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Just received my XO, and the Macbook Pro is certainly not a fair comparison.

lovely device,can't wait to play around with it more

restaurant roof fastening

Solar panel arrived today for the XO laptops in my classroom. Testing over the weekend at home, to school next week.

During lots of ups n downs in my post-college life, these cups have always been there.

Dedicated to Shankur!

Orange and red, baby. Note the same grippy texture. It's actually pleasant compared to the usual tactile feeling of complete smoothness (of varying quality).

Totally obsolete OLPC B1 from the One Laptop Per Child project. Later model had twice the RAM and the Linux baed OS no longer ran in this for that reason.

The fifth XO laptop in my third grade classroom, a real Thanksgiving gift!

El Pudu de Lizette Greco inserto en el OLPC.

This is part of the Chilean campaign to be launched in March 2007.

More Info:


felt, recycled polyfil


Pudú created for the One Laptop Per Child Campaign in Chile.


Note: The shop is fully loaded now and you can also read about us under Etsy 's Featured Sellers.

One Laptop per Child, mission and core principles

Trouble shooting a Bios clock problem on an XO laptop

After waiting for almost two months, finally last night we got the XO delivered to our home. We didn't pay the duty but only a Finnish VAT for about 37 €.


We asked a friend in the US to buy it for us during the first XO giving period in November and she Fedex-ed it to Helsinki. Due to some problem in the production line, our XO got delayed and delivered last week to our friend.


It was quite easy for bang Alip to move from mouse to touch pad. After learning the interface for sometime (he usually use normal Ubuntu desktop and the Hildon Desktop in Nokia Internet Tablets) then he can easily start to use the applications by himself.


See also the unboxing:

It’s been a while since I’ve done a recording for a TechCast with a co-host, but fear not. I have found someone who is worthy of this audience. Zach will be joining me in a weekly episode of TechCast talking, ranting and sometimes discussing the tech topics of the week.


Check it out at:


Doesn't seem to care about the weather much

This is the One Laptop Per-Child, or OLPC. I didn't realize that it had a camera built in. The unit looked and felt very substantial. It was great to get my hands on a product that I've been reading about for so long.


For more information on the project:

The User Interface is called 'Sugar' and runs on top of a Linux OS.

Kate teaching some of the little Afghan girls how to use computers on an OLPC.


Yes, this is significant. That a woman can show up to Eastern Afghanistan and teach girls how to use computers is no small achievement. It took a lot of work from some amazing people (thanks Amy and Dave) so that this could happen.


There aren't enough desks or chairs, so a piece of plywood is laid down to have a clean-ish place to work.

Trouble shooting a Bios clock problem on an XO laptop

Two friends learning all about OLPC.


Luis Ramirez contacted me a few months ago and invited me to participate in the OLPC campaign to be launched this year in Chile. There are people working very hard in Chile to convince their government that this campaign is a step into the future of their children. This is how Pudú was born.


in English


Pudu and OLPC:

January 8, 2007.


more here:

January 9, 2007.


and here:

January 11, 2007.



The Active Antenna is a standalone version of the wireless mesh network interface used in the XO laptop. It connects to a host or power source through a 5m (16ft) USB cable. As a mesh networking interface, it both serves as network interface for any host connected through USB and as a repeater node in the mesh. Two or three Active Antenna are used with each School server, one may be connected to an XO or other laptop to allow mesh networking, or they may simply be connected to a wall brick providing power.


A similar device is the Solar Repeater, where an Active Antenna is integrated with a solar cell and battery unit.


This unit requires around 200mA at +5V for normal operation. If connected to a USB host (and not just a power supply), it requires a specialized driver which uploads firmware and manages the mesh functionality. This driver is available for Linux (libertas) and Windows.


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