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Noctilucent clouds above Belgium, only visible at astronomical twilight. They consist of ice crystals at a hight of 250.000ft to 280.000ft. Seldom seen at lower than 50 degrees latitude.

Nuage noctulescent sur Chicoutimi . (Photo prise vers 3:40 AM)


Noctilucent cloud over Chicoutimi .

Noctilucent Smoke from the forest Fires, at least that is my theory, this is 11pm typical twilight except for the white glow

Noctilucent Clouds and the Comet Neowise in Northern Germany

03:30 display of noctilucent cloud

Taken with NightCap. Long Exposure mode, 12.58 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

03:30 display of noctilucent cloud

Huge display of noctilucent clouds (NLC) + low storm clouds in the moonlight, Mühldorf, Bavaria, Germany



Eiskristall-Wolken in ca 83km höhe...

Canon EOS 6D Kit 70mm f6.3

9,2sec exp ISO 800

Made in Germany

Another nice display of noctilucent cloud over the UK last night.

Taken with NightCap. Long Exposure mode, 4.88 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

We are close to sunrise now - the atmosphere gets brighter and the clouds will soon not be seen any more.

Canon EOS 200D, 2x1/2sec, f = 18mm, ISO 400

Noctilucent clouds (NLC), Obermarbach, Bavaria, Germany



Big Display of Noctilucent Clouds. . .


Time: 22:58 CEST

Altitude of the Sun: -10.4°

Location: Pirna (Germany)

Noctilucent Clouds vs. Komet C/2020 F3 Neowise & Venus


Time: 03:31 CEST

Altitude of the Sun: -10.5°

Location: Dresden (Germany)

Canon EOS 200D+EF28-200mm USM, 200mm, f/5.6, ISO800, 18x1.6sec frames stacked.

Last night's display of Noctilucent clouds over Saltburn Pier.


They are the highest clouds in Earth's atmosphere, located in the mesosphere at altitudes of around 50 miles.


They are too faint to be seen in daylight, and are visible only when illuminated by sunlight from below the horizon while the lower layers of the atmosphere are in Earth's shadow.

noctilucent clouds over the city sky. . .


Time: 23:05 CEST

Altitude of the Sun: -11.7°

Location: Dresden (Germany)

An evening display of noctilucent cloud 23:00 hours.

Taken with NightCap. Long Exposure mode, 17.25 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

I went to camp on Balnakeil beach near Durness on the north coast of Scotland this weekend to catch the sunset and sunrise. When I popped my head out of the tent about 1am for a look around, there was a nice display of noctilucent clouds above the northern horizon.

Eiskristall-Wolken in ca 83km höhe...

Canon EOS 6D Kit 24mm f4

7.5sec exp ISO 2000


Made in Germany


At end summer it is beginning to be sufficiently dark at midnight for noctilucent clouds and some stars.

I can't believe I missed focus on this perfect moment

Full moonlight and Aurora and Noctilucent clouds on the left.

Chasing the light or lights in the night is a fun thing to do, Have a happy Friday

The brightest Noctilucent Clouds I have seen yet

Taken with NightCap. Long Exposure mode, 31.54 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

Leuchtende Nachtwolken (NLC) auf Rügen


Endlich konnte ich in der letzten Nacht meine ersten leuchtenden Nachtwolken Fotografieren.

Diese sind relativ selten, nur von Anfang Juni bis mitte Juli zu sehen und entstehen nur wenn die Sonne 6° - 16° unter dem Horizont steht.

Es war halb eins und ich wollte gerade ins Bett, hab dann nochmal kurz Facebook durchgeguckt und siehe da, es werden NLC´s vorausgesagt, also Hosen an, Sachen gepackt und im Laufschritt zum Strand. War wunderschön anzusehen, bin dann zwar erst halb fünf eingeschlafen aber es hat sich gelohnt!

Uhrzeit des Bildes: 02:03Uhr

Panorama aus 8 Bildern

the high summer is the best time and probably the only time these near "Space" clouds can be seen at high latitudes . The sun is below the horizon but these clouds are still in sunlight.

I watched them for the first time. what a spectaculair view!

Noctilucent Clouds and Aurora is a rare combination having a GBH in the shot is a bonus

Noctilucent clouds. The picture was taken a little after midnight.


Tampere, Finland.


Valaisevat yöpilvet kuvattuna hieman keskiyön jälkeen.


After several nights of showers and thunderstorms this display appears tonight. View to the north.


Nach einigen Nächten mit Schauern und Gewittern zeigte sich dieser Blick auf sog. "Nachtleuchtende Wolken" am Nordhimmel.

If Mac had been calling Houston in summer time from the Local Hero phone box, this is what he'd have seen, no aurora in summer time, but these gorgeous noctilucent clouds... Living here and doing night photography is a recipe for very little sleep!!!

Just before midnight last Friday, I could see rare noctilucent clouds on the horizon behind Fort Pembroke. This photo is as shot, with no alterations to colours in photoshop

Tendrils of electric blue Noctilucent Clouds stretch across the northern skies late at night at the Point of Ayre. Winkie Lighthouse sits alone in silhouette against the burning orange of the never tending twilight which is a wonderful feature of the short summer nights. What a place to call home 🙌


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High patch of NLC cloud.

Taken with NightCap. Long Exposure mode, 15.66 second exposure, 1/1s shutter speed.

Eiskristallwolken in ca 83km höhe...

Made in Germany

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