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They decorate the Crane, make the Christmas night more fancy!每年都把塔吊裝上圣誕燈飾,使得圣誕夜別具風格!

The place where tourists dwell and where it gets silent at night


On a cold November night, heavy mist sank to the ground and dampened everything. I decided to use simple tones to bring the details highlighted from the street lights. PP in Lightroom. A bit of fun lets see what you think about it.


Long Exposure of the M5 in Somerset

Taken at the corner of Jilong road looking down Xinyi road. A very beautiful and clear evening.

Seine River, Pont des Invalides and Eiffel Tower in Paris at night seen from Pont Alexandre III.


This is my first test of HDR/DRI at night. Made from 2 x 3 RAW (±2 EV).

At the Marie Antoinette Overlook outside of Wyalusing pa

The night view at Nakasu, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka.

Dalat, located in the South Central Highlands of VN. Temperatures are pleasantly warm by day, and quite cool at night, down to perhaps 10 degrees Celsius. Wonderful place for your relaxing trip.

Moonlight, Mountains, Meteor and Movement of stars in the sky - the 4 M's of alpine night photography!

Thanks to Colleen for being a good sport and illuminating her tent when I'm sure she would rather have been sleeping.

Elusive Mountain is the bright peak in photo middle.


One long exposure here with some light painting on these tracks.

On the tracks you can feel a train coming a few minutes away.


This was the shot I went out to take - a windmill against the galaxy lit sky just before dawn (around 5am)

Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires Argentina

Night shot of the "Grund", in the old part of Luxembourg city.

Shot with a 5D2 and reworked as a HDR (slightly, mainly to achieve this golden aspect).


Best seen on black (by pressing L) to have larger view!


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Actually I should say "Good morning Atlanta" I took the shot this morning at 5AM. Dark as night, everybody asleep.


Kaohsiung of The harbor the night landscape

The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, Western Australia


I reckon this is a pretty awesome location for milky way shots if you have a clear night, which I can imagine would be quite common in the part of the world. In hindsight I probably would have composed this shot differently, I'm not sure if it balances the best, something to remember for next time.


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I have posted quite a few from here taken at dawn, but here is one from the night before.


This is made up from a 3exp HDR and then a separate capture of the Moon and Stars so you can see the scene as my eyes did and not just as the camera would.


Best viewed large

Camera : Nikon D7000

Lens : Tamron 10-24mm

Focal : 10mm

Aperture : F/3.5

Exposure : 25S

Iso : 200


Dumbo,Brooklyn,New York

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A 4am view of the Tetons and the Milky Way from Schwabacher Landing in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming.

Northport LIRR station looking West

{Explored - #2 Highest position}


Hi everyone, sorry I have been away for so long. The last two months have been super busy having started a new job. I am hoping to be posting again soon!


Here is a night shot from Philadelphia City Hall that I took back in the early spring.




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much better larger and on black - molto meglio in grande e su sfondo nero

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Toscolano-Maderno, Lombardia - Italy. Lungolago

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A picture I took in Brussels (Belgium), a few days ago. It is

a long exposure shot and I've repainted some parts of it...


The cars were really close to me and going fast! Lots of fun!



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Contemplation in the Light


A poem by Peter S. Quinn


Contemplation in the light

Those need somewhere to go

Into the circling of the night

With some of its dowering glow

Taking the departing by hours

That's been waiting and ready

In the pouring out showers

Of the falling drops so steady


In the look of the city light

At the evening passing gone

Before labyrinth of the night

Shall vanished and be done

From the lanes and city routs

With every sideway in its line

When the shadows here intrudes

With the day and falling sunshine


Reverie in dark shade

Every fulsome turning point

That in stepwise turning grade

Comes to border the dimly joint

Where the hour falls to sleep

In the pondering of a dream

And doorways of reality sweep

Through its gloomy nightly beam

Sullivans Cove - looking across to the Museum and Customs House, Hobart, Tasmania.

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