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On the way to storm chase in Colorado. The New Mexico sky was just so tempting to shoot the milky way between Deming and Hatch. Been very busy storm chasing the last few weeks, and in the coming weeks will be extremely busy with work and storm chasing in Arizona. Will try and keep up with all the new contacts and old ones as I can. Thank you all for your support. :)

Taken near Curio Bay, South Island, New Zealand

Hello, I got out this weekend to shoot a sunrise off the New Jersey coast, had some fog, mist and some decent wave action to work with which was nice. Thanks a lot for your comments.

"New Year's Day. A fresh start. A new chapter in life waiting to be written. New questions to be asked, embraced, and loved. Answers to be discovered and then lived in this transformative year of delight and self-discovery. Today carve out a quiet interlude for yourself in which to dream, pen in hand. Only dreams give birth to change."

Sarah Ban Breathnach


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All the best to you my friends for this new year, that you may take the most beautiful pictures and bath yourself in the best light possible!

A pretty section of beach along the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire.



I really like the new architecture of One New Change set against the old architecture of St Pauls in London it's really interesting. I love how the architecture of the new building leads you to the older cathedral.


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As I was setting up to capture this tree this New Forest Pony came into the view finder....

Exposure 13 Aperture f/9.0 Focal Length 19 mm ISO Speed 200


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For out trip to Maine this summer, we also explored a little of the little New Hampshire coastline ... liked this pretty section with the rocks and seaweed.

Not even in my dreams in thought that i would see New York city reflections like that on a one day trip. i was trying at different location along the river but wasn't too happy with the results. finally when i stopped at the chart house restaurant in Weehawken, New Jersey and saw the whole river like a reflecting mirror. i know i had to capture this beauty to its fullest.

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Taken on my recent trip to New Orleans. While waiting for my flight something serious was brewing in the distance. Pretty dramatic.

New Leave's have so much Texture and Detail's,it make's it fun to find some.

In Swedish, new silver really means the same as silver plate. For Macromondays theme - new


365 days in colour

5/31 silvery metal in January

new life was given today in the birdhouse of our zoo

(pictures taken through the glass pane of the incubator under difficult lighting conditions).

Cologne city center from the Rhine river during new year's eve.


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From Forest Hill Reserve (Near Winton, South Island, NZ)

Map coordinates are approximate.

A new beginning.... Greetings and Best Wishes for the New Year!!


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New York City (NYC) skyline looking East from New Jersey across the Hudson River in the fog at night.


Sony a7r - HDR [4 exposures]


Blue hour ensues over the rocky ... and hairy beach in New Hampshire.

The new eastern span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, I went back to Treasure island before dawn this morning to test the new Canon6D some more, I think I did a little better this time.


Taken with the old 70-300mm lens


Happy Thanksgiving to USAians, I will probably be camping the next couple of days with no wifi, next upload probably Sunday evening California time.

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end.”




Appropriate saying for this foal. HIs sire had to be put down last July and this is one of his last babies. This foal is only about 5 minutes old here in this shot


Here is an awesome video one of my good flickr friends sent me. check it out.




Last year I posted frequent updates about Mrs Mami Mallard and her six ducklings. Mami is a resident Mallard duck who sucessfully raised her second batch of six remaining babies at Foppe's Acre past Summer after having lost her first brood in Spring.

Mami tried again earlier this year but sadly none of her kids survived.


I am still waiting for Mami to return with her new brood but much to my enjoyment three of her kids from last year showed up past week with their own babies, Mami's grandchildren so to speak!


The whole yard comes to life again with these little peeps. Two mothers live with their kids on the canal where our Scovies live and the other one chose a ditch behind our house. I guess the canal gets too crowded for all these ducklings because the two sisters don't allow anyone to come close to their babies, there's quite a lot of chasing and quacking going on (besides peeping).


These kids will stand a better chance to survive because the water's edge is overgrown with grasses and reeds for them to hide (which wasn't the case in early Spring), and the predators who killed the early ducklings don't have mouths to feed themselves anymore.


I wish them all well and welcome this new generation to Foppe's Acre:-)


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Sunrise viewed from Jersey City, NJ on the Hudson River looking East towards New York City (NYC).


HDR 8 exposures (Photomatix 3.1). Glass: Hoya NDX400 filter on a Tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens.


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Manhattan Skyline, New York taken in december 2013


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Let us be open to the possibilities!

Quite a few shots at Maori bay so now i am running out of new titles :(


Another vertorama combination of 6 exposures 3 for ground details and 3 for sky and manually stitch them togather in PS. and to bring out colours i applies vibrance, curves, saturation, levels and contrast and finaly noice ninja for sky to get rid of some noise.


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Happy New Year ,Dear Friends.


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Finally got myself a new bloody tripod. So so so much better and easier to use and so much more trustworthy! Such a simple thing that was definitely well needed!

This is the first shot I took with it, wanted to get some mossy rocks but they were already covered by the water going crazy, but still happy with this one

Been a while since I've uploaded again. Just been busy with uni exams and stuff. Got my first wedding as official photographer this weekend which I'm super keen for. Cannot wait to use the gear I have hired. It'll be my own some day..


New Brighton, Lancashire England

This is another shot from the sunrise that I took a few weeks ago.Thanks for looking and your comments.

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New clover leaf in my balcony

Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania


“Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live.”


Stop Crying Your Heart Out-Oasis


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