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I was thinking of changing my hair. Might as well in SL since I can't go to a RL place to get my haircut #HateCovid. I need your opinion though ...keep it or go back to what I had?

"I’m not spoiled, my master is just well trained."

......Someone said


Sony 70 - 300mm f4.5 - 5.6




ISO 100


"Opinions may differ / and views opposing // but once the aim becomes / destruction of the other / to gain personal benefit / then something is at hand..."

I could not resist ;-)

Bullock's Oriole and Scott's Oriole

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Street and reportage photography from Glasgow, Scotland.


One man preaching his religious beliefs and one man in strong disagreement. The guy threw his coat down, squared up to the preacher and shouted at him numerous times. He was animated and angry. Every time the preacher said "Jesus loves you", it riled up the guy even more. His reaction, although excessive in trying to grab the microphone, was understandable when you heard him shouting about his experiences. How he, as a serving soldier, saw his friends blown to pieces on the battlefield and how he could find no belief in religion after all he had seen. The encounter ended peacefully after this moment and the ex-soldier apologised to the crowd that had gathered as he walked away.

Big Spike while I was playing my guitar!

I am hoping that at least one person in the Flickr community can advise on this rather gruesome image.

This is a head shot of a very large and old snapping turtle basking in the holding pond area. It appears to either have tumors or massive fungal growths were its eyes should be. It was able to hear me and swam away several times.

Just curious what may be happening here.

- "You do have quite a collection, but this is a doll for my taste", said Euro Uncle and grabbed- who else but an Action Man 😉

Herastrau Park, Bucharest, Romania

Don’t confuse the truth with the opinion of the majority


Credits ♡

Un coup d'oeil susceptible de nous dérider au départ de la grande montée vers la falaise jusqu'au Rocher de Beaumont, 1000 mètres plus haut.

Ces petits villages aux confins du Büech et des Baronnies offrent aux visiteurs et aux randonneurs d'amusantes surprises.

Herastrau Park, Bucharest, Romania

Algunas personas hacen cosas extrañas y ambiguas creyendo que no importa nada. Pero la verdad es que mientras ellos piensan que no me importa nada, yo ya he cambiado de opinión sobre ellos.

Some people do strange and ambiguous things believing that nothing matters. But the truth is that while they think I do not care about anything, I have already changed my mind about them.

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