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My I struggled with this one - not only capturing it but in the process in trying to keep the colours real and the flow smooth. Well I guess this is what I have come up with and from memory its pretty much how the morning looked. It was from the outing last week with Pixeloc at North Turimetta. Definitely had a fun morning and treated to a delight of a sky. Anyway... all feedback .. harsh as it may be ... is required.


(Daniel: soaked from the backwash hitting a set of rocks behind me more than the front waves...Fun!)


Stability...I had two of the legs between rocks and I lent down pretty hard on it! Most of the shots where stable thankfully...Appreciate all the comments!

Its a single exposure using a Cokin GND8 for the sky. Thanks for looking as always.

I went on a backpack with a couple of fellow members of Photo Cascadia-David Cobb, and Sean Bagshaw. We had a great time! We all shot this sunrise at different locations. This was from up on Sahale Arm (North Cascades National Park). Thanks for looking! Chip


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Same weekend, same trip, different photo :)

Headed out a couple of weeks ago with Brad to catch the massive seas smashing the east coast of Australia. And it didnt dissapoint one bit. Im not sure I have seen them that big so it was certainly a fun experience. Of course the wide angle doesnt do the wave's any justice from this angle but the memory of the sounds does it for me.


Thanks for looking


Edit: Replaced Photo with less noise and a bit more contrast

Blackpool's historic North Pier

Coast north to the promontory of Poggio San Leonardo


North Lake, Bishop Creek

Inyo County, CA.


It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.

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Sorry, hitting the archives cause I felt like posting something. Taken last year at North Bungan. Similiar to a previous shot but its a long exposure of the location. A Single exposure with some work done in PS.


Had one of those busy weekends so apologies if I havent got to all of your streams yet...will try my best.


Will finish off with one saying .... GO FED!!!

Turret Arch and You are welcome to purchase high quality luxury wall art as well at

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By no means the greatest of shots. I tried to find a unique comp on this location to offset the lack of clouds in the sky. Found these two rocks and they helped a bit. Hope you all dig it. :)

Had a bit of fun with this one. Have done the comp before but as the moon was so fantastic, I took a shot of it using my 18-200 zoom, then placed it in the shot taken with the wide angle. It was from the Tidal pool at North Curl Curl with ma buds Darren and Brad. Had a awesome morning as always.


Take Care and have a good rest of the week.

This is my hometown of Kamloops, BC, Canada. Shot from the south side of the city, this section of town is affectionately called The North Shore. In the 60's, if was it's own town, separated by the Thompson River. In the 70's the town amalgamated.

(reality and what I saw are not identical, but similar)

Our backpacking trip went into the depth of the deep cut visible here.

Later this same day a high percentage of the leaves blew off in a storm!

North Sea Beach

FujiFilm X-S1

Wanganui Harbour entrance. Normally a few fishermen here but this morning not so nice with rain and a rising wind and swell....

Beautiful place to be, very quiet and calm. I like to spend my time here. Bergen, Norway, Norwegian sea coast.


Thanks for looking.

Took a gamble and headed to North Avalon for the second week in a row with my mate Brad. And well I guess it paid off (imho). What a beautiful morning it was. The only main downside was the power of the sets coming onto the shelf - they where just a bit too full and strong to get much closer. But still, another glorious start to another glorious day. I left the feel of it with quite strong blues and purples cause Im sure my brain is saying that is how it looked. Wouldnt mind if you thought it was too strong though..let me know.


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend


Stay Safe

I met up with my dear Flickr pal Jean for somewhat of a repeat of last years Sierra Fall color weekend. We had the same great primitive camp along the creek off of Buttermilk road. The weather was a bit warmer and the colors were quite a bit better due to no hard frosts leading up to the weekend. I suppose this is somewhat the iconic theme shot of the weekend. We also had some terrific shooting in a few new locations.


Explore Oct 4th, 2010 #211

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Stay tuned for more...

Purple heather looked so pretty with those fabulous clouds.

Spaarnwoude - Noordzeekanaal, waterway in the Netherlands that extends in an east-west direction between Amsterdam and IJmuiden on the North Sea coast. Its construction was first proposed in 1852; work started in 1865; and the canal opened in 1876. It has been enlarged several times. Navigable by 90,000-ton oceangoing vessels, the canal is 24 km (15 miles) long, 15 metres (49 feet) deep, and 235 metres (771 feet) wide. It gave Amsterdam access to the sea and made it a major port. The sea locks at IJmuiden were destroyed during World War II but were later rebuilt; the largest is now 400 metres (1,300 feet) long by 50 metres (160 feet) wide

North Sea Beach

Zeeland, the Netherlands

FujiFilm X-S1

A view of the North Beach in Heacham, a popular coastal resort situated between Hunstanton and Sandringham. The restort enjoys many spectacular sunsets thanks to its westerly direction. Locally the area is known as the sunset coast...Norfolk ..UK

Dawn at North Seacoast, the night to be end and day will be begin, an awesome morning. (DSCF7414BBBQA)

Plaza de España. Seville, Spain.

Quite the thrill to be there along the north rim of the abyss under these lighting conditions. Did not want the moment to end.

The Hague, Holland


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Looking North from the Sawgrass Beach Club walkway in late afternoon.

This morning at North Lake near Bishop, California.

Snapped this one last week on an outing to Bungan Beach on Sydneys North Shore. Headed out with my bud Darren for a hope of some great skies.....but instead..not a cloud to be seen as we turned up. Eventually a small patch came passed and showed enough to get a capture.


Thanks for Looking

Royal National Park | NSW | A u s t r a l i a

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these are the peaks that are a part of our new home

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