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...... is patient




oder "Papier ist geduldig"

For some of my dear friends on Flickr, who don't fold and are curious of how the folding takes place, I decide to photograph some steps, to reveil "the secret", no just kidding ;-), it's really so nice to know you are interested.

First I cut out a hexagon out of a piece of paper, sometimes out of a square, sometimes out of a rectangle and then I start to make/fold the division of the grid that I need. This is somewhere in between......I still have to do a lot.

I used very thin paper with plenty of fiber, as you can see.... there is a very big one........ Because I wanted to see if I could tessellate this kind of paper...., always like a challenge........ to be continued.


Believe it or not, but you are looking at metallic wrapping paper, where the colors change all the time depending in which light you see it.

Paper bark trees stand together in the dawn light.


A pastoral scene from farmland around Berry, taken slightly later than the previous image.


4 images stitched and blended in CS6.

This wrinkled paper texture (ty lisabee73) I thought fitting for this sky image taken outside of Barnes & Nobles Book Store on Wolf Rd in Albany,NY.


~more crumple like View On Black~


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Paper is great!! You not only can fold with it, but it is a beauty itself ;-))

We all start out as a blank page....


Genesis Lab Bento Head

Exile Hair

Orange washi paper served as background & is refracted in the drops. So is some rumpled-up coral fabric. I guess I should have removed it. Too late now.


Please no group invites!

Paper daisy spreading its seeds

Paper Wasp Nest from last year.


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I'm always surprised by paper, when it reveals its "secrets", like the color intensity when it is zigzagged ;-))

Just messing around on another wet & windy afternoon!

Another Installation from the "Paper City" event.

"Paper City" is the name of a event which brings together eight creatives from the world of art and design. All these installations are made entirely from paper,This exhibition is all part of the Hull UK City of Culture 2017.


"Now what do I do

With the sweet love of mine

Do I give it away and

Hope someday I'll find

Someone half as awake

As the moon and the stars

Mother, teach me to love

With a paper-thin heart"


yay thanks for helping this one into explore #73 Apr 4 2009

Flickr Friday theme - boat(s).


Origami yatchs sailing in a regatta...

Close up shot a curled up paper. Very happy with the result, has a abstract feel to it.

I was skipping the challenge today, until my daughter dangled a paper clip chain in front of the low afternoon light :)

A late HMM to All!

a shot not posted when the MM theme was paper

at a store selling paper replica's of things to burn for the dead in hong kong i found an album of the custom made objects the store has sold.


57 x 76 cm double sided poster.

1000 copies.

Winter, 2011.



– – – – – – –

Joel Evey –

Ida Lehtonen –

Iain Ball –

Paint FX –

Jack Latham –

Katja Novitskova –

Daniel Swan –

item 7 - paper



this is inspired by a whole slew of things, initially inspired by kelly who was inspired by sophie and i was also inspired by lissy in a weird way

Just a small portion of my envelope collection. View more of my paper collection here: :)

Model by Chantal Pixley folded by me.

Paper Square 29,6 cm painted by me, background is a paper what i like... I don´t know, what will I fold with it... ?

using similar concept as Andrew Hudson

There is just something about vintage paper that sparks my imagination. . .

The feel of it, the brown edges, how easily it tears, the smell, the print, and even how it is becoming obsolete. Photographed on a sunny day. Rainy and cold today.


Some days I sit here and stare at the screen without a thought in my head. My heart has a mini panic, then I think of something new.


Shadowhouse texture The Wall

Lenabem texture


lightbox please :-)

I saw a model like this at a friend's house and when I complimented her about it, she offered it for me to take it home and study it. I unfolded carefully and figured it out with some trial and error. I really like the center part which looks to me like a partially opened iris closure. I think Chris Palmer made a box with a decoration like that (this should be my next project).


EDIT: The friend who lent me the star contacted the guy who gave it to her and I updated the caption.

Paper dreams. the sense of sight.

Better, Lightbox.

A challenge this week to photograph white paper.

The Great Roberto


My first completed piece for 2010 :)

from this morning, as kids didn't want too much from me i had time to play :)


from pentagons, two different centers possible, do you have your favorite?

These are the start of my new paper abstract series. Stay tuned for more!

Explored: #26: Aug. 15, 2013

hung out with with my friend david today - we both took some photos of kristi.


this photo probably makes no sense, haha.. well i know what its supposed to mean but you all should make up your own stories - i dont like writing about what i intend to say just because i dont think my story is any better than yours. ;)


love the portrait on my facebook more. ;)


formspring | blog


p.s. this paper bag is actually my bag of painting supplies... i thought of this idea when i saw it in my room. i walked out with the bag and told kristi and david my idea, and then kristi mentioned i should remove the container of wax paper so it didnt look like a booze bottle. ROFL.


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