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with the new day comes new strength and new thoughts.

-Eleanor Roosevelt


thoughts.........words in misterious ways,the same words said from different people can have different meanings and feelings,

can reach to you or simply pass ,or even misunderstood.

I hope there will be no misinterpretation of my words.

Yes I HOPE.....that's all I can do :)



have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!


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As they come up for the breeding season the colours can vary greatly!

Fortunate to be at Liberty State Park in Jersey City at the Old Central New Jersey Rail-Ferry Terminal at sunset looking across the Hudson to lower Manhattan a beautiful rainbow appeared by One World Trade Center, though it was bizarre on the western banks of the Hudson where I found myself, heavy rain pelted me and equipment, rough winds tried to blow me away so it proved to be a challenge to get even one good image.

What many don’t realize when they gaze at the tallest building in this hemisphere is that if we go back say 400 years when the Europeans where first engaged in exploration of this region, where One World Trade Center currently stands was underwater. In 1613 Dutchman Adriaen Block a private trader and navigator who had been hired from by the Dutch to investigate the possibility of setting up trading posts for fur trade up the North River (now the Hudson) made his fourth and final voyage along with another captain Hendrick Cristiaenz. Both ships were returning from a successful venture of obtaining fur pelts when they ran into a third Dutch ship commanded by a man named Mossel. Block and Cristianenz were already at odds about the potential profits of the beaver pelts, so tensions were high. Disaster struck when Block’s ship the Tiger caught fire forcing Block and his crew to quickly make his way to the same shore where the eastern part of the World Trade Center is today. Block and his crew were forced to abandon the Tiger there on the shoreline which led to a mutiny by Block’s crew as a portion of the crew went onboard to Mossel’s vessel. Block and the remainder of the crew that was still loyal to him would remain near that spot on Manhattan Island, building primitive huts to stay through the winter, the first western settlement built on the island. Adriaen Block and his crew endeavored to return home so with the assistance of the Native Americans on Manhattan the put together a new smaller ship at 42’ which they named Onrust. Block then set about to explore and made his way up the East River in the 1614 when the Onrust ran into the narrows in the East River which Block named Hellegat (hole from hell) which today goes by Hell’s Gate. I had written previously that Hellegat meant bright passage, but a Dutch co-worker corrected my mistake which I originally attributed to listening to a Circleline Tour Guide on one of their around Manhattan Island tours. Block would make his way to the Long Island Sound and eventually up the Connecticut River about 60 miles.

The same shore was extended into the Hudson in 1797 with landfill which buried what remained of the Tiger. Then in 1916 during the Eighth Avenue Subway digs, burned timbers from the Tiger were discovered. When the original World Trade Center complex was being excavated the Tiger’s anchor was dug up. Ironically when the terrorist attacks of 9/11 resulted in horrid burning caused by the full fuel tanks of the two Boeing 767 jets that were crashed into the towers, the fire burned what was left of the Tiger’s wooden remains almost as if the attack was to wipe out the very roots of New York City. We know this because of the efforts to look for human remains in the destruction resulted in the most careful examination of every piece of debris from what was referred to by then Mayor Rudy Giuliani as Ground Zero, the area that once was the original World Trade Center Complex.

This was captured by an Olympus E-5 using an Olympus Zuiko Digital ED 12-60mm F2.8-4.0 SWD lens proceesed in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


On the way to storm chase in Colorado. The New Mexico sky was just so tempting to shoot the milky way between Deming and Hatch. Been very busy storm chasing the last few weeks, and in the coming weeks will be extremely busy with work and storm chasing in Arizona. Will try and keep up with all the new contacts and old ones as I can. Thank you all for your support. :)

On a warm summers evening under a blue cloudy sky, from the sand dunes on New Brighton Beach- Christchurch, New Zealand.



Last year I posted frequent updates about Mrs Mami Mallard and her six ducklings. Mami is a resident Mallard duck who sucessfully raised her second batch of six remaining babies at Foppe's Acre past Summer after having lost her first brood in Spring.

Mami tried again earlier this year but sadly none of her kids survived.


I am still waiting for Mami to return with her new brood but much to my enjoyment three of her kids from last year showed up past week with their own babies, Mami's grandchildren so to speak!


The whole yard comes to life again with these little peeps. Two mothers live with their kids on the canal where our Scovies live and the other one chose a ditch behind our house. I guess the canal gets too crowded for all these ducklings because the two sisters don't allow anyone to come close to their babies, there's quite a lot of chasing and quacking going on (besides peeping).


These kids will stand a better chance to survive because the water's edge is overgrown with grasses and reeds for them to hide (which wasn't the case in early Spring), and the predators who killed the early ducklings don't have mouths to feed themselves anymore.


I wish them all well and welcome this new generation to Foppe's Acre:-)


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It's easy to over-look or ignore the more common birds around town but the New Holland Honeyeaters are little characters and very pretty birds.


If you look closely, this one has a tiny of drop of nectar (maybe water but nectar sounds better).

Jacana Wetlands

Taken near Curio Bay, South Island, New Zealand

Lyveden New Bield, Northamptonshire.

Photograph made with Bronica ETRSi + 75mm lens with Ilford FP4+ rated at 100 ASA. Film developed in Moersch Tanol for 11.5 minutes @ 24c.


From this vantage point one can clearly see the progress on New York City’s World Trade Center continues to progress. One World Trade Center, the tallest building in this hemisphere clearly visible, to its right or south is what was known when it was completed in 1987 as the 44 story round roof Two World Financial Center now known as 225 Liberty Street, to its right and actually east of the footprint memorial pool of the South Tower of the Twin Towers the under construction Three World Trade Center, quickly catching up with the building to its right the completed Four World Trade Center. Three World Trade Center will surpass the completed Four World Trade Center when complete. Right or south of these buildings are in Battery Park City apartment buildings in the foreground and behind them is the former 40 story One Financial Center, now 200 Liberty Street that was completed in 1986. World Financial Center, now know as Brookfield Place the name of its current proprietor since 2014 Toronto based Brookfield Office Properties and Battery Park City were built on landfill that was primarily from the excavation for the original World Trade Center and to a lesser extent, garbage, debris and plain dirt. One more building to the south of significance is the green patina roofed 40 Wall Street, another property owned by presumptive 2016 republican presidential candidate Donald Trump that he has renamed after himself, the Trump Building. This building is of significance with because of its height and its history. It was being built at the same time as the Chrysler Building up on 42nd Street, both vying for the title of World’s tallest building. The builders of the Chrysler Building secretly built the spire within the building itself, and when they hoisted it up on the Chrysler Building, it surpassed 40 Wall Street. Ah, but Karma is a ……., the Chrysler Building would be surpassed by the Empire State Building in 11 months and who in turn would hold the title World’s Tallest Building for 42 years.

To the north of One World Trade Center is the tallest of the Brookfield Place, former World Financial Centers buildings, the 51 story American Express former Three World Financial Center 200 Vesey Street building with its pyramid rooftop. Directly north is the 34 story North Tower former Four World Financial Center 250 Vesey Street and north of that Seven World Trade Center which is the only WTC building not built on the ‘tub’. Progress that isn’t visible in this image are the September 11 Memorial and Museum which are complete (worth the time to visit), the PATH Oculus has been opened, the exterior for the most part complete, though the interior will take some time. An elevated park that overlooks the two 9/11 memorial pools just opened. St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church which was also destroyed in the 9/11 attacks is being built at 130 Liberty Street and has progressed quite a bit. But then again, we looking at the 15th anniversary of the attacks, progress has been made for sure, but it really should be further along, but a lot of politics have gotten in the way.

This image was captured on the deck of the famous Circleline Evening Cruise, the golden hour with the warm setting sun reflecting on the glass menagerie of windows on of the skyscrapers. Taken with an Olympus E-5 handheld using an Olympus Zuiko 12-60MM F2.8-4.0 SWD lens, this is a 5 capture HDR image eprocessed in Photomatix Pro and cleaned in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.


#1 in Explore on the 1st of the 1st January 2012. I'm pretty stoked about that :)


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It's been nearly six months since i've posted here on flickr, so I plan to be more active on here this year!


Here's my take on the first sunrise of 2012 taken at Pt Catrwright, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.


I stayed sober and make the trek up to the Sunshine Coast. It was great catching up with Kane Gledhill and to meet a few others!! What a great way to bring in the new year!


- Canon 5D MK II

- f7.1 120sec @20mm ISO 100

- Canon 16-35 f/2.8 II L Lens

- Lee 0.9 & 0.6 GND stacked.

- Monfrotto Tripod and New 468MGRC2 Hydrostatic ball head

- Custom "Tasmanian Wilderness" knife sheath to hold my $5 shutter release to the tripod. Copywright Reedy Photography :-D


Photo prise lorsque nous étions à la recherche d'une étrange et très peu connue formation rocheuse, appelée The King of Wings ou KOW, au Nouveau Mexique, toute une grande aventure... plus d'information à venir


Foto tomada cuando estábamos a la búsqueda de una extraña, rara y poco conocida formación rocosa llamada El Rey de las Alas o Kow , en Nuevo México, una gran aventura. .. más información a venir...


Photo taken when we were looking for a strange and very little known rock formation, called The King of Wings or KOW , in New Mexico, a great adventure. .. more information to come...

Raw shot with graphics on of the new Bento head from LOGO! The skin here, is what comes with, the shape, I made but she is easily customized. Now available in store!




Taken on my recent trip to New Orleans. While waiting for my flight something serious was brewing in the distance. Pretty dramatic.

NYC Downtown view from the Rockefeller Center during dusk on a cloudy day in November.


Happy new year and have a great start in 2014!!!

From Forest Hill Reserve (Near Winton, South Island, NZ)

Map coordinates are approximate.

Sun setting through the trees.

Made Explore: Highest score: 111 on Mar 30, 2007.

This is an old image, from spring 2016. Some of you may remember it from my old account. It was in full color. I've added a bit of artistic touch here, which emphasizes the newly-grown red leaves.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Black Stone Beach, Beserah, Pahang, Malaysia.


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This is another shot from the sunrise that I took a few weeks ago.Thanks for looking and your comments.

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"New Beginnings" {48//52}

Model: Misty Mason

Photography: Nico Nordström

Makeup/Styling: Bleed Gold - Misty Mason

Wardrobe: Jinxedaposed Clothing


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We shot this in a burned down forest, and we had so much fun walking around and exploring. We got to enjoy all types of lighting, and as soon as we got to this overlook we were so excited to watch the sun set over miles forest - it was magical.

We also got yelled at by a park ranger, but it was all worth it in the end ;)

The new eastern span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge, I went back to Treasure island before dawn this morning to test the new Canon6D some more, I think I did a little better this time.


Taken with the old 70-300mm lens


Happy Thanksgiving to USAians, I will probably be camping the next couple of days with no wifi, next upload probably Sunday evening California time.

I shot this from a ferry on my way to New London, CT

As I was setting up to capture this tree this New Forest Pony came into the view finder....


Happy new year!


I’m starting a weekly self-portrait project! By the end of this year I hope to have a larger, better portfolio and improved lighting and photoshop skills. I want to push myself to learn as much as possible and grow as an artist so my work will be better technically as well as aesthetically.


A week from today I am moving to Chicago to work for Phlearn. I am so excited to explore the city and live in a completely new place. I’ve shot a few different ideas here at my parents house in NC so I’ll have some time to look for good locations when I get up there and can still post at least once a week. I plan on shooting ahead of time and editing later if I know I’m not going to have time the next week. Crossing my fingers that this project will see completion by 2013!


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New York City (NYC) skyline looking East from New Jersey across the Hudson River late at night,


Nikon D3s - Nikon 24mm PC-E (HDR - 9 exposures)

new life was given today in the birdhouse of our zoo

(pictures taken through the glass pane of the incubator under difficult lighting conditions).

New life on planet potato.


~ Just a quick HI to all my friends! ~


~ Texture from Michelle Black


...Sorry no time but hope to catch up soon.


Just to let you know the job is going well ;-)


~ Thanks in advance!

For out trip to Maine this summer, we also explored a little of the little New Hampshire coastline ... liked this pretty section with the rocks and seaweed.

DRI of 3 exposures, manually blended


March 2013


2017 re-edit

A pretty section of beach along the Atlantic Ocean in New Hampshire.

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