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The Pancake Rocks are a rock formation in Paparoa National Park. These consist of calcareous sediments and clay minerals that have been stacked 30 million years ago and have been washed out by the surf. It is found on the rough west coast of the New Zealand South Island.

I adore Summer for plenty of fruits and berries!

the Pancake Rocks in Punakaiki are one of my favourite spots in New Zealand... the rocks themselves are very interesting and the entire area is rich in wonderful rugged coastal scenery... the winds are very strong in this area and the waves are pretty big so it is not always easy to get out there for photos... last time i was there i had to skip the starfish colony near by as it was high tide time and it was just too dangerous to get down to the shore...


ISO 100 | f/16 | 2 sec | 21mm | Reverse GND Filter

Galveston, Texas

It's Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday (as it's officially known). In the UK we celebrate by eating pancakes... lots of pancakes. it's a tradition, that I don't want to break :-)


My wife made these syrup covered, blueberry ones last night and I just had to photograph them... before devouring them.


You need to view large to see that luscious syrup action :-)


أعشقَ شرود ذهني كَثيراً

ف هو يجعلني أذهب , إليك قليلاً ❤



It’s been a few weeks since I last posted another edition to my food series, but this week it’s time for some delicious blueberry pancakes!


I have mixed opinions about how this build turned out. I tried several different designs for the pancakes, and still didn’t come up with one that I was really pleased with. Eventually I decided to just post it anyway, and see what you all think!


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“What’s for breakfast today?”

“Pancakes, with a side of more pancakes of course!” #PancakeDay

Eroded limestone with many incredible blowholes.

Yup, the ole Digital Rebel can still take some great images, this is one instance where I'm sure glad they don't make them like they use to.

Oggi pranzo/colazione a base di pancake.... era da tanto che volevo farlo!!!! Gnammmmm

New Zealand 2010/11

My family made this pancake last weekend. I did the decoration.

so yuuuuumy!


My Life



posted that pumpkin pancake recipe to the blog yesterday.




Scene details and blog information.


Thank you to Exis for inviting me for the picnic! Check out her stream here.

Lake Naomi - Pocono Pines, PA

Tangail, Bangladesh

17 December 2014

The Pancake Rocks can be found in the Putai area. Formed 30 million years ago from minute pieces of dead marine creatures and plants settling on the seabed about 2 km under the surface. The immense water pressure at this depth caused the fragments to solidify in hard and soft layers. Due to the seismic action in this area the limestone strata was lifted the above the seabed. Mildly acidic rain, wind and seawater slowly created the strange rock forms.

We had pancakes for breakfast... mmm yummy... I will catch up soon... :-)...


Thanks so much for visiting and all your kind comments... :-)

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14/100... 100 x: The 2015 Edition...

Negative Space Project

#17 "Mardi Gras or Shrove Tuesday"..." 115 Pictures in 2015."

Couldn't resist putting this picture up to show one of Asha's skills/tricks. Asha can balance things on her head/nose (balls etc...really anything that isn't too heavy and will stay put)

The Pancake Rocks in New Zealand are a fascinating place. The rocks which look like piles of pancakes were formed millions of year ago and now the ocean is taking them apart slowly.

Punakiki West Coast, South Island

Cottage cheese pancakes with sour cream and fresh berries

Home-made mini pancakes sprinkled with powdered sugar and cinnamon sugar

Pancake Rocks - such raw beauty on the west coast of New Zealand. The roaring sound of water coming through the rocks at high tide is like thunder. The ocean spray was sweeping across the shore.


Pentax 645D - 35mm

IS0 100 - f11 - 1/5

Pancake Circus

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