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From a window i saw her ride by...


wood for the family,

a thin build, older, but not weary or weak..........


looked like she was fighting the elements with strength.


she wasnt in a car with leather seats the radio blasting the AC on going 69 miles per hour...........................


As a physician I can attest to the fact that Americans are becoming more and more clinically obese and unless they start thinking about losing the weight we will have an epidemic of obesity

and all the consequences associated with that.




30 years from now the apartment complex will probably be overrun by forest, i will still probably not look my age and will still probably be sitting around in empty refrigerators. i was reminded by jedd that i'd wanted to get to this old fridge before winter and, while sitting in this literal rust-bucket, was reminded i owed corey an explanation to why i got my last tetanus shot. warning: it's a long-winded post. but i think some back-story is more fun. it's between the dash-lines, so you can ignore it if you want.

but don't ignore this :)





at the end of october 2008, i went on a UK trip with two of my best friends, Z and D. our time there passed mostly without incident (with the exception of special run-ins with other hostel dwellers and an overly cheery, low-security coastal village in north wales) and we were soon back in london, killing the last few hours with our friend M, who had recently moved there and was our designated guide, before it was time to head back to the airport. we decided to hit up hyde park to check out kensington gardens and, like any other group of normal adults, spend our last half hour feeding peanuts to squirrels.


the entertainment started once we rounded into the main lane of kensington gardens, when D started to throw peanuts at M. this in turn attracted flocks of aggressive, hyde park pigeons, in a blur of what essentially looked and (judging by his screams) sounded like M was being pecked to death.


Z and i did little to help and stuck to our own business. for her, this meant taking pictures of D and M chucking handfuls of peanuts at each other through a cloud of feathered filth, while i was busy trying to lure any squirrels that would come our way. eventually things calmed down and the pigeons scattered, leaving the four of us to concentrate on peanut distribution. i myself was negotiating modeling contracts with a few squirrels, and the whole thing was good, fury fun. and then i stopped doling out cashews to adjust my camera lens.


my inability to multitask at this moment drove one fat, yet oddly ravenous squirrel to lunge and clamp its little claws onto my arm as i stood to focus my lens. this is when the tug-of-war for the bag of cashews started. the squirrel scrabbled to clutch at the foil, i stood shaking my arm, saying “nonononono”, and then the pigeons were back and out of nowhere one landed on my hand to take a front-row seat to the action. it was at this time Z, D and M casually stopped to watch what was playing on the kaija show: me whipping my right arm about like i was one piñata short of a fiesta, still trying to work my camera with my left, an obese but cute rodent trying to work a bag of nuts out of my grip and a pigeon just kind of hanging on dopily for the ride.


finally, the squirrel bit me in a missed attempt to jam the cashew packet into its mouth, and i flung both it and the pigeon off, then tossed the bag of nuts to someone else so i could simultaneously try to stop the heavy bleeding of my thumb, search for a tissue and half-punch any pigeon that tried again to land on me.


there was blood spatter all around the bench and grass where we had been standing. coupled with the sound of pigeons flying everywhere it was like a tiny, salted-roasted war-zone. and, miraculously, no one was crapped on. there was a public toilet nearby for me to go wash off my hand and wrap my thumb in paper towels. and though i only used the sinks and the public toilets in hyde park are free, i think i left a few pound coins for the woman cleaning the mirrors when i got there to make up for the trail of blood behind me. the following week i went to a hospital in riga to get a precautionary tetanus shot and the unnecessary pleasure of a rabies scare.


but i more or less held a squirrel that last day in london. hidden under all those peanuts, blood and medical receipts was one girl's childhood dream finally coming true.


soft focus isn't always good for the looks on a pic...a fat rubber band...

Today was a good day! Me and my best friend James are going out later to have a Yay-Rosie-is-finally-going-to-America-to-see-Aaron meal! I am hopefully going to drop philosophy after half term, and I may even be allowed to take portraits of people at school and friendship groups and sell them to fund my move to america next year! Being an international student means its illegal to work there, and I don't fancy making Aaron do all the work for us both/starving, so I'm trying to save as much as I can before I go.


This shot was really frustrating to do! I am STILL not used to my lights but I'm trying. It seemed impossible for me to take a photo where my shadow fitted onto the wall, I did not look obese and that most of my body wasn't blocking!

These were the best ones that came out, so I hope you guys like it.


1 DAY UNTIL I GO SEE MY AARON!!!! I am soooo excited!! I just hope I don't get too carried away and end up in mexico!


Leafy stock :)

My wonderful friend Valerie has given me a challenge - well, several, actually. This challenge was to do a photo wearing an outfit that flickr had not seen before, and I had to use a cat. So, meet Fyona, one of my three cats. We have another cat that is missing a paw, her name is Nyah, and the other is named Tinkerbell - she is obese.



Arvo Ruokostenpohja at Nykyposti magazine February 1986 183,5 kg (404 lbs). Page 100 (pages 100-102) at Nykyposti magazine 2/1986

© *Tiny Dancer* 2007. All Rights Reserved. Do NOT take my images without my permission to do so.


This is an illustration I am working on for my photojournalism class. It's on eating disorders and body image.


I just did the editing in about 15 min. so it's a pretty rough draft. Feedback would be much appreciated.


I'm sucking in for the front image to get the ribs out a little more and then I used the bulge liquify tool on the reflection to make it look obese. Needs a lot of work .. the reflection but it's going to wait till after I turn in my movie Monday.


Replaced: Dec. 11. - is it looking any better now? I did a little work on it.


Replace: Dec 10, 2008: Sorry about the watermark but people keep stealing this image.

My new, big, fat ( maybe obese ) mecha : Madgun Wraithek ß. Started over a month ago with the head design, as I usually do, this is definitely my biggest model so far.


Download from:


More models by Matt_one:

See it big! Doubt many will mess with this kid in school!


Notes: Single shot, not cropped, straight from RAW

Obese is "better" than Belly again heart disease, diabetes and cerebrovascular accident.

Incomplete on Flickr. Please go to:



Ei Gysgod


Yesterday, while under leaves

Awaiting my Helen, in love's

Thrall, beneath birches, eluding rain,

I stood, a Fool, courting ruin.

At once, I saw a looming form

Most ugly, with stooping frame:

I shied from it, and shrugged,

Invoking saints. Stark and ragged,

It goaded me. I made prolonged

Prayers for deliverance from plague.


The poet:

"Speak to me, you silent wraith --

Say who you are, O thing of wrath!"


His shadow:

"Question not, you quailing fool!

I am your shadow, gaunt and frail.

By Mair, I bid you, not a sound,

But silence, till you understand!

A naked entity I am, your weird,

And wait upon you with my word:

You think yourself a jewel? My curse

Upon you, animated corpse!"


The poet:

"You lie, you goblin, evil sprite

Sent to taunt me for your sport,

Bleating goat with buckled back,

Mocking mimic of man! Black

Phantom! Dissimulating imp!

Grim parody! Simpering ape!

Burly troll on shaking stilts,

Withered thing on witch's shanks,

Boggart-shepherd, besmeared in muck,

Glabrous as a tonsured monk!

Jockey's joke on obby oss,

Heron-legged, obtuse, obese

Crane spanning half a field

Leaving crops and lands defiled!

Prating pilgrim, fatuous of face,

Blackened friar, stalking farce,

Corpse within a hempen shroud,

Why speak a word, deceiving shade?"


His shadow:

"I have been -- watch what you say --

In step with you for many a day."


The poet:

"Liar with your milk-churn neck

With what libel would you knock

Me down? With sin untainted

I mock you for a devil's turd!

I have no treason in my heart,

I never backstab. I haven't hurt

A chicken with a sling or stone,

Or pestered children. Not one stain

Besmirches me. I never moan

When spurned by wives of other men."


His shadow:

"If all I've seen were said

I swear you'd not be saved:

In no time you'd be lurching

In a wagon, to your lynching."


The poet:

"Stop! Unstring your snare!

Say nothing! Do not sneer!

If I had you in my grip

I'd stitch you lip to lip!"


- Dafydd ap Gwilym, paraphrased by Giles Watson. A parody of a traditional mediaeval genre: the dialogue between Body and Soul. "Helen" is not the name of the beloved, but a reference to Helen of Troy, whose beauty also brought ruin.


View On Black


Bruxelles est l'une des régions les plus prospères d'Europe en termes de production de richesses...


- 30% de la population vit sous le seuil de pauvreté;

- un jeune de moins de 25 ans sur trois est sans emploi;

- 27 à 28% des enfants et adolescents de Bruxelles vivent dans des familles où il n'y a pas de revenu du travail;

- 12% de la population bruxelloise adulte est qualifiée d'obèse;

- Un Bruxellois sur dix de plus de 15 ans (13% des femmes et 6% des hommes) présente des troubles dépressifs...


Storsjön (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈstuːʂœn], lit. "The Great Lake") is the fifth largest lake in Sweden, with an area of 464 km² and a greatest depth of 74 m. It is located in the province of Jämtland in modern Jämtland County. From Storsjön runs the river Indalsälven and the lake contains the major island Frösön. The city of Östersund is located on the east shore of the lake, opposite Frösön.

Storsjön is said to be the home of the sea creature Storsjöodjuret, not unlike Nessie, and every now and then there are new reports of people having spotted it. Descriptions of the creature have varied over the years. Some have described it as being serpentine in appearance, with multiple humps, a feline or canine-like head and grayish skin. Others have claimed that the creature is short in stature and morbidly obese, with a roundish skull.

The ferry company Vägverket Färjerederiet [1] (run by the Swedish Road Authority) provides two ferry lines crossing the lake, one from Norderön to Håkansta and one from Isön to Norderön. They are replaced by ice roads during the winter, usually January-Apri

I just moved and saw a bunch of cat hairs floating off my blanket, its kind of gross..and at the same time I wish I could get one in focus on my camera. It might be an explore waiting to happen.


Also, There is something about the way collar bones look that I love. I wish mine was more evident.


Paramore music makes me sad. I always feel like crying when I listen to it. Its emotional, don't you think? Maybe its just me, as I've said before, I'm emotionally obese.

Never realized how small these things were. Tufted Puffins are obese by comparison.

Down for you is up.

Obese "Vaugn Bode"........just another day at the office......for sum ;)

the moment when sun goes down the whole new world is rising cockroaches for the example, did you know that cockroach compared to us is a superior being, survived millions of years all the cataclysms which many other life forms did not.

Cockroach has the third light sensitive eye on their back of their body, thats reason you cant catch them so easily.

They eat junk food just like us but do not get obese and their digestive system will keep sicknesses and toxins outside which will protect them to be eaten and stay healthy.

They can hear with their joints so they hear with their knees and elbows, tho I do not know if thats something special, often talking with the people gives me feeling they behave as the cockroaches, not listening with their ears :).

And last but not least they got two brains one in the head and other close to it's genitals, I guess that would come as something very handy for lot of humans.

Enjoy your day.


Yes big bugs follow me of late, this just had to be a queen or else an extremely obese waspy wasp! Hiding in the folds of the curtain in our room in a B&B it was quickly ushered into a glass using the breakfast menu, there she sat looking slightly embarrassed when I availed of an non scary behind the glass encounter and then finally releasing her into the dark cold night where she probably froze to death..


Jesus, did that spider just walk past?!


My lesson? Bug shots are just crap when taken behind a glass using flash, solution use ourdoor light on a nice sunny day when wearing a beekeeper suit!

Storsjön (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈstuːɧœn], lit. "The Great Lake") is the fifth largest lake in Sweden, with an area of 464 km² and a greatest depth of 74 m. It is located in the province of Jämtland in modern Jämtland County. From Storsjön runs the river Indalsälven and the lake contains the major island Frösön. The city of Östersund is located on the east shore of the lake, opposite Frösön.

Storsjön is said to be the home of the sea creature Storsjöodjuret, not unlike Nessie, and every now and then there are new reports of people having spotted it. Descriptions of the creature have varied over the years. Some have described it as being serpentine in appearance, with multiple humps, a feline or canine-like head and grayish skin. Others have claimed that the creature is short in stature and morbidly obese, with a roundish skull.

La inglesia es muy pequena. (Actual chapel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario).

This drawing was inspired by a photo from Yantra X. It's a fat dragonfly;-) They're quite rare.

With one hand he stuffs leaves and a fly into his mouth.

ant took this shot of the rather obese prairie dog...

© Leanne Boulton, All Rights Reserved


Street candid taken in Glasgow, Scotland.

team hater 2014

background is by my car, light is from the sun on a clouded day. i just dipped the capsicum in water. and dried my fingers and clicked... . No PP other than a mild cropping on the bottom to conceal the plastic.


See how it looks on complete black Superb On Black


This VWP was built in conjunction with Kosako and EV Heavy Industries and was not formally released until its actual deployment to New Zealand, where it will be seen fighting alongside NRGJ platoons against whatever resistance the NOPKF show.

For today’s 365, I actually took the time to google a quote that would fit the picture. (The quotes from my older pictures are quotes that I already knew and have been in my head) And I found this amazing quote that is quite true. I read it over a few times cause I couldn’t understand it the first time haha. Tell me what you think about the quote ! (:


So today I shall complete another tag ! :D this time from the loooovely VICKIE (:! (a.k.a –keroone) her FISHY PWNS. :D so definitely check her stream out!


10 random facts:

1.: I have a memory of a fish. (2-3 second memory)

2.: I miss the long walks and card games in the park at night in HK D:

3.: I still haven’t watched Inception DDDDD: (no spoilers please and thank you)

4.: I hate wearing heels.

5.: I really like fat OBESE cats (:

6.: I’ve always wanted to learn Clair De Lune by Debussy, even BEFORE twilight existed.

7.: I enjoy sharing piano videos with everyone once in awhile (:

8.: I think Demi Lovato is one of the most talented teenage artists of all time.

9.: My favourite flavoured chips is Lay’s sea salt and pepper :DD om nom nom.

10: I am in love with the band One Night Only ♥ (:

check THIS out :D


That’s all for today! Hope we all survive this Monday!


*thank you everyone for everything, everyone is just too great here on flickr! another explored FP, thank you ♥

17th Century observatory tower


Imagine you are King Christian IV in Denmark at the turn of the 17th Century with an interest in astronomy. You want to be able to climb to a high vantage point. But you are a bit creaky, a bit obese and a bit unfit. Obviously, the answer is to build the tower wide enough so that a horse can take you up a slope rather than climbing up the steps yourself.

The next batch of flicks are my first day at Colton. What a day....

I've learnt that this cat was a female named Duchesse ! She is a real star in the Père Lachaise : everybody can shoot her as you can see. Unfortunately, some people give her to much to eat and she is really obese. It's a pity because she can have health problems. Why people are so stupid ? They can play with her, brush her beautiful fur, caress her but not give her food !!!!

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