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... for a happy weekend !


Welsh Poppy / Gelber Schein-Mohn, Waldscheinmohn (Meconopsis cambrica)

in our garden - Frankfurt-Nordend - Large On Black

Well, I haven't posted one of these in a while so today must be your lucky day because I am going to post TWO of them. :-)


I have always enjoyed making these Holgaramas for the simple freedom they give to build a frame however you and your imagination wants. I feel strangely restricted at times in going out into nature, an organic world that doesn't conform well to our sense of order, and attempting to fit what I find into neat squares or rectangles. How much do you find in the Gorge, or on a mountain or at the beach naturally conforms to squares and rectangles? Not much, we just sort of shoehorn it in there, don't we? Working with the Holga in such a way to build these composite images allows me to play a bit more with that shape, though ultimately I guess it is still built of individual squares. But oh well, one step at a time, eh?

More macro fun -this time with a definition added.

Now....what number does Bev live at??? I've heard she's been a good girl this year and is hoping for a visit from here I come!!!!! I hope she won't sit on my lap though.....

Jolly ole Santa Ernie wishes everyone a wonderful Christmas and a happy healthy New Year!

This suitcase was alone... with a "tick-tock"... the robot with do the job!

Chinchilla Post Office, Queensland

25249 (delivered as D7599 in 1966) at Marholm with a Stoke - Peterborough parcels.

Finally took the girls out for some pictures! I almost literally had to dust them off, they seemed pretty happy to see me since they were boxed up and in the same clothes for months. Poor babies!

90020 stands at Kings Cross in March 1993 with a parcels train.

Parcels Group Freight Runpast - East Lancs Railway

One of our first work in this direction

Present on this wet sunday morning was a craven 2 car Diesel Parcel unit and a unidentified Diesel Motor Luggage Van within a few years the platforms ( 8&9) and the units would be consigned to the history books.


Just as a post note due to the pressures that are currently been highlighted in the latest Rail Utilisation Stategy for Wales it has been decided to build two new platforms at cardiff cenral to cater for additional trains (crystal ball)

One of those rare locations that has hardly changed in 30 odd years. Still as good today as it was then and a great spot for evening northbound trains

47 609 "Firefly" heads a northbound parcels service past the village of Kings Sutton at Twyford Bridge

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47582 "County of Norfolk" stands in Wellington Street Parcels depot, Leeds on the 1st August 1988. The site of Leeds Wellington has now been incorporated into the rebuilt Leeds City station and parcels trains in Leeds are long gone.

BR Parcels Unit 910 passes South Kenton on an up working on 17th. May 1988. These units were converted from Class 127 suburban DMUs displaced by the St. Pancras-Bedford electrification. It was odd to see a 4 digit headcode showing on the unit, some twelve years after these ceased being used!

You have mail... RFD that is. Gold Hill residents have to pick up their mail here at the Main Street Post Office. I bet the postman knows who's who from the looks of this! I was wandering on Main Street Street in Gold Hill while eDDie was chatting with someone down the street. Just grass and weeds here while the aspen trees in the sun on this side of Main were gold and still largely green on the other side. It's clear that mail delivery up at Gold Hill is pretty crusty. A "lode" of opportunities exist up and down the handful of streets up at Gold Hill; this is yet one more. I expect the historical designation is responsible for most of the ambiance not withstanding new roofs, replacement windows and steel doors. Often lumber mills arrived at booming camps early and provide construction lumber but not much has been covered with the the pestilence of vinyl siding. This place is as nice as it get in Gold Hill but notice the (probably old) stone masonry foundation. At least they can get to their front door. That's not always possible in Gold Hill. HaHaHaHaHa


Gold Hill is a remnant of the oldest Colorado mining days and I caught sight of this shot of the intersection of Lickskillet Gulch Road and Horsfal Street at the main intersection. Horsfal becomes Main. To say Gold Hill tops a mountain ridge is accurate with the road east and west rise slightly while Lickskillet, north to Lefthand, and Gold Run, south to Boulder Creek, drop off the sides of the ridge. The Horsfal Lode was the earliest (1859) mine in Gold Hill and was responsible for the earliest development. That's even before they salted a mine for Horace Greeley. As Wiki puts it: Gold Hill is accessible from nearby Left Hand Canyon Road via Lick Skillet Road, the steepest county road in the United States. It IS safe in first gear IF you have good brakes. It seems that we barely manage the project.


Gold Hill has lasted for decades through the original gold boom, the second gold boom, the silver boom and its 1893 demonetization and finally the return to reliance on gold mining and processing. It has never completely died and is not accurately, a ghost town. It's history of transportation was a bit tortured considering one route was Lickskillet. I assume most transportation was to and from the Gold Hill Railway Station when the Switzerland Trail rails were laid west on its way to Ward. The steep sides of the canyon originally meant the road up from Boulder had to ascent the canyon. Old Gold Hill still lives on in this century-old mining camp. The narrow gauge route was never built from old Hill Station (see the map). It continued to cling to the foothills above Boulder.


25148 has its parcels train loaded at Manchester Piccadilly - 26 February 1981. This image was produced by cleaning up a very scratched negative in Lightbox.

Designed by Michelle Engel Bencsko and pieced and quilted by Kelly Bowser.


Cirrus Solids - crossweave yarn dyed solids from Cloud9 Fabrics 100% certified organic cotton fabrics.


Free downloadable project

my wee 'festive flower charms' wrapped and ready... just before they went on their merry way to their new homes as part of the 'freshlyblended, 5th annual holiday ornament swap'... :)



These were the bags I sent to my partners :)

Blogged here

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Estas son las bolsas que mande a mis companeras

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April 26th, 1968

Farington Curve Junction, Preston


Stanier Black 5 4-6-0 45025 (10A) heads out of Preston on the slow lines with a parcels train to the south. The loco was photographed again later in the day returning north. One of the lucky ones surviving into preservation

Ref B1-14


-TOXIAN CITY Lowlands-Dark Urban Roleplay--Under Construction



/*Windlight Sky: "[AnaLu] outdoor city"*/



The Toxian Order



The Toxian Order



19296 m²


~*~ PARCEL ID ~*~




Toxian Lowlands (254,5,27)

Rachael send me a bunch of these "Ernie the Envie" postcards to send on parcels, just had to share they are so cute!

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Raquel me envio un bonche de estos "Ernie the Envie" postales para enviar con paquetes, tuve que compartir porque estan muy lindos!

Class 37 no. 37114 ambles slowly through March with a parcels on 4th September 1976

Class 50 diesel electric No. 50045 'Achilles' heads the 12.10 Penzance - Glasgow Selkirk Street parcels past Plympton on 6th September 1985.


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Plain wrapping supplies are reminiscent of my childhood. Shopping purchases were placed in brown paper bags, meats were wrapped in brown or white paper, even packages sent to the post office were wrapped in brown paper and tied with twine. A collage made in LR for Kim Klassen's S2F class, using her class template in print module, and KK_lightwhite preset.

Luftbild von einem Traktor, der gerade frisch gepresste Strohballen verlädt

Birkenhead to Redbank Passes Bromborough behind EE Type 4 (class 40). Its a namer, but can't remember which one!!

stuff I shot while posing for Moon

I've been busy with guests this weekend... hope to visit your streams soon.

92 024 j s bach speeds south through hartford with a set of very shabby vans and coaches ---it looks like a parcels train , but may be the test set that crewe works once maintained--although the 92 doesn't look to be fresh out of shops --one of life's little mysteries-----from a scanned slide c1999

31304 heads up the slow line at Heaton Lodge prior to going up the Calder Valley with an unidentified parcels train. 17/7/86.


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