners with the handle at one end. The less common name for it is "Clacker", which nobody probably knows. Socorro County, New Mexico USA

Something beginning with 'P' - Party time!!

Texture: LenaBem Anna. Thank you.


Thanks a lot all fine Flickr friends for visit and comments!


The Best Celebration is the one you can share with Family and Friends

taken at a recent pre-party shoot


single interfit 300 strobe with shoothru white umbrella at 1/32 power shot at 45 deg to model's right

Random Random Random

[Too lazy for editing].


Remember that the auditions for my contest close on the 11th of this month.

I will take no pictures after the auditions have closed. Thank you!

Also, "thank you" to the people who have joined so far.

The auditions are now closed. Thanks for joining!

On Sunday night there were parties on almost any yacht! This one was the one with the best cars!

Arminka was mightily pleased with the whole business of a birthday party. It was her first proper party she attended, complete with balloons, cakes, singing happy birthday and opening pressies. She had a ball. And we very nearly died of cute on the way home as she spent almost the entire hour trip singing various renditions of happy birthday ♥♥


Can't say I am a superb cupcake maker as yet. These were a little less cuppy and more cakey than I imagined but can I just say, that I aced the white chocolate buttercream frosting!!! Yummmmmo, I am sure I have eaten my weight's worth of the stuff but heck, what a way to go!




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Ha! Because of server issues the group didn't have to complete the testing and post reports tonight. Yes! So I'm posting bright!


And, as I've wandered through a lot of your photos I realized that one of you has photos I want to share with everyone else - My comment here is that the company I work for is offshoring to India and in fact, to the city where many of these photos in the photo stream are made. This is a land of mixed cultures, the old and the new, and truly change. Take time to visit and you'll be amazed.

3 lil'rascals with angelic faces, heehee !

Thank you DaisyDayes for the party-hats and the toys for the entire Crew !!

Poznan, Poland

Stary Rynek

Autumn/Sunday Morning

It looks like the party is over...a few staggering home from the Saturday night fun! :)


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Party time in the market place... Veggie-holics

PArty like a rock star ~ party like its 1985 !!!


Be a monster ~ show ur hands up in the sky !!!


The model again is Live in hill ~ AKA ~ Abdullah Bin haif ;)

Pic taken and edited by me ;P words b3d


Mrs Mail and I decided to go to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) today because we knew they had very chilled A/C and it was a hot sunny day, and there was a new display that we hadn't seen.


I couldn't help but think of Smarties when I saw these rooms, they were absolutely awesome. The display lasts for months and when a child enters, they are given a packet of coloured sticky dots.


They are welcome to stick them anywhere they choose and can reach.


The work of 83yo Yayoi Kusama is featured extensively, and she has a fascination with dots.


If you don't know what smarties are, then think M&Ms but remember that Smarties were invented before M&Ms. Not that it's a competition or anything.


Rainbow Of Colours Theme

Blast your speakers, cyber fireworks :)

its from about 6 months ago for a party bus


i painted it while it was parked a metre from a wall so its really the first time ive ever seen this one properly


just got the picture today, big ups to brave for that


reason for lack of updates is i just learnt to walk again this week as i damaged my cruciate ligaments a while back and have been on crutches for what seems like an eternity


so yeah give me a month or two and im up for a wall

me with my friend Sue, early hours of the morn after my graduation and birthday party

Never too late, to awake the biker in you! No, is not a nickname :))


this is a whole strip (3 squares), but it looks better as a picture with showing only one square.


another favorite i had as child. i bought some last summer, but when i saw them as a whole strip, i had to get it.

i used to call them party bears, because they look *party* haha.

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday!

Love the stands, love the teapot, love those 3 legs cups, love love that glass cap on the top!

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