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Kurz vor Sonnenuntergang konnte ich am 20. Juli 2020 noch die 111 023 mit ihrem RE 59402 auf der Fahrt nach Ingolstadt HBF bei Walpertshofen im Dachauer Hinterland aufnehmen. Bei guter Fernsicht hat man dort diverse Sehenswürdigkeiten der bayerischen Landeshauptstadt im Bildhintergund. Von Links nach rechts sind dies der BMW-Vierzylinder, das Olympiadorf, der Olympia-Turm, das Stadion und die beiden Türme der Münchener Frauenkirche. Mittig lugt das O2-Hochhaus aus den Bäumen hervor. Rechts erkennt man die Türme des Heizkraftwerks München Süd. Daneben das Wohnheim der Rotkreuzschwestern und die beiden Hochhäuser an der Donnersberger Brücke.


Shortly before sunset on July 20, 2020 I was able to take a picture of 111 023 with commuter train RE 59402 on the way to Ingolstadt main station near Walpertshofen in Upper Bavaria. With good farsight one has various sights of the Bavarian capital in the background of the picture. From left to right these are the so-called BMW four-cylinder, the Olympic village, the Olympic tower, the stadium and the two towers of the Munich Frauenkirche. In the middle, the O2 skyscraper peeps out of the trees. On the right you can see the towers of the Munich South combined heat and power plant. Next to it the dormitory of the Rotkreuzschwestern and the two high-rise buildings at Donnersberger Brücke.

Bavaria, Germany - July 2018

Olympisches Dorf - Munich

"Olympiadorf" Munich:

Composition of 9 shots taken individually for each single building. The buildings themselves are students lodges standing in the "Olympic Village" in Munich. For the cloud and the foreground I took additional shots.

München Olympiadorf

View from the Olympic tower in Munic. Shot taken during the European Juggling Convention 2011.

as I don't have new stuff, I might as well continue with the bungalow series...

it seems some of you like them :-)

Scan vom Lithprint

München, Februar 2020, Lego BB-8 (Star Wars)


PINHOLE Zero Image


Ilford HP5+, in Moersch efd entwickelt

printed on Agfa Record Rapid RRN1 3

Moersch SE5 (50A+50B+10D)

Selen 1+10, 1 min

Adostab II, 1 min



decided to upload more of the bungalows and create a new set...

they should not be forgotten!

They were just the coolest places to live!!!


Impressionen aus dem Olympiadorf in München

Impressionen aus dem Olympiadorf in München

maybe you prefer the more colorful ones :)

Impressionen aus dem Olympiadorf in München

Site of the XX olympic games 1972 in Munich

Studenhaus im Olympiadorf München

Here's where BMWs come from.

Here comes the sun. Image taken at Olympiadorf, Munich

Luftbild vom Olympischen Dorf in München

here's another shot from my bungalow details session :)

View On Black

Winterlauf, Olympiapark, München

another one before I upload something different! (the workshop is tonight!!) :-)


I'm just on my way to the library to study... at home next to the PC it's just impossible to prepare for the exam! :-/


have a nice hot sunny day! :)

Olympisches Dorf, München

almost all the bungalows from the 1972 Olympics in Munich have already been

destroyed :-(

The Olympic Village was constructed for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, Germany and was used to house the athletes during the games.

as you can see, the bungalows in the former Olympic Village on Munich are ready for destruction... the scratches on the walls are from the digger which is a bit too big for the litte "alleys"..


of course it's prohibited to go back to the construction/destruction area... and now I know why... I was there in this specific alley and only looked left and right on the walls and almost fell into the hole, which should not be there... man, I was so shocked...

I only stopped by chance because my friend was taking pictures and when I looked down I saw that if I had walked one step further I would have fallen about 5 feet down :(

Olympisches Dorf, München

it's tilted and perspective-vise a catastrophy, but I love these balconies with all the little trees and colorful sun-shades... :)


obviously better large!!!!

Olympisches Dorf, München

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