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Granny Carpenter's hat, embroidered by Ele Carpenter, 2007.

When you program open source, you're programming Communism.

Do you see the kids on top of the bridge?


It took a bit of patiences to get a shot with MOST of the visitors out of frame.

Technically not infrared, but a different spectrum filter.


The purple foliage comes from using a full spectrum converted camera with an 85A filter. NO color channel swapping or photoshop effects.


What makes this shot unusual (besides the filter) is that the fog is coming from the opposite direction from what it usually does.

Taken with a 650nm IR filter. using a full spectrum modified NEX-5N.


Post production:

3x exposure bracketed images were combined to remove noise and increase the dynamic range. Photomatrix software was used for this. (Highly recommend this product.)


For "Golden IR" effect. Simply swap the red and blue channels in Photoshop.


No masking or per-pixel manipulation was done.


After buying a batch of filters from ebay. I found the 85A + 85 filters (combined) give an interesting effect. So, I took a walk around the block shooting various things.


The white balance was adjust in-camera when the photo was taken. I also used bracketed photos and HDR to increase the dynamic range.


Notice the hill in the background still has green grass.

Nokia C2-01, post processing in Digikam.


Best viewed on Flickriver.


... with D'Arcy, Alan and Jon. Open-source ale (only passable brew, alas)...

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Created by Adrienne Yancey for

Sander & Guido playing with their phones

mexer »toygun« silkscreen poster, sold and printed by slowboy at opensource festival 2010

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Created by Islam Elsedoudi for

un giorno importante - a perfect day

Revisión del downloading MP3 tras las declaraciones de Bill Gates sobre Open Source, licencias CC y comunismo. Lo malo es que no recuerdo donde la encontré.

San Francisco on a still summer night. Taken from Twin Peaks.

Just recovered some files I thought had been lost with a computercrash several years ago. These are from 2006 and were shot with the venerable Canon Powershot Pro1

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