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My 16,000th shot on Flickr. 16,000 down, 984,000 to go.

So I've been hassled and harassed many time in the past for shooting photographs in privately owned public spaces (Starbucks, PF Chaings, Toys 'R Us, the new burger spot on Sacramento St. at Drumm, Tosca, Grand Central Terminal in New York, etc.) but yesterday was the first time I've actually been harassed on a public street over photography.


Yesterday I was shooting some photos of One Bush St. when their Security Guard came out of his little glass jewelbox lobby hut to ask me to stop taking photos of the building. He said it was illegal. I moved to the sidewalk and continued taking photos and he again asked me to stop. When I told him I was on a public street sidewalk he said that actually they owned the sidewalk and that I was going to have to stop taking photographs.


At this point I told the little guy to call the police and have me arrested which he said he did. He then proceeded to follow me around the building, from Bush St. to Battery St. to Market St. to Sansome St. and try to physically put his hand in front of the lens of my camera as I shot the building. Fortunately I was taller than he was so I was able to hold the camera out of his range. It was kind of comedic actually.


Although I've been hassled many, many times for taking photos (the camera goes with me virtually everywhere) this was the first time I was accosted by a security guard on a public sidewalk.


I was looking forward to the interchange between myself the security guard and a cop (who I doubt he could really get to show up even though he kept insisting they were coming to arrest me) but I had to get going and was done shooting the building. So after about 10 minutes I was on my way.


I'd encourage anyone with a camera to stop by One Bush if you're in the neighborhood and fire off a few more shots to annoy this guy.


I know I'll be back.


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davezhou: Looks like a monochromatic Lite-Brite


Crown Zellerbach Building, San Francisco, California

by SOM with Hertzka + Knowles in 1959


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danpackages: Chili


One Bush Street, San Francisco

The Plaza at One Bush Street is one of the best examples of SOM Contemporary architecture in San Francisco. Warning: I've had run ins with security in this plaza before and be prepared to be kicked out if you spend much time shooting there.

The lobby of One Bush Street, San Francisco.


Yashica Mat 124G



Shanghai GP3 100

Developed in Rodinal

A corner in San Francisco

the shadow of a surveillance camera cast over a "right to pass may be revoked placard"... love it.

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