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All these words rushing round inside my head

All these thoughts we held so close and still we never said

All these dreams I can't believe what I would do for you

Holding on is there anything left to loose

There's something beautiful about you but I just

can't explain I found it in the rain I found it in the rain

So much Pain, so much Pain is coming down will you hold me close again, hold me close again.



Beach from Crete, statues from Brunswick, sky from my hometown.

Canon 5D Mark II and 50D, CS4, ColorEfexPro



Reamonn - Pain



So, I've been in home sick since I have this TERRIBLE chest pains in the very early morning. It obviously has to do with friends, work, paperwork, work, house, home, friends, work, money, money, friends... I mean sooner or later this was doomed to happen.

First, sorry to all of you if I have been a little.. ehr "AAAARGH!!! HELP ME".

Second, sorry Olga, I'll try to make the picture I had in mind for today, tomorrow morning if I wake up better.

Third, I'm sorry, sincerely.

As David Falls says: "BREATHE!".


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despite heavy-camera induced chronic thumb joint pain (hence the proliferation of self portraits; they do not require holding the camera), I cannot stop shooting, especially in the Fall. Case in point. How could I not shoot today?

{Dedicated to my friends who are going thru heart breaks}.

When I am Alone,I think.

When I Think, I Remember.

When I Remember,I feel pain.

When I feel pain, I cry.

When I Cry, I Can't Stop

Sentire che le persone t giudicano

senza conoscerti!

Non ti accettano così per come sei!

Che poi,cos'hai che non va?

Forse non dai molta confidenza

a chi non conosci bene?

Forse sei solo un pò riservata,

o timida?

Non parli troppo per i loro gusti?

sembri acida?sembri una che se la tira?


Ma vààà!!Questi sono problemi vostri!

Io sono così e non cambio!



del gruppo Italian Girls Photographers / Fotografe Italiane

I couldn't help but notice your pain

[My pain?]

It runs deep,

Share it with me!

Lower abdominal pain is a common phenomenon especially for the male. Here are 17 causes of lower abdominal pain in men. #LowerAbdominalPain #AbdominalPaininMen #AbdominalPain


The pain that

You've Been Feeling,

Can't Compare to

The Joy That's


Romans 8:18

great deal of pain...

From this life of toil and pain

Allow my soul to dwell

In the fields of Elysium once again

At peace with the universe

Free from the pummeling blows

Dealt by the disappointments,

Heartaches and a lifetime of woes.


Release me, Oh God,

For my soul doth despair

Of finding any comfort

Or joy sweet and fair.

In darkness I dwell

No light touches my eyes

For my days and my nights

Are filled with men’s lies.


Release me, Oh God,

Your call home I seek

This world is no place

For those who are weak

From the pain of living

A forgiving life

That turns the other cheek

In times of strife.


Release me, Oh God,

Give me sweet rest

I have tried so hard

To pass each test,

But my soul is weary,

And my heart in pain

Release me please

From life’s daily strain.


Release me, Oh God,

Let me come home,

I weary of travel

And too tired to roam

I want only peace,

Quiet and calm

And Your presence for me

Is a healing balm.


Yes, I beg for release

From this world of sadness and fear,

And seek the end of my pain

By having you near.

Yet, though I beg you, Oh God,

You alone know my life span

Your will I’ll obey

If my staying here is Your plan.


For there are still things

I want to do

Places for me to visit and

To meet people new

So forgive me, Oh Lord

When in moments weak

That an end to life

I selfishly seek

To force your hand

And end this life

For me that you planned


I'm only human, God

And sometimes it's too much to bear

To see my world and feel

Only you care

What happens to me

And those that I love

And my only relief

Will come from above


So ignore me, Oh God

When my pained heart strays

And wishes an end

During these difficult days

Instead, send me your grace

That I might find joy anew

And remember Your love

For me is ever true .

How to treat groin pain and speed recovery using herbal remedies the Chinese Warriors used to heal their battlefield injuries.

"pain" is irrevelant to the photo...

it's me who's in pain after removal of my wisdom tooth...

it's already the 4th day since the little surgery..

i can still feel the pain in my cheek and kills me.

tell me how to live happily with the pain!

Giuro che è la penultima...

Another one and it'll end!


L'intera serie: The City of Gods


More soon...


Checkout the series: The City of Gods

More soon...


thank you for all. :)


model: me

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Maybe we like the pain. Maybe we're wired that way. Because without it, I don't know; maybe we just wouldn't feel real. What's that saying? Why do I keep hitting myself with a hammer? Because it feels so good when I stop.


Sometimes I think it's pain to make us feel alive.


Sometimes I think love is too important to give it up only to stop the pain. Nothing lasts forever, nothing can be only happyness but if we care for something we must be strong and endure the darkness.


Sometimes I think we are too stupid to know what it's good and what it's not for us. We are idiots that don't know when to say stop and to start anew.




It make me feel all of this. But in truth I drew it thinking about the idiots part.


Photographed by Lady In red © 2008 ، All rights reserved

© PLZ None of my works can be used in anyway

San Francisco sourdough. Mexican vanilla. Willamette Valley eggs. Hawaiian pure cane sugar. Moroccan cinnamon. Tillamook cream butter. Umpqua Oregon blueberries. Vermont maple syrup.


:copyright: 2017 Skip Plitt Photography, All Rights Reserved.

This photo may not be used in any form without permission from the photographer.


Todos los derechos reservados. Esta foto no se puede utilizar en cualquier forma sin el permiso del fotógrafo.

We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.

Kenji Miyazawa


tones: AllEdges

texture: flypaper




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Strange highs and strange lows


That's how my love goes


Will you give it to me

Will you take the pain

I will give to you

Again and again

And will you return it


I havent created a conceptual piece in a while. I feel as if taking photos is the best way to express feelings.

I feel hurt and the pain will not go away.

Pain Pose & Tattoo by: Sparrowtree Studios Poses


Jason Derulo ~ Breathing


I only miss you when I'm breathing

I only need you when my heart is beating

You are the color that I'm bleeding

I only miss you when I'm breathing


This ain't no ordinary feeling

You are the only thing that I believe in

I know you're coming back to me

I will be waiting here for you til the end


I only miss you when I'm breathing!

origine Italie.

Semaine 18

Back Pain Frisco - Contact At (214) 618-5502 Or Visit -


A devotee takes some to forget the pain and go high in trance. Charak puja. 2012.

“Last night I wept.

I wept because the process by which I have become a woman was painful.

I wept because I was no longer a child with a child's blind faith.

I wept because my eyes were opened to reality...

I wept because I could not believe anymore and I love to believe.

I can still love passionately without believing.

That means I love humanly.

I wept because from now on I will weep less.

I wept because I have lost my pain and I am not yet accustomed to its absence.”


Anais Nin

Sometimes I need you so badly you are like a drug I need to live. The pain I feel when you are gone is more than you can imagine, you wil never understand how much I miss you.

Sometimes my legs and feet hurt so much, then i imagine they float in the white liquid, for a sec it is better, but the pain stays, i depend on them, so i wanna take care for them ... Opium Tea, While this song sings in my head ...




Well, i'm prisonner here, but i'm also free

Cause i am what i am, and what will be will be



. Nick Cave

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