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It's simple, The MTA does a good job of encouraging follow-up action here -- once you've filled out the survey, they ask if you'd like to sign up for service advisory emails. A useful service that you might not know about otherwise.

Flickr does a good job of using visual hierarchy to make the choices stand out. The box with colored button draws your attention, and the details are right below. There's a bit much text below the main heading and to the right, however.

WaMu recently designed their website -- all in all the personal banking is WAY improved.


One nice detail is how they remember your name -- rather than fill in the field, they give you a big "Welcome back Nicholas." This feels really personal, and seems to save me a step (even if it doesn't really)

iLike has a nice side-by-side login and registration page.

Facebook can tap into your computer's video camera, to allow you to post video straight to the site. Pretty cool.

Backpack has a really good "make a new page" button -- big & clear with good contrast from the rest of the page.

This is a great way to link projects / goals. The "would you be willing to help" is an important part

Writeboard uses checkboxes to choose versions you want to compare. You have to choose 2 and can't choose more than 2. It's very intuitive.

very clear, link makes you want to click

Virb does a great job of getting you started - really easy to read and makes you want to click. Takes the thinking out of where to start

Simple, but the bold type for required fields really catches my eye and makes the form easy to scan.


Incedentally, it makes me less likely to fill out the non-required fields.

Turbotax allows you to get started using their service without creating an account, letting you save your data later if you want to.

Freshbooks added really big, easy-to-see buttons in their latest redesign. They are using

Having the post details in the sidebar here doesn't quite work for me -- Since we're thinking about doing this on streetsblog, we should be careful to make sure the connection is really clear.

once you create something, the list shows up. Not a jarring change.

PBWiki does a good job using the footer to store meta links about the current wiki page you're on (despite the ads).


We've been trying to figure out where to put this stuff -- the footer seems like a natural place to display it, adding as much info and taking up as much space as you need.

Evite sends a nice email after your event passes, offering follow-up options.

It's not clear to me that the "Create an Account" link is the way for me to get started. I spent a few minutes looking at this screen before I realized what I needed to do. Bigger!

The ning profile puts your "first steps" front and center until you've done them.

On the join form, they prompt you for a profile photo. Great way to encourage this.

MailBuild (aka CreateSend) has an overall nice design, and does a good job displaying tabular data. The sidebar to the right is easy to read and helpful