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A great first talk at the first OSHUG from David May, of Transputer and Occam and now of XMOS fame.

A prototype dual core XMOS device. Over one thousand MIPS and smaller than a stamp.

16 x quad core XMOS devices connected in a 4-D hypercube - the extremely cool XMP-64 development kit.

It was dark, so most of my shots were blurry, but this gives a sense of the excitement as David opened his suitcase of schwag!

The XK-XMP-64 is a prototype multi-processor board that demonstrates the scalability of the XS1 architecture. Based on the same board format as the XDK, the XMP-64 connects together 64 XCore processors in 16 XS1-G4 devices on a single PCB, delivering 25 GIPS:

David's talk was deep and technical and as a result engrossing. I especially enjoyed the XC examples which blur the distinction between software and hardware.

An indoor pano from the OSHUG meeting