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A moonlight shot from last night.

the wind created a nice bit of movment in the branches.

I had read about the golden hour in a book about landscape photography. So I thought I get up early to use it for my picture. I almost freezed to dead. It was a very cold eastern storm with chill temperatures at around minus 20 degrees celsius. The water was cooking and al plants around the water were covered with ice. This one is for every body who does not like the blues of the evening but the reds of the morning...

This was taken at the beach yesterday evening. There was a whole bunch of them growing near the sand dunes.

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Yesterday I observed the nighttime sky and the moon fantastic and unearthly beauty.

Das Hotel und Spa Sommerfeld ist gerade bei Nacht ein toller Anblick

i left the black negative space . it can be used in a magazine etc for the words

A shot of my daffodils at night, as backlit by a streetlamp.





... around CBD of Seoul





The beautiful beach town of Caloundra, Queensland, Australia. Travel Photos | Colorbox | DepositPhotos | DreamsTime | Fotolia | BigStock via 500px

Please view this on black, and let your imagination run wild. These fantastic visions lend themselves well to interpretation... What do you see?


This is an actual photograph, and not a Photoshop creation.

He was told more times than he could remember he would amount to nothing. In this day you need a career. A good woman. A plan. Well, that's all great advice if you are wont to play by the rules. In his basement, he creates a better life for himself, using his rules, breaking their laws. Lemmings.

I traveled a short trip down to the coast to take some pictures, but the trip ended quickly because I injured my foot.

but it became a Long exposure here used all of nd filters I found.

I took this photo on a trip Oslo - Denmark with boat in November..

Yesterday I observed the nighttime sky and the moon fantastic and unearthly beauty.

Love how the falling snow picks up the pink from the streetlights. So beautiful.

Tiffen Dfx Filters:

Highlight Flashing 81 Yellow [Sky]

Exposure - 1/250

Aperture - f/2.5

ISO - 800


Lost Prints*

A long exposure just as the stars are coming out, of the Gateway Bridge (aka, Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge) across the Cumberland River in Nashville, Tennessee.


Camera: Olympus OM-D E-M5

Lens: Panasonic Lumix 20mm f/1.7

20mm (40mm full frame FOV), ISO 200, f/9, 25 seconds, single RAW file, tripod mounted.


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Train 746 rolls through the sleeping town of Iaeger, West Virginia on a wet July night. The sparkling clean Lehigh Valley heritage unit leads the way toward Bluefield on the old N&W mainline.

Harrods looks good with all those flashy lights!

A birthday celebration for a dear friend Carolyn, and this was her delicious dessert


Well, I didn't even taste it, but I sure felt like I did! =P

UP SD9043MAC 3639 leads a westbound manifest into the east end of Bensenville yard, stopping for a moment to throw a switch. Franklin Park, IL

View of Jersey City and Lower Manhattan

from Liberty State Park

Hello everyone!

I'm back and I got a lot of catching up to do :)

Have a great day!


Hola a todos!

Volvi y tengo muchas fotos para ver :)

Que tengan un hermoso dia!

I click on a photo and up comes the big old setup from previous days, easier to edit on the page and a white background, much better This is the main street in my town, on a winter night, nice and still

Photo is As Is and Unretouched.


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