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© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Candid street photography from Glasgow, Scotland.


Sitting for hours with a sign advertising cheap mobile phone repairs right outside of a flagship mobile brand store on Buchanan Street - his posture and the atmosphere of this shot caught my eye. Enjoy!


Previously unpublished image from September 2019.

Easily my biggest (both in size and in reception) build so far - had almost 400 favs on my old acc - RIP.


Enjoy a repost!

rain and thunder storm last night, this morning came to check on the weaver 3 nests found two has been dislocated, the weaver still a young one with limited experience, but the third is fine but occupied by this pair of Indian Silverbills.


BTW they never make nests for them selves they always take one of the weavers.

Excerpt from Cdr. Bannon’s Journal: The locals of Nixor may have avoided imperial attention for a long time, but now they find themselves in the heart of the newly established Triumvirate territory. However, their strategy still work. Their decrepit cities and spaceports have forced us to establish imperial compounds and double patrol efforts to secure both imperial compounds, spaceports and cities. This will work for now, but in time we will establish imperial cities on Nixor.




This build is really just a backdrop for the Imperial Planetary Patrol landspeeder, inspired by this one:

I'll upload more shots of the speeder soon. Let me know what you think...

Yuba (left) and Bonkers (well camouflaged) dually occupying the bed upstairs during the morning. They both want to claim the bed but have to share it, much to their mutual annoyance.

Russians clear out a pocket of American resistance in Northern California


Basically a teaser for a big new build, expect an upload sometime this weekend.


I also updated my T90 for the first time since I built it all those years ago.

This is an entry to the actual challenge in the Guilds of Historica.

Pentax Spotimatic SP

Super Takumar 1:4 / 200

kodak Potra 400

Exeloo (toilet)


Occupation Time


Warning will sound at 1 minute prior to time limit and door will open

Talented textures by Kim Klausen and Distressed Jewell

serralves villa

charles siclis, architect

Many places in the Eastern Front were victims to catastrophic violence and war crimes, Rzhev of the Kalinin Oblast not least among them.


Among some troops, guilt and well-founded anxiety must have festered, until the eradication of the Wehrmacht in the area in March 1943. What was left was subsequently garrisoned by the iron rule of the USSR.


My recreations of soldiers' gear from this dramatic time have a new addition: the Autumn Oakleaf B on the right. This is the sixth iteration of the pattern (across all colorschemes, that is) that I have painted, and the first since owning a Partisan Gorka-E. My finest, without doubt. It's going away to James. The front is painted as a 'Winter Reversible Parka.'

Dépoussiérer sa télé un jour de pluie.

SWRE + MSI Afterburner for capturing, to avoid Alt+Tab problems

Reshade 3.4.1 (feat. Cinematic DOF)

Deadendthrills CE table for camera and FOV

Cropped and resampled on GIMP

As of yesterday there were 177 coronavirus victims in Thailand with 37 coming from one boxing match. Schools and entertainment places have been closed for the next two weeks.

Canon 7D

Sigma 10-20 @ 14mm

exp : 25 sec

foc : 14

iso : 100


Hoya nd400

A newly built building in Christchurch at dawn

Want a magical plant such as a Mandrake or a fanged geranium? or even an exotic muggle plant? Easy Mugwort and Wormwood emporium has it all.


Solomon's botanical store if he is not travelling he is found here.

A cottage around Magnesia ancient city.

Realized with Canon Eos 450d.

Like a jump in the past.

Simone Cento Photography © all rights reserved

During the occupation of the island between 1940 and 1945 due to its strategic position overlooking All the islands including France it was scheduled for demolition but for some reason it was left.

Recently an application to turn it into dwelling complete with a lift to the top and a swimming pool and Carp pond in the grounds

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