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Strömstare- Nyfors Tyresö

I know it's blurry but it was a great moment to see this bird swim in the icecold water.

Nyfors, Tyresö

Turn around a lot. This is one of the best photography tips I have. If you never turn around, you loose half of the subject posibilities. This is one of those times when I turned around to meet the sun in my back. Shot in Tyresta National Park, south of Stockholm.

My first attempt on a scenery like this one.

Seen a lot of these shots and I always wanted to try, long exposure geek as I am =].

I didn't think that we had something even near a waterfall, rapid or what's it called. But I stumbled upon one on the Internet the other day, took just 20 minutes by car. The water was really low right now though, so I guess I will go back at springtime.


This was the last shot I took at this location before it started to rain heavily, with thunder and lightning to really scare me out of there.

Was quite a balance act to get this shot on all the slippery rocks. Was putting the tripod in the middle of the running water after putting on the 10sec delay. Couldn't see where I was aiming and when I looked at it on the LCD afterwards I thought I managed to get the whole rock in the foreground as I hoped, but in the PP work I had to crop it(wanted it in landscape view) due to the vignetting.


Shot in raw, minor adjustments in Lightroom before cropping it in CS3, resize then sharpening it as usual.


Full view please.



Nyfors, Sweden.

Canon Eos 40D

Canon EF-S 10-22mm 3.5-4.5


Manfrotto 725B


Focal Length: 10mm

Shutter Speed: 13/1

Aperture: f22

ISO: 100

Olympus digital camera

A stream in Tyresö, just south of Stockholm. I had about five mosquito bites on each hand after this shoot.

Here's a little church located close to where I live.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: you can hardly go wrong with long shutter speeds and streaming water. I went here with a friend, and albeit the stream is very small, it did yield a good picture or two.

The height of fall at Nyfors between the lakes Tyresö Flaten and Albysjön is about 20 feet. Here in the beautiful rapids dippers can sometimes be spotted. Nyfors is Tyresö's "gate" to Tyresta National Park and a good starting-point for both hiking and fishing.

Nyfors in Tyresö muncipiality, just south of Stockholm. I have seen nice pictures from these small rapids, so I've been keen to visit, but it didn't happen before. I liked the place and look forward to return when it's snow and ice :-)


f/11, 1.3 seconds

Waterfall at Nyfors, Tyresta National Park

Olympus digital camera

This photo is taken in Nyfors(Tyresö), Sweden.

Everything in the photo looks so clean...

This is my neighbourhood, and that's my local grocery store. I've lived here for the past seven years, not counting about half of my childhood. It sounds a bit tragic when I put it like that, but I think it's okay for now.

Water is life! Waterfall in Nyfors Tyresö

I'd like to own a fisheye lens at some point, but obviously no such lens would create quite this effect. That is where the "little planet"-effect kicks in; as it turns out, it can do other things beside creating "planets". I don't usually put frames around my images, because I think frames draw attention away from the subject. This is an exception; the straight lines of the frame helps the viewer to make sense of the bent perspective. As a side note, this is the street where I happen to live.

Artist: nature

Wättingeström Nyfors

A shoot from a Naturephoto morning in sweden.

Great with those early mornings.

A view over Nyfors, all beautifully framed by leafless branches. You see the long street to the right, with the bridge in the middle of it? That's where I live. You can't see my house from here though. I believe the photo came out okay; ironically, some would say that Nyfors ought to be portrayed from this garbage truck-view. Perhaps a bit like my earlier trash can-view?


Part I – Part II

I bet you have never seen a trash can quite like this one. Isn't it awe-inspiring and completely stunning? Well... ISN'T IT? Ah well, you don't have to believe me. But I think it's a decent shot anyway. Some would say that Nyfors is best portrayed from a trash can-view. So here we are.

A portrait of Rosetta, taken during this year's fine art nude shoot. This time, I'll go black and white in some of them.


Do check out the other photos I've taken of Rosetta.

Winter is coming to an end!

I got this shot close to where I live. The movie poster wants you to go see a Swedish comedy about a man who gets a job as an airline stewardess while pretending to be a woman – his own sister no less. How does that sound? Not really what floats my boat (or lifts my plane), I admit. I'm a great fan of Ingmar Bergman, but otherwise suspicious of domestic films.

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