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This is a long exposure shot - 10 seconds. I wanted to soften the water somewhat. The location is perfect for photographers. This light house/location is one of the most photographed sites in eastern Canada. In the day time there are swarms of people (literally busloads) walking over these rocks. Most everyone has a camera. I had to come back at night to get an (almost) people-less shot.

and we'd all like to buy it cheap :-) Mignon McLaughlin


peggy's cove, nova scotia

iIlove autumn in Nova Scotia! Victoria Park is one of Truro's greatest assets - a natural woodland park of roughly 400 acres in the centre of town. Lepper Brook, with its two sets of waterfalls, flows through a steep tree covered rocky gorge. Several walking trails follow along the brook allowing a close view of this unique setting. The first set of falls is named after the distinguished Joseph Howe who admired them during a visit in 1830. The next are the Waddell Falls, named after Susan Waddell Stevens, who donated the first land in 1888 containing the falls and gorge, thus beginning this park for the enjoyment of Truro citizens.


Just a little play on words..a 3 shot pano merge of the village of Prospect, near Halifax, on a calm September afternoon. We drove past this spot and the water was rough, but when we returned it was calm, so hubby patiently waited while I ran up the road and took "the same" shots all over again to get the reflections.

Big Tancook Island, Nova Scotia Canada

We went to a "dark" "secluded" spot last night to hopefully see the Northern Lights and were not disappointed. It was so dark I could not see this woman wrapped in a blanket who found a seat to enjoy the view. I took quite a few 2 minute exposures and am going to try to combine them to show the star trails..haven't done this before and not every shot is perfectly aligned since the camera moved a bit, so wish me luck!

Our "secluded" spot turned out to be very popular and there must have been30 or more cars parked along the road..and they all drove by with headlights on...drat...overlighting the foreground in many shots.

Got up bright and early to snap a wintry sunrise over my hometown village of Prospect.

This was my second day at the annual Eagle Watch in Nova Scotia.


The first day was a dismal disappointment. The second day there were quite a few more eagles, but they were largely flying around the feeding site and teasing the photographers standing around waiting for a great "money shot."


However, when the eagles did land and you saw them "up close and personal", their antics and attitudes around feeding time were hilarious.


I love the "Don't mess with me look." on this eagles face.

Wentworth Valley Falls 16 June 2014


Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

A merge of a couple of shots and a lot of work ...always wanted to try a really long exposure of the waves at Peggy's cove and I had my tripod in the car but it was so windy I could hardly stand up, let alone set up a I had to use my limited PS skills to create the look I was going for.

Taken from Christy's Lookout near Judique, Nova Scotia.

Sailors in Lunenburg NS wrestle with the mainsail.

An abandoned boat is overwhelmed by field vegetation by Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia.


(It looks a little more interesting on black).

Very nice night up in Nova Scotia.

this guy showed up at our feeder for a week or two in December. He's not 'supposed' to be this far northeast, but I didn't mind seeing him hang around.

this guy showed up at our feeder for a week or two in December. He's not 'supposed' to be this far northeast, but I didn't mind seeing him hang around.

NovaScotia International Tattoo 2013

One of the twin set - a little male - that got separated and just posed right there for us. Sweetest little thing you ever did see. We even got one of the hilarious baaaahs from him where he stuck his tongue out.

A lovely protected cove along the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

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