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This magpie and his buddies had more of my sandwich than I did

multiple-exposure photograph of two pelicans in flight


Made from a short film using ImageJ (import Quicktime movie, then click Image > Stacks > Z project)


Animated lenticular photography is a beautiful way to examine motion.


Look at original or see comments for animation.


Also available as a looping video. [Link fixed]

NPR Muybridge


The plan was for one person at a time to keep still while the other three made ten frames worth of faces, but Philippe (who concocted the idea) screwed things up on several occasions. Twice, he burst out laughing in the middle of his "still" turn, then during this set, he forgot to make faces during Phil's turn to remain still.


We laughed quite hard, however, and drew a number of odd looks from the other people in the bar.


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NPR Muybridge Contest Update: This photo got what I guess is a more or less honorable mention in NPR's contest. Go to the following link and towards the bottom of the page this is featured in a slide show of entries that were considered interesting:




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I always thought it would be cool to be a sports photographer ... you look studly with a couple of big lenses around your neck and you have the best seats in the house. Of course, you also have to be able to take great photos, so there's the rub.


Fortunately, I get to play out this fantasy from time to time thanks to Hannah. She competed in, and won, the steeplechase in a track meet at Augustana College in Illinois. Because it was a small meet, and early in the season, it was easy to roam around the event. So, I planted myself by the water pit for a couple of laps and got this series of shots of Hannah clearing the jump.


The water jump in track is a little like a wreck in NASCAR ... it draws the fans attention. I thought the two previous photos, taken from a different angle, were fun in showing people gathered by the water jump.


DNA meets the Mystery Gang

Interpretation of Woman Walking Downstairs

- Claire Girodie

- collage, oil on canvas

- 36 in. X 48 in.

- Spring 2010

Multiple-exposure of two seagulls in flight processed using imageJ and Photoshop to display only the frame-to-frame differences.

NPR Muybridge tribute


She "walked" across the counter on her hands. At no time did her feet touch the counter.

48 x 36, oil on canvas

This piece was included in an NPR slideshow of Muybridge inspired art. Thanks NPR!

Multiple exposure generated in ImageJ and Photoshop from a short video. The bird appears white (or in color) in each place where he paused. Image was made from these three layers: 1, 2, 3.

Original video was recorded using a homemade motion-sensing contraption.


Hommage à Étienne-Jules Marey.

E5 is from my digital print series "A garden Alphabetized ( for your viewing pleasure"

An Acknowlegement of Eadweard Muybridge.In the initial images of the series I found myself moved to quote the work of Muybridge, whose pioneering photographic work is credited by many to be the precursor of motion pictures. As I worked with my Nikon Coolpix, I could not help but recall his story, and realize that more than a hundred years later a new photographic technology was again altering the way we perceive and interact with our physical reality.

Someone did not make out well.

#ds164 4-28-10


Ansel Adams said "A good photograph is knowing where to stand." Use your feet today to zoom or get a unique perspective.

Images from the series "For Love".

(an experiment in Reductive Video")


This image is the result of processing amateur pornographic videos from websites built with user submitted content.




Using a custom patch in Max/MSP/Jitter, each frame of video is analyzed with the previous. Each frame is then reduced to only the advancing (or new) pixels. By displaying only the new pixels, the video itself is reduced to only the important elements needed to describe movement.


These images are compilations of all of the pixels displayed in the video analysis.

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