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365 Project - 365 shots in 365 days how ever long it takes, all taken and uploaded on the iPhone. Lets see what this little sucker can produce. Some shots will be tweaked, but only on the phone itself. Using Apps like More Lomo, QuadCamera, FaceGoo and Polarize.

An interesting sculpture in the centre of Cardiff that caught my eye. Hue adjustment made it interesting.


Day 20 of my Youtube vidz:

Hooray. Today we finally learnt how to develop C41 film, so I can now process my own colour negatives. I actually want to use my camera again. Black and White is CRAP.


On the way home we took a detour to this little second hand

goods shop I know. It's amazing in there. The owner is a very quirky bald 60 year old with a great sense of humour.


I found a little gem of a shoe box as well, full to the brim with hundreds of slides. We bartered for a while and he finally went down to a tenner. Bargain.


Good timing as well because I've got a colour slide/film digital workshop on Friday, so I'll use some of the better ones of these to practise with. When I'm done with them I'll be passing them on to my Dad who I know digs this stuff as much as I do.


I am also logging my entire day by video on the iPhone every day for 2010 - Latest one including the bric-a-brac shop is here:

Nice old farm in the snowy waste.


© Bob Palin 2010

10th March 2010 was an incredibly clear day in Cache Valley and the Wellsville Mountains shone brilliantly in their winter coat.

I've been eyeing up this building for some time now. It's quite close to my student halls and deserved to have its portrait taken.


It looks so lonely there all by itself and today the light was just right to capture it on my iPhone.

Back in 1983, L.O.L. didn't mean what it does today.


The lady whose grave footstone this is is giving people some laughs these days (with the initials of her name) though.


Nice effect of the shadow making it look as though the final . is a !

I noticed the barn and horses as the sun was setting.

The flower carpet in the Factory Butte desert is incredible this spring.

Spelling, not so much.

So I have been seeing if I could take a photo a day, for a week as a sort of 365 photo project trial run, and up to today, all has been fine really.


I haven't really had much in the way of a subject or theme, but I have managed to take a photo a day so far. Photos so far


However, the problem with the project, for me, would be days like today. Today I had to wait in for the washing machine fixer man to come over, and see if he could turn up the heat, on the excuse of a tuble dryer function. So that was most of the day waiting around, for him to come at 14:55. (Strictly speaking he did say between 11:00 and 15:00, but still, most of the day wasted).


I had a few things to do this evening, but haven't even left the flat today. So what do you take a photo of? I see some peoples' 365 as being about their day until they stay in, then you end up with a photo of a lamp or something. Which is fine, but I'd wanted mine to be more of about the day, or at least something in the day.


So I was stuck, this is where the above photo came from. Strictly speaking, it does meet with the above criteria. Have mostly been working on my laptop, whilst watching TV/DVDs and reading the odd artical in a few magazines whilst I needed distractions. Of course with the company of munkeh, who is usually around in the living room.


I was going to crop it to the above frame, but I sometimes like the look of the pre-crop picture in Photoshop, with the greyed out 'rubbish' area, so I left it in today.


It also concludes my 7 day trial run. I'm not sure if I am going to carry it on, I suppose I'll sleep on it, and take it as it comes tomorrow.

I think this is the old church but it could be the school house or both.


© Bob Palin 2010

(iPhone brevity in effect.)

Incidentally, today was also my two year anniversary here.

bottled designed in 1932 by Fortunato Depero

Colorful window along the Underground Railroad.

March 27th


Across the river in Praga there used to be a football stadium. It was called the 10 Year Anniversary Stadium and had been built in 1955 to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Poland's post-WW2 rebirth as the People's Republic. It was built from the rubble of destroyed Warsaw, rubble brought from the Western bank as the Eastern city of Praga had not been razed to the ground by retreating Germans- the Soviets were already there.


The Stadium was used well for its times, but by 1983 the upkeep was impossible. In 1989 the city decided to rent the disused stadium to vendors, and thus was born the Jarmark Europa. For years it was the place where you could get anything- from pirated films to smuggled cigarettes, moonshine, weapons...and clothes, lots and lots of clothes. It was dirty, dodgy, creepy, and absolutely wonderful.


In 2008 it was decided that the Stadium would be torn down and a new one built in its place, this time as a true national center for sports and not a black market. We will need a proper football stadium to host the UEFA Euro 2012.


People are skeptical as to whether it will be as functional as promised, or whether it will even be finished on time, but in any case the cranes look impressive, looming over Praga like that.

March 25th


We have spring, ladies and gentlemen!

February 19th


In a room in the back of a little store selling religious items hides a fantastic bookstore...I brought home a Lexicon of Explorers, Paul Herrmann's "Zeigt Mir Adams Testament" or The Great Age of Discovery and Georges Blond's "Grands Navigateurs". I have too many books already, and no money at all, but honestly, who could resist?

Summer WAS here. But now it isn't.


New graffiti on a bench. Noticed at Grundy Lakes State Park on a VERY cold-for-Tennessee day, so I was feeling a bit ironic and play-on-word-y.


Since I'm taking pictures daily to play the Noticings game, I think I'll venture in to the scary prospect of "365". Here goes. 1 of 365 for 2010.


1 January 2010 1/365

underside of a faded table umbrella

lost bear hooked on a railing in Queen's Park, Glasgow

No birds in sight. I hope the last residents are okay.

i have seen this sign partially broken in hundreds of different ways since i was tiny

Bridging two counties over the once volatile Putah Creek, this unique bridge is the rarest of public works: one which tolerates (or even accepts) graffiti. It's pretty special for that quality alone, but its setting makes it even more so.


It's also physically unique. To quote DavisWiki:

"The bridge was built in 1923 and has been identified by the state of California as eligible for the National Register of Historic Places. It's one of only three bridges in California that utilizes an architectural design known as the 'overhead tie arch.'"


It was an out-of-the-way trip, but utterly worth seeing. Sooner rather than later, I think: Yolo Country approved at 5 million dollar seismic rehabilitation in 2008. It aims to preserve the design of the bridge while bringing it up to modern standards. Even though some of the graffiti dates back to 1963, nowhere in the plan are any specifications on how it will be treated. I hope for the best, but the horribly mangled car wrecks under the bridge are already gone. Not a good sign.

As the sun set I noticed it shining on Molly's Nipple over Aurora, Utah


© Bob Palin 2009

A little ducky

On the floor of the commuter train between Baltimore and DC.

This is some kind of warning systen on my neighbor Jack's complex septic system. He had to have some new pump installed.


So far, the alarm has not sounded.

I noticed the river and mountains on the truck hood.

- Taken at 1:19 PM on December 27, 2009 - uploaded by ShoZu

curtains, thankfully blurred by rain. :)

Noticing just how many red toned scarves I have.

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