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May the stars shine brightly on you throughout the coming year…


Switzerland Neuchâtel

31:12:2007 No. 387

Taken New Year's Eve 2008

I wish everyone a Happy New Year 2009.


#63 on Explore on 2009-02-01.

I want to dedicate this shot to the memory of Roba Ayoub. She just passed away a few days ago in a tragic building collapse at the age of 25.

When I moved to Dubai about a year ago, Roba asked me how I was doing in “Dubai Om El-Donia” (an Arabic metaphor which literally means: “the mother of the world”. It’s originally an old figure of speech about Egypt due to its 7000 year-old history.

It made me laugh. It was typical of Roba and her bubbly (and sometimes obnoxious) sense of humor. I’ve been using that metaphor ever since when ever I talk about Dubai.


I shot about 200 pics of Dubai’s New Year’s Eve fireworks in a span of 15 minutes. For some reason this is the only shot that was all Roba. She was fiery in her attitude; loud in her talk; unique in her laugh; and last but not least, she burnt the quickest.


Roba, we pray for you. We talk about you, and you’ll always be a part of our lives.

Taken New Year's Eve 2008

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

Fireworks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NYE 2009

NYE 2008 fireworks viewed from Garden Island

Fireworks, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney NYE 2009

Taken New Year's Eve 2008

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