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My newborn Phalenopsis! Such a big sattisfaction to have new flowers from an old orchid you take care of.....

Undergoing final checks after manufacture. All newborn drones are sent to the nursery to be reared.


Now that's more like it. The only thing I dont like are the exposed shoulder joints. Maybe the arms are just temporary and will be replaced to fit their specialization?

just playing with 3$ bunny ears

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I think these photos probably deserve some decorum - on my part anyhow - and so I'll let them speak for themselves.


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Meet Dahlia.


She was 5 days old yesterday, when this photo was taken. And this is where she was just a couple weeks ago...


Welcome, little one. :)

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From a newborn photoshoot...actually my *first* newborn photoshoot! Yay me! ;)

Lit with an Ezybox softbox on an off-camera 580 EX II + 430 EX on backwall.

Ashley McNamara’s Photoshop action: Vintage Haze 4.


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From today's newborn session. This little boy slept through the entire session!

Find out more about posing newborns on my 1 to 1 baby posing and mentoring workshops. See for info.


see the set up shot here

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Welcome Princess!

our youngest model at class at just 6 days old and also the longest baby boy I have posed at 23 inches!!


Many more images on my newborn posing class blog:

One of my favourite pictures. Once described by a photography student as being an excellent visual description of a birth, with the head being the first part of the body to emerge from the mother.

Pentax K-3ii/FA*600mm F4 ED [IF]

Veronica, just 4 days old. Father holding little feet.

Newborn Orthetrum cancellatum in the Cartagena countryside

This little piggy when to market, this little piggy stayed at home........ My 5 day newborn sons toes been held by Auntie .

photo by florq

edition by me


Gracias Flor por la foto!!!


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cuttest thing ever

Here are 6 newborn bison leading there mothers along the road in Yellowstone NP.

Achilles Blue Morpho Butterfly... (Morpho achilles)


I was having lunch in the esplanade of Baobab Restaurant, in Mindo, when I saw this lovely butterfly.

The owner of the place, a very nice lady and nature lover, who has been kind enough to give me some good tips about places to find some rare bird species, while she was preparing my meal, told me that this beauty had just a few hours of life, and showed to me the recently abandoned chrysalis.


Not exactly a detailed shot, it was taken with my long lens...


Mindo, Ecuador

After lots of thinking I booked on to Tracy Willis' newborn one to one training session (all part of the redundancy plan!). It was supposed to be on Friday but she asked if we could bring it forward to today. Unfortunately only one baby was able to make it and she was being a bit pickley so I'm going to go back but I was able to try some of the basic poses and I spent a lot of time practicing the settling technique!


Very quick look at my photos before I sit down for a long time with a large glass of something, what a busy weekend!

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"Do not say, 'It is morning,' and dismiss it with a name of yesterday. See it for the first time as a newborn child that has no name."

Rabindranath Tagore


"No digas “es la mañana” y la dejes marchar con el nombre de ayer. Mírala por primera vez como un recién nacido que todavía no tiene nombre."

Rabindranath Tagore




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Photography by Jakub Pyrdek

Love them babies :)

Newborn photo shoot by photographer Jenna Michele

I actually stepped on this newborn fawn. They're actually two of them. After I startled them and myself I quickly grabbed some photos before mom and dad returned. Taken under the 403 overpass of the Grand River west of Brantford. (Looks like a fox!)

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