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It was dark, so most of my shots were blurry, but this gives a sense of the excitement as David opened his suitcase of schwag!

An indoor pano from the OSHUG meeting

The software/hardware duality of XMOS platform means this single generic chip can process mouse, keyboard, USB, Network as well as driving a display all from a single chip. Amazing!

A great first talk at the first OSHUG from David May, of Transputer and Occam and now of XMOS fame.

The amazing Open Hardware board running Occam-π via the Transterpreter project.

The XK-XMP-64 is a prototype multi-processor board that demonstrates the scalability of the XS1 architecture. Based on the same board format as the XDK, the XMP-64 connects together 64 XCore processors in 16 XS1-G4 devices on a single PCB, delivering 25 GIPS:

David's talk was deep and technical and as a result engrossing. I especially enjoyed the XC examples which blur the distinction between software and hardware.

After his talk a group quickly formed around David, keen to ask questions. Many lucky folks also came away with XCore architecture and XC books and development kits also.

Folknology (Alan Wood) talking about the ambitious Amino open hardware and open source projects using XMOS chips to produce an approachable platform for DSP modular application development.

16 x XS1-G4 four-core devices connected as a hypercube, some serious power there!


More info at:

16 x quad core XMOS devices connected in a 4-D hypercube - the extremely cool XMP-64 development kit.

This one seems to have some unmarked silicon on it!

This one seems to have some unmarked silicon on it!

A prototype dual core XMOS device. Over one thousand MIPS and smaller than a stamp.

Talking about XMOS Technology...