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panorama réalisé avec 2 photos au grand angle 10mm

Vue sur le Lavaux, le Léman. le village de Rivaz et les montagnes de Haute Savoie depuis le domaine des 3 ceps à Chexbres,

Der Kapellplatz ist der städtebauliche und geistliche Mittelpunkt der oberbayerischen Kreisstadt Altötting.


Im Zentrum des polygonalen Platzes befindet sich die namengebende Gnadenkapelle mit der Schwarzen Madonna. Südseitig befindet sich die Stiftspfarrkirche mit anhängenden Kapellen. Die östliche Platzseite wird von der Jesuitenkirche und dem Kloster St. Magdalena mit dem Kongregationssaal bestimmt. Die nördliche Platzseite prägen das Rathaus, das Hotel zur Post und die Dekanei. An der Westseite befinden sich ehemalige Kanonikerhäuser.


Zusammen mit den Wallfahrtsläden und zwei freistehenden Brunnen steht der Kapellplatz als Ensemble unter Denkmalschutz.


Er ist seit dem Mittelalter Ziel der römisch-katholischen Wallfahrt. Am 19. November 1980 feierte Papst Johannes Paul II. auf dem Platz vor 60.000 Gläubigen einen Gottesdienst.



Late afternoon after a big rain storm was departing, taken almost 24 hours after the last upload, I escaped the storm by flying to the mainland and driving 3 hours west of Athens. The architecture in Nafpaktos (Lepanto in Venetian, Inebahti in Turkish) is very different from the Cyclades islands, more Balkan in atmosphere, with red tile roofs, the Rio-Antirio bridge is visible in the very right side of the panorama, as well as fresh spring snow on the high peaks of the Pelopponnese peninsula. The weather was also remarkably colder in these parts, but with none of the vicious winds of the Aegean islands.

Panorama built from 5 shots at ISO100, Texp=1/60s, F/5, 18mm

Panorama der Rheinkirmes in Düsseldorf 2014, mit der Skyline von Düsseldorf im Hintergrund.

Panorama of the Keizersgracht/Leidsegracht in Amsterdam

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Panorama composed from six photos

View Original (8891 x 1920)


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Click Large - View On Black - Łysomice Railway Station

An evening at the Delicate Arch.


Love of photography does a lot of crazy but wonderful things to your lifestyle. I can say I would have never even thought of going for this if not for capturing this monument in my camera. It was one tough hike! More like a climb!


But once I was on the top I loved every moment ogling at this wonderful Arch and all the Delicateness associated. It was majestic and appears to be built by aliens!


I took a spot after walking carefully on the slanting edges and waited out for the sunset. Eventually, I had almost a dozen photographs next to me (I choose a good spot!).


I took a series of shots in portrait orientation to cover as much ground as I can. This is a stitched panorama of 28 images done in photoshop. I blended the exposures in the stitched photographs and corrected for perspective and geometry. The elevation seen on the right side is for real and is dangerously steep to walk on!


In retrospect I think photography is the best thing that has happened to me, won't regret any moment spent behind the camera!


Gear: Nikon D810, Nikkor 16-35mm f4, f5.6, ISO 200, 1/500.

Panorama of the Eiffel Tower


This was quite an interesting idea of me. There are thousands of photos on the internet of the Eiffel tower taken frontally. So I had this idea to flip my camera 45° from its vertical position to create an interesting angle of the tower. But in order to fit in the whole construction from its foot to the top, there was no other way but to shoot it in 3 steps.

The 3 photos where then merged together in Photoshop.


Personally I believe it worked out well.


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Panorama made by CS5, just to give you an impression.

Panorama at the lighthouse of Kallur, a good walk from the village of Tröllanes (23 inhabitants) on the island Kalsoy, Faroe Islands.

Another panorama shot from USS Midway museum.

Panorama built from 4 shots at ISO100, Texp=1/80s, F/5.6, 18mm

Panorama created in Lightroom with four individual photos merged together.

Panorama Alsadr


سد الصدر - الباحه


تاريـخ التـنفـيـذ: 1402هـ


نــوع الـســد: خرساني


سـعــة الـتخــزيـن: 500.000 م

Panorama of the Tianjara Creek and its valley downstream of the Tianjara Falls in the Morton National Park, NSW, Australia.

Recently voted as the "Most beautiful village in Norway"... Reine (located on the island of Moskenesøya in the Lofoten archipelago) has photo-opportunities galore.


This view of the red huts/rorbuer in front of the majestic Lilandstinden mountain peak... can be seen from the Hamnoy bridge... where the E10 road enters the village. It is probably one of the most photographed views on Lofoten.


And this is my interpretation of that view... a four-image panorama (2 rows of 2 photos)... captured at dusk... minutes before it started snowing!


Nikon D800, Nikon 24 - 70 mm at 32 mm, ISO of 6400, aperture of f/10 with a 1/8th second exposure.


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ZAANDAM – .in front of you the Kalverpolder.

It is a natural area of 170 hectares in the Northwest of Zaandam, which largely consists of peat meadows.


Left behind in the picture worldheritage the “Zaanse Schans”.


ZAANDAM - Voor u ziet u de Kalverpolder. Het is een natuurgebied van 170 hectare groot in het noordwesten van Zaandam, dat grotendeels bestaat uit veenweiden.

Links achter op de foto ligt werelderfgoed “De Zaanse Schans”.


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Das Murnauer Moos liegt im Landkreis Garmisch-Partenkirchen am Nordrand der bayerischen Alpen und südlich von Murnau und Staffelsee. Es stellt mit 32 km² das größte zusammenhängende naturnah erhaltene Moorgebiet Mitteleuropas dar.



Assemblage de quatre photos

La Original la he ampliado a 2,5 metros por 80cm de alto.


Está hecha con tres fotos y unida con Photomerge en Photoshop, con la opción esférica.


No tiene procesado posterior a los archivos salidos de la cámara


Panorama created in Lightroom.

Ålesund seen from Fjellstua.

Panorama der Saarschleife im Frühjahr. Aufgenommen mit 14mm am Aussichtspunkt Cloef.

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Yep… you guessed it… another image from my recent trip to the Banff National Park… this one is a six-image panorama… captured at Lake Louise.


Nikon D300, Sigma 10-20mm at 14mm, aperture of f16, with a 1/100th second exposure.


Vorfreude auf den kommenden Sommerurlaub... Am liebsten gleich ´n Köpper von der Steilküste :wink:

A panorama of the east side of the round Ludwigskirche in Darmstadt, Germany (south is right, north is left). This shows the sculptures 8 to 14 of the magnificent Stations of the Cross series. Please view the full size for the best effect.


A composite of 9 images. Please give me any suggestions on how to improve taking and processing such photos. I really want to do a good 360 degree shot of the interior of this church.

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