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The Hague/Den Haag


Central Station

Randstad Rail E-line terminus

Designed by Zwarts & Jansma Architects


use mag glass+ for detail

The Hague/Den Haag


Central Station

Randstad Rail E-line terminus

Designed by Zwarts & Jansma Architects


A rose leaf is eaten by tiny caterpillars, only the network of veins remained.

A rose leaf was eaten by tiny caterpillars. Only the network of veins remained. I back-lit a portion of the leaf and took a macro shot. Well, I have no macro lens but tried my best. No crop. Usually, I don't crop photos. Hope you will like it.

Having fun with dandelions these days.

By Thomas J Price

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

The three-metre-tall bronze Network takes the form of a young man in casual dress, looking at his phone. Typical of Price's sculpture, the figure stands with a relaxed pose although his facial expression opens up the potential for a far more complex internal narrative.


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Created for Kreative People / Treat This 157


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Bois de Vincennes, Paris

The microchip. Where would we be without them?



Macro Mondays: Chip(s)


LOW TECH is the topic for Wed Oct 18 2017 Group Our Daily Challenge.


okay, actually, it's high tech how spiders make their networks, but they do not need any tools, no internet, no Apps.

It's the facade of a building. I would like to know how it is inside. As a prison?

The Hague/Den Haag


Central Station E-line terminus

Designed by Zwarts & Jansma Architects


A few weeks ago the new terminus of the Randstad Rail E-line was opened after 2 years building. The station is build above The Hague Central Station and is designed by Zwarts & Jansens Architects.

......near Crooks Peak, Somerset.

The first letter of my name is "N"


The digital network in little world got shut down. It is now in the hands of our little Helpers to get the community back online.


In Little World ist das Internet defekt und die ganze Community somit offline. Es liegt nun in den Händen unserer kleinen Helfer um uns rasch wieder online zu bringen.


#MacroMondays #wire

Network Gives You Reach… Community Gives You Power!

Ted Rubin.


Tibor "Ted" Rubin (June 18, 1929 – December 5, 2015) was a Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor who emigrated to the United States in 1948 and received the Medal of Honor for his actions during the Korean War as a United States Army soldier and prisoner of war (POW) from President George W. Bush on September 23, 2005, 55 years later. Rubin was repeatedly nominated for various military decorations, but was overlooked because of antisemitism by a superior. Fellow soldiers who filed affidavits supporting Rubin's nomination for the Medal of Honor said that Rubin's sergeant "was an anti-Semite who gave Rubin dangerous assignments in hopes of getting him killed". In November, 2016, President Obama signed legislation renaming the Long Beach California VA Medical Center after Rubin. Source Wikipedia.


Reflections in a pond.

Redes en Texturas


D7000 + Helios 44m-4 (58mm f/2.0)


Ash tree in pasture.

Clapham, Yorkshire Dales.

Seen on loan to Network Warrington, seen at Leigh on the 28. Alexander Dennis Enviro 200 MMC. From what I've read it came from Ipswich bus and has been here since early August.

Network Destruction - Very old ivy at a crumbling old stone house from the 1800’s shows decades of growth. It looks to have been purposefully damaged however below this area and to the right this ivy is growing again, aggressively.

Morning in the Westruper Heide hang the dewdrops on the cobwebs and transform the network into a jewel.

The Network Flower (or Internet Rose, lat. flos netaeris), is the only known non-organic species. The flowers are based on copper, various other metals, and synthetic materials. Unlike common plants, network flowers do not depend on the availability of water and sunlight, but on electricity and bits. Both are usually provided by computers, routers, switches, and other devices with which the flowers live in close symbiosis. Fully developed, internet roses provide sweet data in the form of bytes. Little is known about the metabolism and reproduction circle of this lifeform. Network flowers tend to build superorganisms similar to some kinds of ants or fungi. Some scientists believe that the largest of these superorganisms is world-spanning, the so-called word wide web.


#MacroMondays #wire

...a little break before it continues

Link Network SK68TWN (Demo?) seen on Sankey Street on service 110 to Widnes

Feuchtes Netzwerk

In der letzten Woche habe ich Instagram und Facebook verlassen. Das war lange überfällig. Ich möchte mich in der Zukunft mehr meiner eigenen Homepage zuwenden und werde nur noch Flickr als einziges Social Network behalten.


In the last week I left Instagram and Facebook. That was long overdue. I'd like to spend more of my own homepage in the future and will only keep Flickr as the only social network.

The sun casts the shadow of the threads stretched from a clothes line on the wall of a cramped courtyard.


Le soleil projette l'ombre des fils tendus d'un étendoir à linge sur le mur d'une cour exigue.



photographie argentique film analog photography

Nikon F50, AF Nikkor 28–85 mm f/3.5-4.5/ T-max 100


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