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life is incomplete without a pair of nubby balls - at least for the buckeye nut tree.

nubby carnival pumpkins


her fingers are NUBBY

i blame adrian. sometimes i can't help myself.



do any of my augie gals recognize this tumbler? i got rid of a ton of bar glasses yesterday and this little keepsake from college turned up. then i gathered up the all non-nubby pencils from around the house, sharpened them and there you have more pencil searching or excuses when homework time comes tonight!

I just love Tex's whiskas. They're so long and full of character. There's something about them that makes me want to call him, "Samuri Sam."


He's a dark gray cat with large green eyes. Poor thing has rear lame legs and cannot walk properly. He drags himself around with his front legs, yet suffers from arthritis. His nubby coat may have resulted from a fire, however, that theory is uncertain. Additionally, It's unclear what his exact age is, but the ASPCA estimate that he's between 14-16yrs old. Tex is currently loved and taken care of by friends of ours.

Are these not THE most beautiful blankets you ever saw? The colours are just wonderful, and the stripes are too die for. Some have condors or frogs woven into the design!

They look incredible in both contemporary & traditional settings and they have the most gorgeous texture, nubby and rustic but not scratchy at all, and the alpaca pieces are very soft..they have the most wonderful heft to them. So satisfying!!


I bought them fully intending to sell them, but I am enjoying them SO MUCH as a collection that I may just keep them, for now anyhow. The worlds worst businesswoman...sigh.

Haute Décor

Make Me a Mai Tai

Made for 16-inch fashion dolls, this bar by Darren Cole is one of many styles made for Gene & Barbie dolls. Cool orange "nubby" fabric and three Tiki-style fabric panels make this one the center of happiness in a room. The bar top is laminated hardwood applied with a router & glue. The chair uses a clear Plexiglass piece for the back cushion support to give the much desired floating appearance.


I love the way aphelandra leaves look with their white veins and nubby texture.


(License from Getty Images)

[explored! thanks!] hss!

Set One: Airstream Dreams


More photos here:


photography credit: david mcneil photography

I came home during lunchtime and I had a bit of a headache from work. As I walked up the stoop, I saw a white, crumpled bag in the mailbox. Curious, I grabbed the package (that didn't sound right, did it?) and analyzed it.




I was startled and dropped the bag.




Odd. What was in it? WHO was in it? I picked up the package and ran to my room to open it. As I sifted the flap -




A gooey mist sprayed onto my hand, which actually helped lubricate the opening of the flap. I wiped my now moist hand onto my jeans. As I raced to make sure the snot didn't dry, I heard the cutest and stuffiest thing:


"Y'got some dissue? Kleenex preferably?"


I looked down and saw him. He was green, had an innocent yet crazed look in his (literally) button eyes, fangs like a vampire, and was 5-and-a-half nubs tall while ears erect. (With a never-ending expression like that, let's assume his ears are perpetually erect).


"I'm gonna have to run down to Target for some Kleenex 'cuz I ran out of tissue paper. Wanna come with?"


"Sure!" With his left nubby hand, he wiped where his nose would've been.


"No wonder you sound all stuffy," I joked.


"Whatev," he said with an attitude.


"By the way, what's your name?"


He sniffed deeply and exhaled with his mouth. "Booger."


"Oh, OK. I'm Doug."


He rotated perpendicular to me for his left nub to reach and shake my hand. It didn't happen.


We drove off to Target to purchase "dissues" and he abruptly told me to hit the brake.


"SDARBUCKSSSS!" he screamed in glee as dry snot was forming above his upper lip. I gave in to the cute guy, and we headed inside Starbucks. "I want that." A nub pointed up at the blueberry muffins. "I want all of dem. I explained that he'd get sick if he just finished one, as it was more than half of his size. He complied and was happy with one. He took a bite.


"I can't tasde id!" as I heard a disturbing mixture of sniffing and exhaling from his mouth.


We then rendezvoused to Target to get his Kleenex. He picked the green-colored box. "I want dat." I purchased the box of tissues and was welcomed with a car drive home full of nose-blowing.


Many thanks to (I believe) Todd and Billy for such a thoughtful and wonderful gift! Couldn't have come at a better time!


And special thanks to Keri for the great work which I wholeheartedly believe will expand throughout the world!!!


the macromonday theme for 3/27 is cloth/textile :)

PetEdge product code: ZW480


Colour: Pink

Size: 5 Inches

Quantity available: 1


Per Unit Landed Price = SG$2.06 nett

I beg your forgiveness Sunny, but I just loved the texture in this hat :D


1/16 Daily Dog Challenge - "Texture"


Sunny's face already has sooo many different textures, his fuzzy yet smooth fur, slightly bumpy nose, prickly whiskers, and glossy eyeballs. Add a nubby hat and you've hit the texture jackpot! :)


I think I'm losing it....

Right after I discovered I could earn lindens. but I still have teh nubby skin. :>

I had a chuckle when I came across this photo from 2014. This room has undergone so many redecorations since we moved into this house in 1984. The original carpet was quite hideous so we ripped it out and put in a new nubby wool one in an oatmeal shade - big mistake - our toddler son and his friends and the cats ruined it, no matter how many times you cleaned it, it looked horrible, so eventually I chose this one, more expensive, but definitely more durable for this room that gets intense usage everyday. I'm surprised Peiko wasn't on my husband's lap watching the game but I'm thinking he was sprawled across the kitchen table keeping me company :)

seen two years ago on this day.

Mouse is a small-medium sized Heeler mix. She has a little nubby tail and a bunch of energy at the adoption site.

Pattern: Nubby Brim Cloche

just having a fine old time exploring textures up close. i think this was a tie.....

TH11/13/19 fabric

Expired item, saved for reference. More benches on The Mid-Century Modernist »


As listed n eBay:


"The Cushion has been Professionally Upholstered New in a Quality, Soft Nubby Oatmeal Fabric. The Bench was Made by American of Martinsville in the 1960s. It is Made from Walnut and has Nice Warm Wood Grain. It has Two Large Drawers for Storage that are in Fine Working Order. The Bench is in Good Condition, it does have scratches and nicks in the Top, most of which is covered by the Cushion. The Bench is Very Solid and Sturdy, it Originally was made to Support Modular Chests of Drawers for their Bedroom Suites. The Backside is not finished but looks pretty good just the same. It Measures 19 1/2" T x 18" D x 72" Long."

nelson the jacabunny arrived today. he joins patoot, herbert, gertie, gilda, aghmohr, franklin & delano, samba & solskin, nubby & bunnykins and moggle. and he must have passed up the nudiped along the way, as he arrived before him.


more friends will be joining him in the coming days. because i may be in need of jacabob rehab.



sorry, all have found new homes. More of this type will be available later.


See my profile for more info or


Read more on my blog.

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