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Created for Happy smile on Saturday theme = dutch angle.


I don't have any training in photography but I've been using this technique without knowing it! lol.. It was interesting to learn about it. I've even unknowingly used this technique while making handmade cards.


Thanks Maria for having this as the theme. Had fun with it. ;-) HSoS!! :-)


-Adorsy@Cosmopolitan- Outfit Marissa Set


♠ More details in my Blog in information ♠

Napper: Hi Chris, Nice to hear from you.


Chris: Your dating profile is missing a pic. Do you have one you can send me?


Napper: Oh Yes. I happen to have a pic of me on my desktop that was taken just last week at the beach. let me send it to you.


Downloading . . . .


Chris: Wow you are beautiful!


Napper: Thank you but I'm just a simple woman looking for true love.


Napper: Do you have . . . Liz: NAPPER!!! What are you doing on the laptop?


Moral of the story:

If you meet a woman on a dating site named, Napper, BEWARE because Napper is a male.


Taken for the St Elizabeth's Chronicle (hey Pilsy)

what's your order?




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Credits Here!

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ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ ᴀʟᴏɴɢ...




★sᴜᴘᴘᴏʀᴛɪɴɢ ʀᴏʟᴇs...Doux, Soy, Tentacio, dust bunny, apple fall


Argiope bruennichi


The spider builds a spiral orb web at dawn or dusk, commonly in long grass a little above ground level, taking it approximately an hour. The prominent zigzag shape called the stabilimentum, or web decoration, featured at the centre of the orb is of uncertain function, though it may be to attract insects.


When a prey item is first caught in the web, Argiope bruennichi will quickly immobilise its prey by wrapping it in silk. The prey is then bitten and then injected with a paralysing venom and a protein-dissolving enzyme. (Wikipedia)




Wespenspinne (auch Zebraspinne, Tigerspinne oder Seidenbandspinne) - von der Unterseite


Im Schnitt benötigt eine Wespenspinne 40 Minuten für den Netzbau. Die Höhe der Netznabe liegt üblicherweise zwischen 20 und 70 cm über dem Boden. Die Höhe ist angepasst an den Lebensraum der Beutetiere. Charakteristisch für das Netz der Wespenspinne ist ein häufig sehr kräftiges, zickzackförmiges Gespinstband in vertikaler Ausrichtung ober- und unterhalb der Nabe, das sogenannte Stabiliment. Inzwischen sind weitere Formen von Stabilimenten bekannt. Es gibt zum Beispiel kreisförmige Anordnungen der Zickzacklinien um die Netzmitte herum (besonders bei Jungspinnen), nur ein Gespinstband nach unten weisend oder gar ein fehlendes Stabiliment. Diese abnormalen oder fehlenden Stabilimente deuten darauf hin, dass die ursprünglich zugeschriebene stabilisierende Wirkung für das Netz nicht primär gilt. Auch die Vermutung, dass es sich ausschließlich um eine Art Tarnung des Netzes handelt, gilt als nicht gesichert.


Beobachtungen zeigen, dass der Aufbau des Stabiliments entweder durch chemische Kontaminierung des Lebensraumes beeinflusst wird, oder durch das Alter und Geschlecht der Wespenspinnen. Männliche Spinnen weben überwiegend, bis zum Erreichen ihrer Geschlechtsreife, die häufige senkrechte Zickzacklinie über und unter der Netznabe, aber auch zirkulär verlaufende Gespinstbänder um die Mittelnabe. Ab September, Oktober scheinen die männlichen Wespenspinnen meist nur noch einarmige, nach unten gerichtete Zickzacklinien zu weben. Weibliche Wespenspinnen legen auch überwiegend die bekannte vertikale Zickzacklinie an, aber auch das ganze Jahr über kreisförmige Stabilimente. Sogar Kombinationen aus einem zirkulären Stabiliment und vertikalen zickzackförmigen Gespinstbändern wurden beobachtet. (Wikipedia)

[ We have Sir.Piggles *queue maniacal laughter* ]


Hi guys,


This piggy thought it could disguise itself as a unicorn but these bunnies are smarter than that! *voice raises considerably* AND with this piggy as hostage we march tonight! ! !


Credits+Closeups : Links for credits updating


these bunnies are animesh, watch them jiggle -> Gyazo video

I don't know what's going on here but we're attacking something or someone or somewhere. RAAAH


Ft: Shizuka, Yoji, Twobi by monso, Amaya by Bauhaus Movement, Lenia Blindfold by Bauhaus Movement, poses by the great Yoji Yamabushi

Captured in Århus, Denmark. My website:

Gezellig en warm fotodagje met Mirjam





Online. Loving Ice Cream Gacha

Flora Event Open : June 22th



Flora Event Open


This is another version of a similar picture I uploaded years ago of a special kind of doufu drying in the sun in one narrow lane in my neighbourhood. The house is still standing, but is now empty and will be gone very soon. I passed this spot a few days ago and remembered all the things that used to dry in the sun outside here: fish, meat, sausages and all kinds of vegetables fighting for space with the laundry online. I had to dig up this scene from my archive and let if fly in the wind once more.


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“Sky what are you doing with the man’s timewaster machine?”

“I heard him say that he could order food on it and it would be delivered. I thought we could order our honey that way Posh.”

“Do you know how to use it and what to do?”

“Not yet but it can’t be difficult if the man does it.”

“I don’t know he does know Sky for I haven’t seen it deliver any food yet. It seems to me that it just shows you pictures of things and you can’t eat pictures.”

“I know Bertie and that is worrying me a little bit. Look I managed to find this shop and it says that I’m in a queue and I’m number 4,782 in line. I can’t see any queue and I think you probably would Bertie if there were more than 3. Posh is 4,782 more than 3?”

“Yes, a lot more Sky, and the reason you can’t see them is because they are in a queue on the computer in their homes.”

“Oh! In their homes you say?” Sky said shaking his head in bewilderment. “This place must sell the bestest honey on the planet then if all those people are waiting to buy some.”

“Sky if all those people are in front of you then I can’t see there being any left for you when you finally get to be served.” Said Bertie.

“Hey, you’re right Bertie. This has been most enlightening for me as I had no idea that all those people were buying our honey. It’s no wonder those small buzzy things are going crazy flying about trying to keep up with demand. You’d think they would recruit other buzzy things to help them.”

“Maybe they do Sky. Why did the picture go when you jumped on that place with all those lettery things on it?”

“Not sure Bertie, although being of a technical mind I’d say it is broken. Something to do with gremlins so I’ve heard the man say. If I give it a boost with this strange thing, he calls a mouse, that seems to do something.”

“A mouse? That is nothing like a mouse Sky.”

“I know that Posh, and Bertie knows that, but the man thinks that is what it is, so let us not disillusion him too much.”

“True, I do so agree, it is better not to tell him he’d never understand it anyway so just say nothing and pretend he is right. Mind, I’d like to see what he thinks a mouse-trap looks like. You know Bertie I do sometimes wonder about the man and his kind, for what is supposed to be the master race, I don’t see much logic, intelligence or common sense there.”

“No Posh, best just to humour them and give them a cuddle when they need it.” Said Bertie smiling sadly.

“I think I’ll leave this ordering on line and get my honey by a more direct route that doesn’t have queues that nobody can see.”

“You mean you’ll go to the shop and buy it Sky?”

“I may do, well when Posh runs out I suppose I’ll have to. Posh did you know you only have five jars left?”

“No, make that four Posh.” Said Bertie licking his lips.


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Made on mobile phone and tablet - and xxxApps

@ArtundUnart 2016


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