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Fritz Klimsch trained at the Königliche Akademische Hochschule für die bildenden Künste [Royal Fine Art Academy] in Berlin in the drawing class taught by the painter Ernst Hancke and in the modelling class under Albert Wolff. From 1887-1890 he was a pupil of Fritz Schaper's. While still a student, the young sculptor produced his first important work, winning awards and his first experience of official recognition.


On his wedding trip to Paris, Klimsch became acquainted with Rodin's work, which greatly impressed him with its liveliness of form and expression and left a lasting influence on him. Klimsch regarded Adolf von Hildebrand as second only to Rodin as the inspiration behind his art. Hildebrandt supplemented Rodin's liveliness with tectonics and statics, thus creating the balance Klimsch felt was so important to his own sculpture.


In 1898 Klimsch founded the Berlin Secession jointly with Max Liebermann and Walter Leistikow and was represented on a regular basis at the exhibitions the group mounted. Travels to Italy and Greece shaped his style. Klimsch was subsequently extraordinarily successful with portraits, monuments and funerary sculpture as well as female nudes. He did a great many portraits of distinguished representatives of cultural and political life, including Ludwig Thoma, Lovis Corinth, Max Liebermann, Max Slevogt and Paul von Hindenburg. In 1912 he became a member of the Prussian Academy of the Arts and in 1916 a senator of the Academy. Appointed to the Akademische Hochschule für bildende Künste in 1921, he retired in 1935 after heading the master class studio there. After the war the artist settled in the Black Forest to live in seclusion, producing from then on only a few works in small formats. In 1950 Fritz Klimsch was awarded the Große Bundesverdienstkreuz and died that same year.


Courtesy of Ketterer Kunst Munich

Prinzregentenstr. 61

81675 München


The Song


Pose by: Me


Yes, I can do poses. I just rarely have time! This pose was shamelessly borrowed from the iconic nude Jennifer Aniston posed for back in the 90s. I put my own little spin on it.


While I was making it and got this head angle, I couldn't help but think how vulnerable my avatar looked. You know what? It's okay. Sometimes, when you let yourself be that way, your inner truth comes out.


Then when I was editing, this classic song by Justin Timberlake played and it all gelled. It's okay to be vulnerable and it's okay to admit in that state that everyone gets over things at their own pace and in their own way.


I chose to do it how I always do it ... with my art.




ok ok someone (Falcone) complained about the tail so pffft heres a few with out it

“Men take my picture and sometimes give me money. They ask me to take off my clothes and then they take my picture. They call it art. They call it nude.”

― Lacy M. Johnson, The Other Side: A Memoir


Because men can call anything they want art.....There is a lot of this Art on Flickr too, oh yeaa....Great Art indeed.....b.mikic


There is a very very fine line between pornography and Art and only a few can do it right....I would not even dare to try, I am too weak for that, lol, lol.....But here is an abstract Art of mine...hey i am a man I can call it Art.....b.mikic


I posted this on 500px and in 5 minutes I had 150 views....Does this tell you something? Well it should.....b.mikic


Me, after my new sawdust diet!!!! I better go and get dressed now!

(inspired by manimalmagic!

Archive 1983 (?).Vancouver, Canada

All petals are lost...

My first street nude photo

Nick Cave + Kylie Minogue - Death is not the end


All pics are ©Rosa Rusa. All rights reserved


soft pastel on paper

Pastel painting.

It's funny. I don't think this is a particularly great shot. The sky is nice, yes, and the fact that I'm nude adds an element of intrigue, but all-in-all, it's not very good. Is what's funny is it has the most views of any of my shots on Flickr.

Thanks everyone

3 coats of each, but the OPI is the only one that needed it imo.

Index to Pinky:

OPI Tickle My France-y

RBL Grunge

Essie Jazz

RBL Opaque Nude

Exaping beauty.

Taken at Sunnys Studio

Pose Nearly nude

Maiba naman (Let me deviate from my usual subjects) :D

Il y a des couleurs de maillot de bain qu'il vaut mieux éviter parfois !

Oi meninas, desencalhando mais algumas no post de hoje, AQUI no blog!


Usei o Faro - Dote como base e o Preto - Puella pra carimbar.






I love these heels, but they cause holes in my tights, dont know why :( 21/3/2012

Created with computer painting software based on a rendered image of a digital female model.

High key lighting

Non Nude Jen wears a blue ensemble

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