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Clay Collerà

Paganello 2007 - Frisbee Freestyle World Championship

sometimes they are more dancing fencers than freestylers.

they've dancers' gracefulness, and fencers' accuracy. and well, when i say accuracy, i mean accuracy.


but they never forget to being extraordinary human beings.

thanks guys! and see you in amsterdam!

flickrians will be there. just next to the red carpet!


he's Arthur Coddington, and he's on Flickr.


rimini, paganello 2007

Paganello 2007 - Frisbee Freestyle World Championship

talvolta capita di arrivare a un baracchino sul lungomare e c'è uno che con un sorriso a 152 denti sussurra a un altro, che indossa l'abito dell'uomo ragno: "ho realizzato un sogno, ho fatto un dropless".

e il giorno dopo, poi, esulta.


lui è fabio sanna. ed è fottutamente "postprocessed", in questa foto, che potete anche vedere "grande".

rimini, paganello 2007

During the after-Paganello jam on Monday, Matteo Gaddoni launched for this roots catch.


This photo reached #200 on Explore for April 10, 2007.

geometricamente perfetto.


lui è giovanni coppo


rimini, paganello 2007

The shoes of Clay Collerá, finalist at the 2007 Paganello freestyle disc tournament in Rimini, Italy.

F r e e s t y l e G i r l s

Freestyle at Paganello 2007, Rimini, Italy

Freestyle at Paganello 2007, Rimini, Italy

Paul Kenny & Pipo Lopez (thanx arthur coddington for the names.. )

per tutti i fidanzati delle ragazze che pascolavano intorno al red carpet: sì, gli stavamo tutte guardando il culo.



e lui è antonio "piccio" cusmà.


rimini, paganello 2007


In Rimini, Italy. I don't know anything about this oversized camera so if anyone can tell me about it - that would be great. There is a sign on it - but the sun was reflecting on it so I couldn't read what it said.

Sexxxpensive in their gold lamé kit! Lots of chafe but totally worth it!

Chapter 1: Find the #1 player in the world for your teacher. This is easy if you are at Paganello! He will tell you the basic secrets of freestyle.


Chapter 2: Your teacher gives a little help to set you on your way.


Chapter 3: Wait! Don't take your hand away yet. I still need your help!


Chapter 4: This disc goes where it wants, not where I want! (Chapter 4 takes about one month to finish...a very long chapter)


Chapter 5: Now the disc dances on the finger, the teacher still close...just in case.


Chapter 6: I want to try on my own.


Chapter 7: Yes, I can do this.


Chapter 8: Yes, I will do this forever.

For some reason, I can't help thinking of Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I look at this picture.

F r e e s t y l e S t i l l L i f e

Freestyle at Paganello 2007, Rimini, Italy

Antonio Cusmà

lui è fabio sanna. e ancora una volta è fottutamente "postprocessed", in questa foto.


rimini, paganello 2007

Freestyle at Paganello 2007, Rimini, Italy

Freestyle at Paganello 2007, Rimini, Italy

Pipo Lopez

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