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Another very old door. Liked the warm tints of orange - yellow.

Location: Haslach (Austria);

When I am stuck for ideas I sometimes flip through old magazines to see if I can duplicate an image. This was inspired by an old ad.

Canon F-1 / Canon FD 50mm f1.4 / Kodak Ektachrome E100VS ( EI 400 )

The old Cottonwood Lutheran Church is abandoned on what is now pasture land north of Havre, Montana.


I had to fend off a herd of beef cattle, including one very anxious bull, to get into position to take this photograph. Lucky for me they didn't much like the horn on my truck. They kept their distance long enough for me to set up my tripod and capture this image.


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This image was taken near the end of an eruption and shows more steam than water.


Old Faithful is one of nearly 500 geysers in Yellowstone and one of six that park rangers can currently predict. The intervals between eruptions vary from 50 to 110 minutes on average, but that doesn’t make the famous geyser less predictable. The length of an eruption impacts the interval between eruptions, helping park rangers know when to expect them. In the 1960s, the average interval between eruptions was 66 minutes, quite a bit shorter than today’s 91 minutes. The change may result from earthquake activity, changes to the water table, climate change, or human activities like water diversion and construction projects.


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Old jetty vs Vejlefjord bridge, Denmark.

Old bridge over river Asnes, Ferreirós do Dão, Tondela, Portugal

Picture of an old truck left on the side of the road not far from my house. Walked past it on numerous occations and gradually gotten ideas of how to shoot it. This is the end result.

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Old vapor machine built in 1883. Located at Yabucoa, Puerto Rico

Old tugboats on Glomma. Glomma is the longest river in Norway. Thiese boats used to haul timber down river.

From Vestvannet in Sarpsborg, Norway.

Wautoma, Wisconsin USA


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Vestiges of former Kasbah the fortified citadel of Marinid in Debdou village, Morocco oriental.

(Reposted) Old Montreal

A view of the Old Pier at Swanage looking out towards Peveril Point.


The first section of the storm water drain known as "Nodrab" was this old rock n stone section! We decided to create 3 light wand rainbows among the trickling water.

Fugleputt bridge - Torpedal - Halden - Norway


The old stone bridge over Rjørelva - Rjør river

Rjørelva is a small river that flows from Bunessjøen (Lake Bunes) and into Femsjøen (Lake Femsjøen)


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From Sarpsborg, Norway.

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