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Overprocessed, and then processed just a little bit more ;-)


" Lean on me and let us walk this path together."

~Juliet Marillier


Not my usual style.... for Sliders Sunday. Shot this after the snow storm and for some reason, shooting in to the sun, the sky color came out green.... so I figured it was already a good start for a Slider Sunday shot!


Freezing rain this morning... should make for an interesting drive to work. UGH!

Denbigh Castle was a fortress built following the 13th-century conquest of Wales by Edward I.



Our Daily Challenge - Smoke & Mirrors


Overprocessed to hell and gone to try and save it which is smoke and mirrors in itself.


As Clare would say . . . . . move along, nothing here to see.


An over processed shot of a car front seat flying through the air after being flung by a crane on our little Club Blatz field trip to Garden Street Metals scrapyard.

Another one from the archives. A slightly more abstract look to this one than my usual uploads. It's a 23 second exposure taken with my old camera using a 9 stop filter (Hoya ND400). The long focal length (200mm) makes the faint silhuoette of the Ailsa Craig look closer than it really is. I posted a similar shot in mono nearly a year ago but I've always had a soft spot for the kind of overprocessed colour version.

This is the farm I learned how to the age of 5yr Uncle Hap would put the truck in neutral and it would coast out in the field. He would hop in every so often and turn the wheel. My love of cows and horses grew from here. Lots of Christmases and summers. Wonderful Memories ...... is overprocessed...but on my childhood....when I recall things....everything was bigger, brighter, taller, and all around more colorful..

Portland, from Lulworth Ranges.

Don't look too closely - overprocessed, and then processed a little bit more :-)


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March 11, 2013


Something about magnolias & sun flares. They go together like peanuts & beer:)

Droplet - Check

Everyone's favorite weed - Check

Tinted overprocessed monotone - Check

Over the top title - Check


Cliche to the max!



St Monan's, Fife


My first attempt at reproducing an "over-processed" look



It was raining today, so I decided to take a walk,

coz it was warm and I had no umbrella.


This was hugely inspired by his work. It's not necessary to say how much better his stuff is.


I've been staring at this for way to long, it looks so fake and overprocessed

Today I thought about giving manipulations a break and go for more simple things, like yesterday's photo for example. (I took both images yesterday on the almost exact same location, but I like the one I uploaded yesterday way more than this one)

Testing out some processing techniques

This is what you do at 3am when you can't sleep.


An experimental HDR taken a couple of months ago at Nostell Priory near Wakefield.


It may be a little overprocessed for the purists but I like it and I hope you do too.

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I messed around with this one in Photoshop a ridiculous amount, so 'purists' will hate it - but I had fun doing it. :-)

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A little bit carried away with Photoshop this morning:)

One from a while back - looks like one of my Quality Street wrappers got stuck to the lens :)

Happy Sliders Sunday!

Explore #5 - Sunday, August 9, 2009

Now im pretty sure that this image is going to get fellow Flickr members guessing as to what this actually is. Its taken on the return journey from here. This is the return journey with dramtic view across to the Scottish hills & River Clyde


The impressive Falkirk Wheel Visitor Centre now sits at the bottom of the wheel overlooking the large circular basin. Boats enter a lift 'caisson' at the bottom of the lift, and others can enter a similar caisson at the top. The gates are shut and the wheel rotates, raising and lowering up to eight boats (depends on length) at the same time in about 15 minutes. At the top of the lift is an aqueduct which goes leads beneath the Roman Antonine wall in a 104 metre tunnel to reach the Union Canal.


Have a great weekend everybody !

The highlight of last night's wander down the shore at Dumbarton.

9 shot HDR.


I wanted to shoot my whohoo photo again. Now I went to Seltjarnarnes where there weren't any disturbing buildings. I used the same balloon as yesterday. That means; I had to cycle all the way to Seltjarnarnes holding the balloon. I think it looked a bit funny. When I was on the way home I decided to take the balloon with me so I could have it for a souvenir, at least for a while. When I was about 200 meters from my home the balloon suddenly bursted.

overprocessed at


While taking a wrong turn somewhere in central Tennessee we stumbled onto this place called The Appalachian Center for Craft near Smithville, TN. It operates as part of Tennessee Tech University and is basically an art school. It has a beautiful campus which was in full autumn glory. We parked and enjoyed lunch at one of the picnic tables there and I shot some of the trees while my wife checked out some of the exhibits and classrooms. It's a nice spot and definitely worth checking out if in the area.


Although this tree was beautiful just like it was I decided to do something more artistic with it.

just posting another abstract/art/crazy/overprocessed shot:)) lol

still haven't been out shooting new stuff:((

just a post and run and hopefully i will catch up later today? heading out on a small trip with my son soon:))


i wish you all a wonderful day:))


thanks alot for stopping by and for leaving comments and faves, much appreciated:))



Overprocessed and not sure I really like it but did not

have anything else at the moment for you all so thought I

would upload it anyway :)


Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


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Loch Restil at Rest and be Thankful.

Shot taken from Ben Donich.



You can find all of my Norway photos here. My aurora borealis photos are here.



Do you use Instagram? I do, and here's where you can find me:




Some folks poo-poo Instagram because they think it's just a place for kids to post duckface selfies, bad snapshots of their lunches and horribly overprocessed iPhone photos. I'll concede that there are plenty of those things on there, but there's also an incredible collection of beautiful photos by some really talented artists. In fact, I did a quick mental tally a few weeks ago and figured out that almost 80% of the new artists I follow on social media are ones I found through Instagram. If you haven't checked it out, give it a look-see some time -- you might be surprised by the quality of visual artistry you can find there.




OK, now about this photo:


After you've spent the entire final night of your Lofoten adventure driving around the beautiful archipelago chasing the most incredible Northern Lights display you could ever imagine, it's a bit of a let-down to have to fold up the old tripod, break down the camera gear and head back to meet up with the rest of your group. So we stretched the drive back a bit by making a few stops. This was the final of those stops, just on the Fredvang side of the place we came to refer to as "Two Bridges."


Happy weekend, y'all. I woke up this morning with either a cold or bad allergies -- still trying to figure out which it is.





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Best on black..


I have been playing with one of my first shots taken at Westpark in Darlington when it was in the early days of being landscaped. I started off playing with it in my iphone and that then gave me the idea for this one... I did not want to make it overprocessed or it may lose the effects of the brillient silhouettes.. you may think it is already... but tried to keep it simple. ; ))


These are actually stickers in Picnik.. and along with that wonderful stone sculpture on the hill, this composition popped into my head.. : )) Bit of fun really..


This is the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me with a camera.


I pulled over to take pictures of a gorgeous but weird sunset last night, did HDR bursts, and then took them home and put them in Photomatix and they ALL looked like this.


I later realized the weird colors in the sky screwed up my white balance, but I.. kind of like this odd result.


Can't say I've ever seen a picture that looked like this that wasn't horribly overprocessed.


Love the grass.

very busy day so a quicky will have to do





far away gaze


happy cliche saturday!!

An alternative Dorset Coast view tonight - this was taken at Studland and it is for me a slightly overprocessed HDR ;-)!

Another shot from this location, taken in my hometown of St. Albans, Vermont. It's similar to a previous post, but has more at the top and bottom. This is a vertorama/photostitch of two shots put together in CS2. I know this might look like it's overprocessed, but it's from the filters that I used. I used a circular polarizer and GND for both shots. All I did in post was some slight curves & levels adjustments plus a little sharpening. See the other shots from here in my Autumn, Vermont or Latest sets below.


This photo made Flickr's Explore for October 25th, 2010. Highest position: #25. My third photo in the last couple of weeks! Thanks for the support everyone.


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5 shot HDR

The walk is better than the picture.


The River Leven as it meets the River Clyde at Dumbarton Castle.

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I didn't take many 'proper' photos in New Zealand - and am not happy with most of those I did take. Here's one that I think is Ok-ish. The light was stunning as we drove from Wanaka on the South Island towards Franz Josef Glacier. This may look a bit 'overprocessed' but it really was every bit this vibrant.


Wellington wheat farm

Canon 350D, 18-55mm lens

Overprocessed for Slider Sunday


Fun with lots of gradients in Lightroom

Take one fisheye shot of the Millennium bridge

Convert to monochrome

darken sky and add red tint to sky


burn the apocalyptic bits at 740 centigrate or just increase exposure and brightness with a tint of orange

slide the shadows right down to create a silhouette


The park I visit has Egrets, Herons, Ospreys, Geese, Ducks, Warblers, Black Birds, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Crows, Sparrows, Comorants, Gulls, Starlings and Robins. To my surprise, this Eagle did a fly-by. It was far away and this photo is seriously cropped with an added sky and a bit overprocessed, but I was so excited nonetheless!

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