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A map of railways in France according to OpenSteetMap as of 10th Jan 2009. Do add notes on the image in places where you are aware of gaps in the network. We can update this image from time to time.

stumbled on this feature today when i loaded the wrong OS tile by mistake. At first i thought the ring of hills looked like an impact crater, but after a little digging, it turns out to be a caldera - the remains of a collapsed volcano.


how best to display it though?


The problem with the usual relief + hillshading approach is that you lose contrast in areas aligned with the "sun" (usually NW-SE), and in those areas in shadow.


Instead, I used SAGA GIS to do a Topographic Openness filter (Negative Openness) with a radius of 500m. This helps to enhance the contrast and detail in the various grooves, no matter what orientation. This was then plotted in QGIS (using a white to black ramp).


Used a couple of new features in 2.6


- use a grid in a different CRS. The map itself is OSGB, the grid WGS84.

- put ticks inside the frame, top and left edges only


Using data copyright OpenStreetMap and contributors. Elevation data from Ordnance Survey Panorama, crown copyright and database rights.

Grafico della pendenza della strada fino a Castel del Monte elaborato dai dati satellitari (attraverso un parser scritto da me e disponibile sul mio blog , le due rette rappresentano il valore medio e la retta di regressione.

map of road accidents using the police Stats19 data and OpenStreetMap.


#EDIT: replaced original monochrome with colour version.


Mapped and rendered in QGIS 2.4 using the Print Composer.


Method: buffered each accident site by 20m, and used "points in polygon" to count how many accidents happened within 20m of each site. Then used data driven properties to scale each accident site using log10("PNTCNT")*3, and Symbol Levels to make sure the blackspots are shown on top.


End result is similar to Heatmap, but looks better when zoomed in IMO. Best viewed Large or Original sizes.



Hermann Kurz Straße / Way: Hermann-Kurz-Straße

Stocherkahnanlege Hermann-Kurz-Straße


wikimapia.- Stocherkahnanlege-Hermann-Kurz-Straße ...


Namenspatron ist Hermann Kurz (1813-1873), ein Dichter und Universitätsbibliothekar, der auf dem Stadtfriedhof begraben liegt - ebenso wie seine auch als Dichterin bekannte Tochter Isolde Kurz.



Focal Length (35mm format) 24 mm


Taken on June 30, 2013 at 7.38AM

morgens um halb acht




Map of Paris using OpenStreetMap data.


The aim of this map is to highlight the geometry and hierarchy of the road layout.


Paris OSM shapefile data extract courtesy of MapZen. Map data copyright OpenStreetMap and its contributors.


An early preview of some advanced mapping features I'm working on for Maperitive. The map shows a complex set of roads and how all of the road connections are rendered correctly, without any unwanted artifacts.


The map area and style was shamelessly stolen from

Robert is headed to Haiti as part of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team to work with UN agencies, local and international NGOs, and the Haitian government train them on using OpenStreetMaps in the humanitarian response and recovery, find out how to make better meet their needs on the ground, and increase local participation in making these maps better and more useful. He's bringing equipment to set them up so they have everything they need to work with OSM.


More details at

made with Maperitive using OpenStreetMap data and custom Google Maps-like stylesheet

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