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Lanner Falcon, Not a vegetarian.

Been over 20 years since I have partaken of the dead.


However, now and again I look in a window and think.... mmmm..... meaty!


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There was NO WAY I was going to leave work during lunch break, so I had a veggie/egg salad sandwich from the deli and a delicious cup of Brown Cow yogurt. It was delicious!


It pretty much looked like this when it was whole and uneaten:



I didn't roll the dough out quite thin enough but it's tasty anyway.

chicken slaughter | sept 2011

I asked him why it was guilt free, he said it's made from coconut milk. I said, so it's vegan then?

He got out his list of ingredients, it also contains dairy milk. I told him in that case it's not guilt free.

Just realized what I've been wearing while cooking from a vegan cookbook.

some small modifications but basically this.

recipe from Bittman, p. 184, though you can find basically equivalent recipes elsewhere.


Eggs, potatoes, and onion from the farmers' market.

shredded pork ( low and slow in the Q for twelve hours), caramelized onions and jalapenos, etc..

It looks like they'll eat your brains for breakfast!


They don't look like Vegans to me :-)


This fine pair of Zombies were participating in the Downtown Phoenix Zombie Walk in October of 2010, for the 2nd annual event.



adapted from eric gower's "the breakaway japanese kitchen". grilled thinly sliced pieces of berkshire/kurobuta pork basted with an apple conserve spiked with calvados. i used this marmalade "bacon" recipe, but i didn't have any marmalade so i used an apple conserve with calvados and omitted the ginger and lemon.

I've been making a lot of smoothies since I stopped going to Tropical Smoothie. I get more flexibility, they're tastier, I have control of amounts of the ingredients and quality. And I can have something new and different all the time without having to pay extra for customisation or, at least, the hassle of trying to figure out how many ACTUAL calories I'm consuming.


This baby has some kick to it. the kiwi and lime to make it sour. I think I may be the only one who really likes it this tart, feel free to cut back. I added a secret ingredient to give it protein with few additional calories


I measure most of my food by weight and typicall y use metric because it's easier to do the math. I use to calculate the values.


396 cals total - 8 g fat (from the coconut-drop these and drop 100 cal too)

about 20 oz. worth of smoothie goodness.


22 ml Coconut milk - 50 cal

10 g. fresh coconut - 50 cal

61 g raspberry - 32 cal

37 ml lime juice - 10 cal

80 g kiwi (1 med. peeled) - 48 cal

55 g mango - 36 cal

62 g strawberries (frozen) - 25 cal

1/2 c. 0% Fage Greek Yogurt -60 cal

1 packet Special K protein water mix- strawberry banana - 30 cal

1/4 c. rolled oats (for extra fiber! - 70 cal


**the oatmeal won't completely blend in with the fruit if you add it at the same time. if you want less texture in your smoothie, put it in the blender and pulse it a few times first.


I've been adding it for fiber but now looking at the stats, I'd be better off buying a supplement to add. a half serving of oats is 70 cal but only 2 g fiber -- the protein water pack adds 5g ea protein/fiber for only 30 cal.

I was picking out a (correctly spelled) vegan peanut butter cookie from the Whole Foods baked goods case when this leapt out at me. Rather sad. Makes me think of gun molls, which is probably not a good association to have when thinking of cookies.

We had a couple fatty melts tonight. Smaller but taller.

Go Me!!!! Today is my one year Anniversary of being vegetarian. A lot of people didn't think I could do it. Which is strange since I wasn't eating a whole lot of meat as it is and I gave up read meat more than 10 years ago. I'm not vegan but still do dairy and eggs. I wish I could say it was for noble reasons like trying to be a more compassionate person but it was more for health reasons.


I get teased by my co-worker for being a tree hugger. Just goes to show how well they know me because the only reason I would be hugging any tree is to pick it up and toss caber style at someone. Let me lose 30 pounds and see if I'm not kilted for life baby!


I can't say it's a forever thing for me but it makes sense right now. (OK, so it makes a lot of sense) But I haven't had headaches or migraines since doing it and I can't argue with that. My co-workers were wrong for telling me to go have a steak to celebrate but they're just haters. :-P


From a recipe (which doesn't seem to be in their online collection) from the CSA. I guess fall is here, in case there was any doubt.

cupcakes from sweet mandy b's.

For those of us who don't like turkey

burgers are dead cows. not adventure. get it straight, people!

Based on this recipe from The Times, but with some changes: I omitted the meat of course, cooked the vegetables in olive oil to replace the fat from the meat, added a couple of small green peppers with the vegetables, and used rigatoni instead of ziti. And, in my world, garlic and Parmigiano-Reggiano are not “optional.”


Onion, garlic, and peppers from the CSA.


Also you can see that I need to wash my stove.

My ex's grandpa turned 92 yesterday. The little man and I attended the birthday party, because we consider those folks to be family, and vice versa. The birthday "boy" in question was married to the same woman for 40 some years (until she passed away two years ago) and had the same job for the duration of his career. I'd have to bust out my resume to figure out how many jobs I've had throughout my career. And I've already been married twice. Whoops.

recipe from Bittman, p. 854. I think this might be my first time ever baking. It's a little dry but tastes good.


I had almost enough honey but not quite enough so I used a little bit of agave nectar to make the full ½ cup of liquid sweetener.

Not vegan, but quite pretty, I thought: crepes stacked with nutella, I think, with hazelnuts and marinated apple chunks, with ice cream and wafer-thin apple slices.

this poster squicks me out. even before i went vegan, i think it would have squicked me out.

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