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Nymph - written by : Alison Mujati


Her smile deludes,

Still she bears all to be called beautiful.

From the corners of her lips to the whiteness of her dentition,

You cannot see revelation if no one reveals

But she has that malevolent omens stamped on her soul.


The belly is smooth, alluringnever chubby.

When she moves, she swing like a serpent.

All that she does with her body is unhuman-like,

The way she lifts her feet tells a tale,

Shy, as if the ground is ablaze.

Nevertheless,there is a chronicle beneath her steps.


She is kind yet we think to conceal her real personality,

Everyone thinks she stands between life and mortality,

Her mood can never be there for it changes drastically,

Looking straight in her eyes she seems like a daughter who has been shedding tears.

Asking what is up? She tells of her unique kind.

One in trillion, you can only meet when the moon crosses the path of the sun.

It is mere science but, remains mystery in spiritual circles.


It is not her zeal to keep company of others yet she keeps sticking around like a tamed dog.

Perpetually alone and somewhat primed to answer them questions.

She is terror the same way she can be not.

And it is senseless to incriminate for cases you do not have evidence to base your accusations.

Well, she is human but.........?

Uno de los invertebrados más voraces bajo las aguas es la larva de la libélula, en este caso de Anax Imperator, de la familia Aeshnidae. Ésta concretamente se encontraba en las orillas del río Nalón.


One of the most voracious invertebrates under water is the larva of the dragonfly, in this case Anax Imperator, of the family Aeshnidae. This was specifically on the banks of the Nalón River.

Piccolo insetto, circa 2mm

Anello adattatore + Tubi prolunga 65mm Tamron + ob. Yashica ML50 capovolto con anello inversione ottica

Small insect, about 2mm.

Adapter ring + Tamron 65mm macro extension tubes + Yashica ML 50mm inverted with reversal ring


Una ninfa de katidido y un hormiga ordeñadora, evitando un encuentro desagradable, en la selva de montaña de Caranavi


A katydid nimph, and a milking ant, avoiding an unpleasant encounter in the montane forest of Caranavi



Twinkle in sunshine


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ERSCH @Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Check out the full outfit and info HERE!

Creo que casi todos albergamos una fascinación por los animales depredadores. En mi caso y desde ya niño de forma especial por los micro-depredadores que viven bajo el agua, como esta impresionante larva de libélula.

Probablemente esta imagen sea la última que vean gran parte de los renacuajos, larvas de mosquito, de efémera, lombrices, y un largo etcétera.


We can't change our own destiny, but destiny can change us.


Cabbage Bug nimph - Koolwants

Tamron SP AF 180mm f/3.5 LD (IF) Macro


Sold Out.

Model: Rose

Category: Muses

skin tone: White


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Ninfas de hemiptera protegendo-se em meio aos espinhos do fruto da urtiga ( Cnidoscolus sp)

View on black (press "L")

Saw these Dragonfly Nymph cases at Horwood House on Sunday during my photography workshop . These guys are voracious predators when they live underwater then climb out and turn into a Dragonfly. This scene reminded me of the Alien films!

Yellowy fairy girl fretting away at her fingers at Elf Fantasy Fair 2011, Kasteel De Haar, Haarzuilens.

like a bandit


Jardim Botânico, Rio de Janeiro


I have been here before,

But when or how I cannot tell:

I know the grass beyond the door,

The sweet, keen smell,

The sighing sound, the lights around the shore.

[Dante Gabriel Rossetti]


Un tributo alla confraternita preraffaellita.


Model: Ilaria.

Stylist & Assistant: Andrea Marti.

Make Up: Claudio Fantuzzi.


Spianamento, Bologna.

Maggio 2011.

the usual convention is to take whiskers and all when clipping but Twinkle sports a full set and has had no pulling of mane or forelock!


A cada ninfa adicional que eu desenho, fica claro que eu tenho que retomar meus estudos. Tantas ninfas assim saem porque esse é o desenho de anatomia que sai mais rápido, eu adoro a idéia desses cabelos gigantes e aéreos (culpe Botticelli) e o lápis de cor é absurdamente terapeutico... se eu fosse fazer o mesmo em acrílica, acho que não estaria online.

Save the Nymph !!!

Nymph sculptured into cut of the tree.(Author Francesco Trani)


Un appello per salvare la “La Ninfa Tarantina”, in disfacimento

wood nymph


Model: Sheila

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