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With Nikkor 85mm 3.5

T E C H N I C t a l k

15. April 2009:

I got a new toy!

A Nikkor 55mm / f2,8 - micro AIS, about 23 years old and manual.

Here my first take with the cheap alternative to make a little bit macro *ggg*


I still got it at my D800!

exif . nikon d4 . nikkor 35mm f/1.4

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in Taiwan Taichung Tanzi


IN 台中新社

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in Taiwan Taichung



Nikkor 105/2 DC

nikomat ft2&nikkor s auto 50 1.4

60mm nikkor micro 2.8d on D7000


In 若茵農場

Nikkor 50mm/1.8 at f/16, cheap-ass extension tubes, Velbon tripod. I notice this has been hit a couple of times by people searching for Nikkor and extension tubes, so: I bought the tubes off Ebay dirt cheap, gave them a good dusting before using them, focus manually and use trial and error for exposure - which is just fine for macro. They are the most fun per pound I've had with photographic equipment since I spent twenty quid on a Zenit SLR in 1980 (and index-linked they win hands down).

3 exposure HDR. Lookout mountain rd. leading into the fog on Mothers Day.

Nikon D70, Nikkor 35-70.


Acting pre-summer, listening spring, talking June. Strawberry. Straight out of the camera.

Nikkor 105 f.2.8

Dry Falls taken with a nikkor 18-55mm mounted on a tripod. This is from behind the falls.

魔界版 心之芳庭

闇夜時分,群魔亂舞,終於讓我得到開啟地獄之門的能力了 ~~~

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Bronica EC-TL, Nikkor H.C 75/2.8, Kodak Portra400

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in Japan Osaca


I usually head for my local beach if I have bought a new piece of kit to test it out.

After using a camera with a full size sensor I have decided to save up and get a Nikon D700/800 body but certainly do not want to spend £££££s on FX lenses as well. Knowing the old Nikon lenses work well with its newest cameras'

Ebay beckoned and I managed to pick up this beauty Nikkor 135mm F3.5 made in Japan in 1979 for £105.

Very impressed indeed with it , sure beats the Chinese plastic crap.

Hopefully this coming year I will have some good images to post with new 'old " lenses and getting back to using some film ;-)

Sorry about the lighthouse image again!

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in Taiwan Taichung Fongyuan

相機Nikon D800



焦距12 mm

ISO 速度200

曝光偏向0 EV

台中自然科學博物館 植物園

Bronica EC-TL, Nikkor H.C 75/2.8, Kodak Portra400

PLAUBEL makina67

NIKKOR 80mm f2.8

Project 365

2014/01/17-201/365 Old Time











將它取名為舊時光~Old Time!!~^0^


一樣是老鏡拍攝。。Nikkor-O 35mm f2

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