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This pose is a gift from dear friend of me on my birthday, Rie, who is the owner of Wetcat Builds & Poses . Thank you so much...


And many special thanks to my really good friend Ruby for posing with me in these photos ♥


Antelope Estates:

This pose is a gift from dear friend of me on my birthday, Rie, who is the owner of Wetcat Builds & Poses . Thank you so much...


And many special thanks to my really good friend Ruby for posing with me in these photos ♥


Antelope Estates:

The notebook – Moleskine notebook and blue pencil close-up. Short DOF and warm lightning. Strobe : 1 * 1/32 front right through umbrella triggered by cactus V5.


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Playing with my new macro lens ... ♥



i found out my notebook has a smal camera inside

As much as I like technology, nothing can replace a good old notebook. Best for taking notes:)

Hello, my name is Yoda and I'm a notebook addict.


Right now I have 73 of them, I can't find 3 and minus one.


Some I made

Some I bought

Some are gifts

flo the fox now featured on small moleskines..

insanların hayatını şekillendiren dar, uzun ve zorluklarla dolu bir tünel...

Our memories of the forest in autumn now mixed with wild flowers of spring ... this is my book of nature in autumn ....


Moleskine, texture 1 & texture 2 by MAT

Photoshop: my own brushes.

Queria mostrar um pouco da sua personalidade atraves de seus adesivos em seu notebook.

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Macro or big notebook?

¿Macro o libreta grande?

effects of caffeine on my brain, explained visually.


Caffeine is a bitter, white crystalline xanthine alkaloid that is a psychoactive stimulant drug.

Photographs printed onto fabric.

This photo was taken by Chris Dee. It was just supposed to be a normal picture but then we were told it looks like the notebook scene. From then on it was titled that. :D

This adorable notebook reminds me of something Strawberry Shortcake herself would write in. Made of durable plastic and glossy paper, this cute mini is a Re-Ment miniature.

blogged today on decor8. Image copyright belongs to Notebook Magazine, Australia.

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A mini-notebook that my mom bought for me yesterday. She knew that I love notebooks. I don't know why but I have a thing for it. I just collect it and don't write anything except for my name. I consider it as one my guilty pleasure, haha. :D how 'bout you guys, what's your guilty pleasure? :)

Goodies from my trip to Strasbourg, France

blogged today on decor8. Image copyright belongs to Notebook Magazine, Australia.

I open my notebook in this page and the all summer come again :)

notebook or tunnel? you decide

This weeks Macro Monday theme is "Back to school". When I was a kid, I always enjoyed going back to school every September. There were some years that the first day of school landed on the same day as my birthday (Sept. 5th) which wasn't always so nice lol.


One of my favourite new school supplies was getting packs of lined paper. I always started the new school year off with writing neatly on fresh pages of crisp white paper but by the end of the school year my writing always got sloppier. Haha! But I always had good intentions every start of the school year to put forward my best effort and to do really well...starting with good writing and note taking skills. :D


HMM everyone!

funda para notebook con tela plastificada que evita posibles accidentes con liquidos e interior suave para proteger la carcasa

My latest handmade “comicskine” notebook.

Alcuni oggetti e stumenti per trasferire pensieri e idee su carta.

Some object and tools to transfer thoughts and ideas on paper.


Aniki Geographica is designed precisely for the travellers. Its an association of a soft thick but strong genuine leather with our Book Huger product for protecting and the transportation of two pcs. Aniki Elegant notebooks. 2 pcs. of Book Huger in different colors and 2 pcs. of Aniki Elegant Notebook are included in the standard package. You can use all cahier kind notebooks up to 11 x 15 cm. with Aniki Geographica. Avalaible colors are Black, Dark Brown and Tan.

Please note: Each ANIKI Geographica leather journal has its own unique distressed look due to the characteristic and nature of genuine leather.

ANIKI Notebook papers are specially selected and tested for FOUNTAIN PENs. Aniki Notebooks are hand made.

For further information please visit our site.

Aniki Geographica Deri Defter taşıyıcıları özellikle Aniki Elegant serisi defterler ya da 11 x 15 cm'e kadar olan cep tipi defterler ile kullanmak için hazırlanmıştır. Aniki Geographica'nın standart paketinin içinde 2 adet Aniki Elegant Defter de bulunmaktadır. İster tek defter ister çift defter bir arada kullanabilirsiniz. Beraberinde verilen 2 farklı renkte Book Huger-Defter Kucaklayıcısı ile defterlerinizi onlarca farklı şekilde bağlayabilirsiniz. Aniki Geographica piyasadan toplanan kırpık derilerle değil, 1. sınıf özel seçki derilerin içinden en iyi bölümler seçilerek dokunduğunuzda hissedeceğiniz özel yumuşaklıkta deriler kullanılarak elde imal edilir. Tüm Aniki Defterleri elde imal edilir. Aniki Defterlerde kullanılan tüm kağıtlar Dolmakalem ile yazmaya uygundur.

Detaylı bilgi için sitemizi ziyaret edin.


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estou vendendo:


Notebook HP dv8333cl

Com 8 meses de uso.


Tela de 17" - 1440x900 px

Intel Core Duo 1.88Ghz

2GB de memória ram

2 HDs de 100GB 5400rpm

Placa de vídeo GeForce Go 7600 256Mb

Caixas de Som Altec-Lansing


maiores infos e fotos:

Super, super!

Mede 20.5x15cm, com um mix de cadernos supimpa (marrakech: noz-moscada, trigo e pimenta do reino; colorplus: pequim, fidji e havana; reciclado...etc e tal), tem 240 páginas!


Chegou e já foi!


Traveler's Notebooks and inserts

Blank notebooks designed and handcrafted by me.


Available at:

Thanks to all my contacts and everyone else who always comes back to my stream. It's appreciated so much!

Portfolio: Ivo Vuk Photography

You should folow me on twitter _ @ivovuk


Macro Monday: Back to School. We just dropped our daughter to her first year of college over the weekend, and our son starts HS next week, so it is a big year. This is a notebook from past years.

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