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When the going gets tough, the tough turn to color.


Got no substance: go to color!

Got no vision: to color!!

Got no artistic thoughts: COLOR!!!

Drawin' a Blank?: Hitt`em....wid'....Color!!!!


Dazzle `em with light and mirror and colors and run off while they "be blinded." It work with the toes. :-)


They just too good Boss....they hard to follow.





What goes on inside 3540? I know: but I don't tell. - I Like it Like That!

"5" is my favorite number. What's yours? :)


Better Viewed Large On Black


Front Page Explore August 14, 2009. Thanks for your comments and favs my Flickr friends! :)

Los dados infinidad de combinaciones en las cuales las posibilidades de ganar o perder no dependen de la habilidad del jugador sino exclusivamente del azar. Te atreves?


Juego de numeros


Dice infinite combinations in which the chances of winning or losing does not depend on the skill of the player but only by chance. You dare?

photo/model Mayumi Sugarplum


Combinaison de 3 photos prises à Montréal

Composite of 3 photos taKen in Montreal

Sculpture de Jaume Plensa

Montréal, Qc


Numbers-Computer world



Explore #20 e FP 5 Gennaio 2009

Created for the Three Muses blog challenge where this week the theme is NUMBERS.


Thanks for looking.

3:52 - Numbers


While going through my archives I came across this image. I saw this huge flock of starlings fly from the field and land in my willow tree. I grabbed my camera and went out on the deck with Kelsea...that was enough to scare them off. There were so many of them I could not get them all in the frame!

Cemetery, Connecticut General Hospital for the Insane (1878-1957)

Newest blog update. Another wonderful round of CreationJP ends tonight, which you can see goodies from in my post:

Era il tempo in cui, per ricevere una telefonata, occorreva stare a casa,alcune volte fissare il telefono, quasi per esortarlo a produrre quel driiin che spesso non arrivava mai...

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:copyright:ArtundUnart by WF

Prime numbers In primary colours. Taken for week 30 theme "Prime".

...just before we made our hop over the fence.



Don't tell me your name I don't want to know


And don't forget to take the reminders when you go


Good things had to end


And I was never any good at saying goodbye


Because when I say goodbye a silly thing happens


And I always cry




You're looking so thin these days are you doing speed?


(No, numbers)


Have you seen your face? Now you're really going seed


(Playing numbers)


Doing a nine to five in the day


And you never know their names


Because names make a person real


And there's no real people in these games




Pass them on and pass them by




Never hold a good thing down for long




Throw 'em away like Kleenex




Pick them up and push them away




Oh numbers


Until you wake up one day


And find that you're a number


Body one, body two, body three, body four


Body one, body two, body three, body four


(taken @ Subversions sim) the harbour .... from more bits of boats

France , roman church , Burgandy.

summer 2010 .

Yachts in a race off Plymouth Hoe, Devon, UK.

Canary Wharf, London


Got a cold! Boo!

Fuji X-M1 e minolta md 50 f1.4

Thank You =) ... Explore #1


This Photo Got Published!!!


Five dice stacked together with the 5 showing on the top dice..


Who's thinking way outside the box on this one! I know.. clever huh? [ Sarcasm ].


[ Numbers Story... ]


This weekend I went to Oakland, California for drinks at a Belgium bar and then dinner at a restaurant for my friend Mike's 26th birthday. Mike was one of the guys in the group I hung out with in college at University of California at Davis. It was great fun although there was some dispute about going to Oakland. My friends were worried it would be too dangerous on the streets at night since we don't own Kevlar so we didn't plan on partying afterwards. I argued that it wasn't an issue because we probably wouldn't get shot since we're not gang bangers or drug dealers.


Anyway, throughout the whole day we were re-telling stories about our old college days and the stupid things we did together and Jesus, talk about numbers, that was over three years ago! As the evening went on, a few of us were talking about marriage (diamond ring cost, wedding cost), jobs (income, cash flow, taxes) and the worst of them all... our mortgages (self explanatory). If there was a way to photograph one macro picture for my Saturday in regards to numbers, I would have totally posted that. Instead, I give you five dice stacked on top of each other blown out of focus via macro lens bokeh!


This is for the group Macro Mondays. This is a fun little group where every Monday, a macro photograph is submitted for the week's theme. This week's theme was "Numbers".


Taken with a Nikon D50 w/ a 60mm f/2.8 Micro Nikkor Lens...

Nikon Speedlight SB800...

Copyright © Kimmo Ojaniemi


This photo is nearly organic :). I took it RAW so it naturally came trough some editing but I didn't do anything distinct with it, just slightly tuned the colour and the light balances. Nevertheless it looks like a HDR image, why? I think the reasons are the streetlamp light and especially the thin layer of snow which lies on all the surfaces, windows, sails, booms and boards.


The red series of numbers in the background is a work of environmental city art. It's maybe the most mainline landmark in Turku city. It looks pretty tiny here but actually it's quite large scale stuff, it has been fixed on the side of the smokestack of a power plant. The name of the work is "Fibonacci Sequence 1–55". It has been innovated and designeg by a famous italian artist Mario Merz.


Here is some information about the fibonacci sequence in mathematics. With these numbers we dance around the golden ratio, which is a very important variable in art and photography, maybe the most important.


1 3 4 5 6 7 ••• 79 80