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In honor of ds106 radio and thinking ahead to our session at Northern Voice 2011, this retro mic was suggested as a prop-- it is pretty much a plastic piece of junk- it does record audio, with noise, and it wont work at all streaming with Nicecast. But it does have a light on top.

Northern Voice, 2011


"y'know harry, you could blog that..."


At Alan's session, he told us to not be afraid to do a little post-production cropping. I actually like this pic of the three of them a lot.

These cross-processed film pics from Northern Voice/MooseCamp turned out a lil darker than I envisioned but I still like them.. they're different. :P

Northern Voice, 2011


... with D'Arcy, Alan and Jon. Open-source ale (only passable brew, alas)...

These two photographic prints were on display in the atrium.


Caption read as follows:


"This door is an investigation in three-dimensional patterning afforded through oblique laminate construction techniques and the subtractive process of CNC milling.


The peephole is taken as an activation device across the space of the door, registering on either side its use or non-use. Defining the inside, the peephole is pulled towards the viewing eye while the geometric ridge is a barrier pulled sharp to the outside. This dialogue privileges the viewer with the ability to access the peephole and provides a geometric index of subtractive patterning relative to orientation of use.




Ok so it's almost time for Northern Voice 2008 (blog conference) and I'm in the middle of doing a large poster design. It's about 60% done, I still have to add a bunch of detail (mostly having to do with blogging stuff) BUT I'd love to get your input and feed back on this, what would you like to see added? what part of the design just needs that little extra? I love hearing your thoughts as this poster is for you, the internet sharing community. I look forward to posting the final result in a few days.


Cheers Basco5


P.S. anyone waiting for a mail trade, I'm sorry I've been so behind on that.




lovely, light & linear ubc life sciences building

Amazing talk on why there's fear in Social Media and Internet


Bryan Alexander

NITLE Tech News, MANE IT leaders, and Smartmobs, when not creating digital learning objects (like Gormenghast

Photos from the field...


photos from the field...

Set 4 from Moosecamp in Vancouver. February 9, 2006 at UBC Robson Square

Northern Voice 2006 @ UBC Robson Square in Vancouver BC

Dave Olon from rocking at Northern Voice 2006

Alexa has the best laptop bag, ever.

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