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jesus christ. This makes three people that have been on TV that have taken this photo while holding this oddball message.


(Ed Helms, Sarah Vowell)


(photo by Cary Young)

Of course, any guy with those glasses and haircut is a *supposed* Matt Haughey look-a-like now.

She is many things, but she is not Matt Haughey. Other people who are not Matt Haughey include Ed Helms, Sarah Vowell, Bill Plympton, and John Hodgman.


(With a little [+] so her bellybutton can be added to people's favorites.)

When you don't have a lot of money, you have to be creative with birthday presents. This was almost the best birthday hack ever, but as it was, it was pretty good. Thanks to John Hodgman for trying to help a gal out. Happy Birthday Matt!

Silar from "Heroes" and Matt Haughey. See for yourself.

Other members of the Daily Show were more accommodating to my whims. Do you know Matt Haughey? This guy does look a bit like him.

On Austin City Limits.


Wilco piano player bears uncanny resemblance to mathowie in a Dr. Strangelove wig.


No, seriously.


Mr., who insists we don't look the same at all, but we may be in the same league.

Men's room, Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco

Seriously this is a weird test page.