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For Thursday monochrome and Monochrome Bokeh Thursday

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Ноутбук 80-х годов.

This the notebook I use for my "Original wip"


I'm no artist, but for some reason I really wanted to paint it.

So I mod podged on blue construction paper and made some stencils.


Thought about jazzing it up....but I was afraid of ruining it, which happens about half the time I try to fix something that doesn't need fixing.😋


Stay Safe, Eat Doughnuts (╭☞ ⌐■ ◞ ■ )╭☞

I got this notebook card but I dont see the page to plug it in?

The notebook – Moleskine notebook and blue pencil close-up. Short DOF and warm lightning. Strobe : 1 * 1/32 front right through umbrella triggered by cactus V5.


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You can really notebook anything, even Math !

"7 Days of Shooting" "Week #17" "Beginning with the letter N" "Colourful Thursday"

13th roll of film

blogged today on decor8. Image copyright belongs to Notebook Magazine, Australia.

it's just the way you smile

blogged today on decor8. Image copyright belongs to Notebook Magazine, Australia.

Inspiring little notebooks, great when ideas comes to mind. I'll keep it handy in my bag.

Focus on what matters and let go of what doesn't ...

Alcuni oggetti e stumenti per trasferire pensieri e idee su carta.

Some object and tools to transfer thoughts and ideas on paper.


2 notebooks and a macro ring... hahaha


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effects of caffeine on my brain, explained visually.


Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant drug.

My latest handmade “comicskine” notebook.

One App that I really love and use everyday is Notebook ~ this is a screen shot of some of my Notes. I keep them up to date on a daily basis and all notes have a calendar where a reminder can be set, with an alarm.


Notebook keeps well and truly organised .... if you haven't got this on your phone I would highly recommend it!!


Keep Safe Everyone!


Our Daily Challenge ~ Phone ....


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flo the fox now featured on small moleskines..

Corner ~ Macro Mondays

Close-Up ~ Flickr Lounge

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The textured cover of a notebook, lit with daylight through an orange filter from the left and by a UV torch from the right. Each of these raised dots is about 1mm across.

Four times a year, at the end of each quarter, the notebooks are collected and graded. Of course I want to see everthing --- class notes, vocabulary sheets, cultural info, verb info, tape recorded practice sheets --- everthing completed and in the specified order. Now is that asking too much?


It takes a while to grade the notebooks, but it is worth the time and effort, and I feel good knowing that, when the students leave me, they have a great "resource of information" to use in future Spanish classes.

I couldn't possibly consider using anything other than a Moleskin® notebook.


We're Here: Notebook Mod


26/366 (01-26-2020) 366/2020-2020 Vision

26/366 (01-26-2020) 366: The 2020 Edition


By the way, I didn't do this little drawing in the corner of the page. The notebook came this way!

Super, super!

Mede 20.5x15cm, com um mix de cadernos supimpa (marrakech: noz-moscada, trigo e pimenta do reino; colorplus: pequim, fidji e havana; reciclado...etc e tal), tem 240 páginas!


Chegou e já foi!


blogged today on decor8. Image copyright belongs to Notebook Magazine, Australia.

funda para notebook con tela plastificada que evita posibles accidentes con liquidos e interior suave para proteger la carcasa



estou vendendo:


Notebook HP dv8333cl

Com 8 meses de uso.


Tela de 17" - 1440x900 px

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2GB de memória ram

2 HDs de 100GB 5400rpm

Placa de vídeo GeForce Go 7600 256Mb

Caixas de Som Altec-Lansing


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