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Solar panels and massive sunlight collector and concentrator.

Sorry if it's a bit blurred. Shot from a car moving at 75 MPH.

Seamless continuation of the last one, left to right, more for the series: Bookbinder's Dream

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This is a portion of the Procession Panel, a petroglyph (meaning tapped into stone) created by the Anasazi on Comb Ridge, near the town of Bluff, UT. I enjoy trying to interpret the ancient rock art, and it is known that the Procession Panel depicts a hunting scene, in which 179 hunters are organized in lines to drive game, presumably toward a precipice. My hunch is that the largest animal here is an elk, and in front of it is a mule deer. The smaller animal to the left of the deer is, I would like to believe, a wolf. In front of the wolf is a bighorn sheep. I don't know the significance of the fanciful tail on the elk.


The panel is thought to be from the Basketmaker Period III, 500 to 750 AD, or 1,250 to 1,500 years ago.


The interplay of light and shapes dominates this monochrome interpretation of Auratalo building in Meilahti, Helsinki. Subtle LE clouds drift over the sky in the background. 2 min 12 sec exposure.


Pretty sure this one's not quite done, but still....

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First of the three panels I'm working on.

Suddenly, beams of blue light burst out of the wreckage and surround The Watcher.

I noticed the KAC panels were looking a bit plain, so I spruced 'em up a bit.


If you can't really tell the difference, you're probably better off not using them lol. also KAC TAUPE IS NOT MAGPUL FDE.


Also, Mine are on the left, preset is the right.

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An abandoned papermill virtually untouched by vandalism or graffiti. Not sure about the whole history but it dates back to the 1920s/30s.


The Chocolate Milk Germany UE Tour. All win no fail and some epic locations with host, sunny weather, many miles travelled and much chocolate milk consumed.


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♂ Dubbo Dip

Fur: Australian Mist - Blue Marble

Eyes: Double Dip Flora (Shape: Mysterious | Pupil: Small)

Shade: Natural

Tail: Frisky

Ears: Odyssey Rounded Fold

Whiskers: 2 Tone Black & White (Shape: Mysterious)

Size: 12 cm (4.7 inch)

Collar: Nino Heartsdale (No. 111)

Owner: Malayaa Resident


(Original Painting by Jacqueline Gnott)


*** The paintings for this week, are now available for sale at the auction venue. To buy just click on the painting itself. ***


Nino Heartsdale's KittyCatS! Auction

DATE: Saturday 14th March, 10.30 am SLT

VENUE: ScratchN Post Too

What was once a nice view across rolling Wiltshire countryside is now a study in geometric patterns..

Kinzie and Aberdeen

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The Watcher inspects the crash, trying to identify it's origin, it's purpose and why it crashed.

The pretty stained glass panel beside the front door at my mother-in-law's house.


The door is open and we are looking through the flywire of the screen door.

I dyed my hair brown flickr (:


Another panel to the 1885 Head book.

L.W. Yaggy & James J. West 1885

Commission work for two 3.5"x4' panels


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