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Sabra Shatila Foundation donated 1000 balloons which were released simultaneously in memory of those who were killed at Sabra Shatila


Find out how you can participate in this world changing effort to help the children of Palestine.


restaurant roof fastening

lovely device,can't wait to play around with it more

Just received my XO, and the Macbook Pro is certainly not a fair comparison.

Solar panel arrived today for the XO laptops in my classroom. Testing over the weekend at home, to school next week.

During lots of ups n downs in my post-college life, these cups have always been there.

Dedicated to Shankur!

A photo series from Carla Gomez Monroy in the capital of Mongolia; Ulaanbaatar. OLPC is currently deploying 20,000 laptops to Mongolia. The laptops were funded by the generosity of doners during the Give One, Get One program of late 2007.


Photos taken before January, 2007.

one laptop per child @ Bhutan


photo by anthony

Solar powered mesh repeater also charges a bank of batteries for OLPC. v neat. Image from OLPC news

XOView (v1)

Concept rendering

USB mountedOLPC XO1 laptop camera viewfinder

for FDM printing in green ABS

Phil Carrizzi

after Mike Lee

-LEGO OLPC viewfinder here:

Orange and red, baby. Note the same grippy texture. It's actually pleasant compared to the usual tactile feeling of complete smoothness (of varying quality).

Photo by Jonathan Ragot

Photo by Jonathan Ragot

Niños de Bella Unión aprovechan una noche en el templo petencostal para conectarse a Internet desde su laptop del Plan Ceibal, ya que están cerquita de conexión de la escuela. (Plan Ceibal = OLPC)

Foto tomada con una classmate por un estudiante en el museo de Ciencias de California.

Photo by Laura de Reynal

Photo by Laura de Reynal

El Pudu de Lizette Greco inserto en el OLPC.

This is part of the Chilean campaign to be launched in March 2007.

More Info:

Photo by Jonathan Ragot

Photo by Laura de Reynal

The fifth XO laptop in my third grade classroom, a real Thanksgiving gift!

Photo by Jonathan Ragot

The One Laptop Per Child project designed these revolutionary little computers way back around 2006, started producing them around 2007, and made some available to the public in 2008 (if you were willing to buy two of them, and donate one back to the project). Though Istra was only 3 at the time, I went for the deal: to support the lofty project, and to get a cool device.


All these years later, Istra (now 5 years old) still plays with her OLPC -- proud to have her "very own laptop". Lately she mostly uses it to run Tux Paint (a simple paint program with stamps and magic!), and to go online and play starfall (a flash-based web site with games teaching kids how to read).


The OLPC is slow and a bit annoying for us adults -- but Istra is favoring it over our big fast computer for doing her stuff these days. And I hate to have to afflict the poor little thing with flash to play Starfall. But it's hers. She loves it.


In is picture we also see Emeth, only 3 years old, showing Istra where the button she is looking for in Tux Paint is. He loves Tux Paint as well. And he actually somehow knows where all the letters are on a keyboard, or buttons on a UI, faster and more absolutely than Istra quite often.


Photo by Laura de Reynal

Trouble shooting a Bios clock problem on an XO laptop

Photo by Jonathan Ragot

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