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Another "I swear I didn't arrange it, this is just how my house looks" still life. But it's nice the camera used to take the photo wound up right next to it.


The print was made from a 2400dpi scan via my Epson V600, processed in Lightroom, and printed with my Epson R2000. The film used was Cinestill 800T, which the company sent several rolls of as part of their Beta test.


The "masking" feature in Lightroom sharpened only the edges of things, not the individual grains of film.. Chroma and luminence noise reduction sliders about a third of the way to the right cleaned up the grain, and I tried to be anal about spotting all the dusts, too.


I'm not crazy about how the digital file looks on the monitor, but printed out it's ... fine. But if you're looking to sell your Leafscan 45 or Scitex Eversmart Pro (or whatever) Flickr-mail me.


More about the show at these links. I plan to be at the opening on Friday 9/15 and look forward to meeting you. If you're coming from far away, the living room couch is always available for sleeping on, too.