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The Nurse's Walk winds through a network of lanes and passageways at The Rocks. Named in honour of the nurses that worked in both of the Sydney Hospitals, located in the area from 1788 to 1816.

...was I dreaming...


Shooting with the uniquely enchanting cosplay model:


Gretchen van der Klerenkast


Visa/ Outfit/ Model: Gretchen van der Klerenkast


on perfect day with:

Gretchen | Pixelfehler | Ingorius | Basti & Nicole


She was a nurse too, back then. Because she started working at a very young age. Those who heard about her age for the first time simply refused to believe, and it took some hours of convincing efforts to make them to .But those efforts always belonged to others around her. She rarely spoke, she only did so when she felt the need. And convincing others about her age..? Well, that could not be a reason for her to open her mouth; it was not then, and it is not now. Even if she travelled through time and changed eras, she would still consider that preposterous, she always thought.


What she could not know at the time, was that that absurd comparison she made was about to come true. She also could not find out that there was a connection between her sleep disturbances and the fate awaiting her. She had either the most beautiful dreams anyone can have, or nightmares which left her lifeless and breathless out of fear and despair. And in the end, made her indurate.


On top of it, she was a nurse. Like all that was not enough. Lovely little Wren... :heart:︎

My mind instantly associate this pose with a nursing mother. Nature nevers tops to amaze me. I hope you enjoy this shot as much as I do.


Photo: Magura, Romania

Ovehead shot of a girl in a nurse lab coat

another uniform from my fairy godmother, the ever generous josie. guess what its made from!?

An old nurse stump at Buntzen Lake , Port Moody B.C.

briefly interrupted play for milk! The standing help yourself style I'm sure those who have fed a toddler are familiar with.

After twenty years of over-worked, under-paid, unappreciated service, nurse Kelly had become a little blasé in her attitude to work.


"Okay boys, bend over and drop them"

dedicado a Richard Prince

The nursing ward of the abandoned Brownsville General Hospital, Brownsville, PA.


Read more at Something HDR.

Zwergschimpanse, Bonobo, pygmy chimpanzee

"I don't wanna see no doc

I need attendence from my nurse around the clock

'Cause there's no prescription for me

She's the one, the only remedy"


Besides "El día de Reyes", January 6th in México is the "Nurses' day" Congratulations to all of them here, there & everywhere. They do an exceptional job.

I preferred the bw shot, but it didn't show the characteristic colorful uniform of the surgical nurses, so I posted the color version. Hope you like it

Además de ser "El día de Reyes", el seis de enero se celebra en México el "Día de la enfermera". Muchas felicidades a todas aquí, allá y en todos lados. Realizan un trabajo excepcional.

Me gusta más la versión en color, pero no mostraba el uniforme colorido característico de las enfermeras quirúrgicas. Espero que les guste.


Superb soundtrack:

From an AmDram production

An illustration of a nurse pushing a patient in a senior care facility.


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I know the "up the nose" shot is a no-no in photography, but is that still true when trying to capture those sweet little nursing blisters? One of my favorite parts of a newborn!

Registered Nurse, Canada 1976.

Student Nurse, 1965.

Nex 7 + 50mm 1.8

Tokyo 2016

"NURSE Where's are my Pants?" "Going to the Laundry Abraham Jay-Jedediah"


In Theatre 97 you will find a bar called The Hospital Bar.

Each hostess is dressed in a nurse’s uniform.

More shots of the lap dance Hospital Bar in my album The Hospital Bar !

Oudezijds Achterburgwal 97. Amsterdam. Casa Rosso-eigenaar Jan Otten heeft naar eigen zeggen een primeur. 'Zoiets is er gewoon nog niet, daarom zijn we een ziekenhuis-bar begonnen.

Copyright Martin Alberts. Nikon D5200 + Nikon SB 800 bounce flash.

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Nathi Morais as Nurse Akali

Photo: Camila Toledo (Michii)

Nathi Morais as Nurse Akali

Photo: Camila Toledo (Michii)

'Modern' uniforms modelled at the London Nursing Exhibition, 1969.

patria looking all sexy as a nurse

Student Nurses, 1990.

Nurse Manager, 2012.

Model: Holly Louise (


Make-up Artist: Krystle Clayton

Trio of Nurses making their way to one of the many hospitals in Bacolod City, Philippines.

Student Nurses, 1983.

Model: Holly Louise (


Make-up Artist: Krystle Clayton

Student Nurse, 1980s.

if anybody has this Sugarmag set OR wants to make me a custom nurse outfit ... please let me know! Pi really wants it.

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