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(photo by eric rice) -- this is us driving down to LA, we're on the side of the pacific ocean with the fog coming in. man, it's so amazing here in california. plus, we rock pretty much.

Julia French, one of the most perceptive observers of the social media space, recently joined Socialtext.

Ariana Huffington, the author and founder of the Huffington Post, at OnHollywood 2007.

May 2, 2007 - 12:56 p.m. - Hollywood, CA


Having lived a collective eight years in Los Angeles, I've always been fascinated by this legendary Hollywood restaurant. And after lunching on a crab salad I'm happy to report that although you have to pay for it, this joint is everything you want and think it to be -- happy but sardonic wait staff, old school charm and atmosphere, and a hearty serving of whatever you're ordering.


Charlie Chaplin. Orson Welles. Humphrey Bogart. Ernest Hemingway. All of these legends have dined at Musso & Frank Grill. And if it was good enough for them, it's good enough for me.


6667 Hollywood Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90028-6220

Phone: (323) 467-7788


i mean, right after i interviewed tom green. they needed to borrow our light!

Eddie and Eric getting trainwreckier with the kung fu

Katrina Barillova, Founder and CEO of Future Fitness Technology, poses with some of her team members.


Valerie Cunningham, who put together much of the conference.

Here are some new photos for the legions of Micki Krimmel fans out there. After OnHollywood, I interviewed her for my next book.

i got that shirt at the wu-tang store on staten island in 1998! i love that shirt. (photo by dan farber)

Helllloooo up there

Rollin four deep in a stang for you, buddy. Schlomo in the back, Ekai playin Krug



Shirt reads "I was internet famous once."

Blake Krikorian, Michael Robertson, Richard Rosenblatt

Some celebrities get all the breaks.

Michael Robertson, founder of and perhaps the most innovative disrupter in the digital music space for years.

Attorney Colette Vogele.

Actor Tom Green on stage at OnHollywood.

Tom Green with his videographer on stage at OnHollywood.

On Hollywood 2009:

Panel: The Future of Entertainment & News:

Moderator: Bambi Francisco, Founder and CEO,

Kara Swischer, Co-Executive Editor All Things Digital, Co-Executive Producer

Rafe Needleman, Editor CNET

Chris Tolles, CEO Topix

Evan Hassel, Staff Writer and Manager of Midas List, Forbes

Alan Citron, Special Advisor to Buzznet and former general manager, TMZ.

Somewhere on the California Coast, south of Santa Barbara.

Kristin Reilly of with Dalton Caldwell, CEO of imeem.

Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal.

the roosevelt hotel is super nice in an old-skool kind of way and i'm just happy to meet tony since he started red herring which is where i got my start in technology reporting (well, i started reporting for blogs, but that was the first place that paid me) but i didnt work for tony, only for the crapola version of RH after he sold it.

The wise and gentle Dan Farber of ZDNet.

The scene at poolside during the May 3, 2006, reception.

OnHolywood 2009:

Panel: Content is King - But How do You Monetize Online Video?


Shishir Mehrotra, Dir. Product Management, YouTube Monetiation Google.

Bill Day, CEO ScanScout

Adam Cahan, CEO Auditude

Yangbin Wang, CEO Vobile

Jonathan Heller, Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Free Wheel.

Spinning at the first night's cocktail reception.

Blake Krikorian, founder-CEO of Sling Media, after his company took home the top prize in the AlwaysOn 100 awards.

OnHollywood 2009: Leveraging Social Media


Moderator: Greg Stuart, Former CEO, Social Gaming Network

Carri Bugbee, President, Big Deal PR, Freator@PeggyOlson

Anthony Batt, President & Founder, Buzznet

Peter Yared, CEO, iWidgets

Chris "Broadway" Romero, Creative Director, G-Unit Records

Late-night talk show host Carson Daly, who debuted his new site

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