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Sweet Expression by Ms Orangutan was irrisistable

Took this at the San Diego Zoo. Too many chain link fences to photograph through but luckily this was through glass. Love their open Aviaries but really needed a flash set up. Got some good pics by cranking up the ISO.

I can see so many wisdom in his face.

What do you think?


At the zoo in Basel

I promise: It's the last portrait of this lady (in the next days (:-)) )

28 1/2 month old Sumatran orangutan (Pongo abeli), named "Aisaha". Mom "Indah" and Father "Satu" at the San Diego Zoo. Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Orangutans are the most arboreal of the great apes and spend most of their time in trees. Their hair is typically reddish-brown, instead of the brown or black hair typical of chimpanzees and gorillas.

Dr. Galdikas has protected one of last havens for orangutans in Borneo, despite the tremendous pressures from illegal logging and mining interests. During an OFI Eco Tour, Dr. Galdikas will share her expertise in the areas of primatology, anthropology, and conservation. Learn firsthand about her many years of experience with our extraordinary and endangered primate cousins. Visit for more information and to reserve your spot on the next trip!

Chester Zoo through Glass Canon 50mm Prime

The orangutans (also spelled orang-utan, orangutang, or orang-utang)[1] are the two exclusively Asian species of extant great apes.

They are having their bonding time

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