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One of the first nudes I shot digitally with the first slew of affordable professional digital cameras. This was shot with an Olympus E-20n. Too bad EXIF data was primitive at the time...


I still miss doing this shit on film though... Polaroids still rock.

Fritz Klimsch trained at the Königliche Akademische Hochschule für die bildenden Künste [Royal Fine Art Academy] in Berlin in the drawing class taught by the painter Ernst Hancke and in the modelling class under Albert Wolff. From 1887-1890 he was a pupil of Fritz Schaper's. While still a student, the young sculptor produced his first important work, winning awards and his first experience of official recognition.


On his wedding trip to Paris, Klimsch became acquainted with Rodin's work, which greatly impressed him with its liveliness of form and expression and left a lasting influence on him. Klimsch regarded Adolf von Hildebrand as second only to Rodin as the inspiration behind his art. Hildebrandt supplemented Rodin's liveliness with tectonics and statics, thus creating the balance Klimsch felt was so important to his own sculpture.


In 1898 Klimsch founded the Berlin Secession jointly with Max Liebermann and Walter Leistikow and was represented on a regular basis at the exhibitions the group mounted. Travels to Italy and Greece shaped his style. Klimsch was subsequently extraordinarily successful with portraits, monuments and funerary sculpture as well as female nudes. He did a great many portraits of distinguished representatives of cultural and political life, including Ludwig Thoma, Lovis Corinth, Max Liebermann, Max Slevogt and Paul von Hindenburg. In 1912 he became a member of the Prussian Academy of the Arts and in 1916 a senator of the Academy. Appointed to the Akademische Hochschule für bildende Künste in 1921, he retired in 1935 after heading the master class studio there. After the war the artist settled in the Black Forest to live in seclusion, producing from then on only a few works in small formats. In 1950 Fritz Klimsch was awarded the Große Bundesverdienstkreuz and died that same year.


Courtesy of Ketterer Kunst Munich

Prinzregentenstr. 61

81675 München




explore Mar 6, 2014 #15

Same pic lol, Now cropped and B&W :))

Nude Man And Woman Sex in the winter and there son and daugters too

model : Drami & Dry


location : Studio

March. 2008 Setagaya © japo-sienne!


Another nude image - ie. no magic skies, just pretty colored rocks and water thanks to Lee filters and some long exposure work!

Hope it turns you on!

Thanks for any comment, views or favorites!

I notice that my most viewed image is not one of my best - it's been viewed so much thanks to the comments regarding an encounter with a skinnydipping female at Newcastle Beach early one morning - so time to see how many views I get for using these tags!!!

Have a great day and weekend - go find your own nudies!! :-)



Don't get any big ideas

they're not gonna happen

You paint yourself white

and feel up with noise

but there'll be something missing


Now that you've found it, it's gone

Now that you feel it, you don't

You've gone off the rails


So don't get any big ideas

they're not going to happen

You'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking


Look: [ kunst ] / [White~Widow] / Action Inkubator

Model: Me



Nous sommes à Sète pour l'événement photographique "Images Singulières" de Sète. Ici un travail fait à partir d'ancienne photos de nus d'anonymes début du siècle.

Source photographique :



We are in Sète for the photographic event "Singular Images" of Sète. Here a work made ​​from old nude photos of anonymous early twentieth century.

Photo Source:


Maiba naman (Let me deviate from my usual subjects) :D

3 coats of each, but the OPI is the only one that needed it imo.

Index to Pinky:

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अगर होसके तो वापस आजाओ... अगर होसके तो वापस आजाओ

मोह्बत मै करने लगी हूँ

उलझनों में अब जीने लगीहूं...

दीवानीतो मै थीही मगर तेरी

दीवानगीमें अब मरने लगीहूँ

All rights reserved.

My first street nude photo

2016 :copyright: Fabrice Labit, all rights reserved.



For me, the naked and the nude

(By lexicographers construed

As synonyms that should express

The same deficiency of dress

Or shelter) stand as wide apart

As love from lies, or truth from art.


Lovers without reproach will gaze

On bodies naked and ablaze;

The Hippocratic eye will see

In nakedness, anatomy;

And naked shines the Goddess when

She mounts her lion among men.


The nude are bold, the nude are sly

To hold each treasonable eye.

While draping by a showman's trick

Their dishabille in rhetoric,

They grin a mock-religious grin

Of scorn at those of naked skin.


The naked, therefore, who compete

Against the nude may know defeat;

Yet when they both together tread

The briary pastures of the dead,

By Gorgons with long whips pursued,

How naked go the sometime nude!


- The Naked And The Nude by Robert Graves -



© Andreas Constantinou

lorna with the tease look,actualy love her eyes/hair so got her to pose nude but not if you see what i mean love to try different styles etc

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