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Great Egret - Nesting Facts


Clutch Size 1–6 eggs


Number of Broods 1-2 broods


Egg Length2.2–2.4 in - 5.5–6 cm


Egg Width1.6–1.7 in - 4–4.3 cm


Incubation Period 23–27 days


Nestling Period 21–25 days


Egg DescriptionSmooth, pale greenish blue.


Condition at Hatching - Long, white down covering the back; eyes open

This colorful Roseate Spoonbill was great at finding sticks for nest building, but terrible at trying to figure out how to build the nest ! He desperately needing someone to show him how it's done, and it sure wasn't me.

It's that time of year. I hope the white squirrel I've been following has babies this year!


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Not too far from where I live is a bald eagle's nest in someone's back yard; yes, really....across from the Mississippi River. I drove over the other day after hearing about it and was lucky, about a 5 minute wait until one eagle flew in to relieve the other of nest sitting duties. They 'talked' to each other for a bit.....Some facts:


**The sitting parent may be saying...."You're late for your turn;)"

General information,

Each sitting can be 1-4 hours.

**Incubation begins after the first egg is laid; there can be two or three. A good survival rate is if two make it.


**The eggs are rolled every 1-2 hours with tucked in talons of the sitting eagle.


**Both eagles have bare skin brood patches on their breasts where they've removed feathers, to keep eggs warmer.


(This eagle seems to have a U shaped patch....young eagles, I think...they have a rather small nest for bald eagles'...first time parents perhaps...)


It was a thrill for me! time I'll be more ready, have better camera settings, etc. but wanted to show you. I'll have to get as many shots as possible before the trees start leafing as the nest would be completely covered by then, I would think....


Enjoy the weekend, flickr friends....thank you for your visit...Pat...xo



My Easter flower to you this year may be a Christmas cactus photo. There is one bud that looks promising;-)

Otherwise, Spring is telling us she's coming....

No pasque flowers yet; I checked a place where I know they bloom each year.

An Eastern Towhee gathers nesting material and displays all at the same time.

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

My favorite bird pair is back in town. Here the female Osprey is seen bringing water plants to line up the nest. I hope it is the same pair who occupied the same nest last year only to lose their both babies before they could fledge. Hope this year they will have better luck. I'll follow-up regularly to see their progress. Keswick, Ontario

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This Say's Phoebe has a nest in the eves of our desert shack. This morning, wearing the color black, I hid in the shade and took shots of the Phoebes bringing food to the nest.


Say's Phoebe

Sayornis saya


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Patricia Ware Bird Photography


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Full Frame

in a wreath right by the front door a tiny nest


Polaroid with my favorite



better picture of the wreath below.

Great Blue Heron nest building ritual ...

Stopped alongside the Causeway overlooking the Upper Mobile Bay on my way home. The Osprey nest was active with the male bringing sticks and the female placing them where she wanted them. This is the female and she was busy at work.

A tighter crop of the same as I liked both for different reasons.

Nest Fiber Studio Finn in Flourite - March 2017 club colorway

Blue tit (Cyanistes caeruleus) perched on a budding branch with some nest-building material in its beak.


Modraszka (Cyanistes caeruleus) stojąca na pączkującej gałęzi z materiałem do budowy gniazda w dziobie.

Just one more foot of twigs and branches to go, it doesn't look like a palace yet, still another month till the eggs are laid.

The rookery at High Island, Texas is teeming with egrets, spoonbills and a few other species during the spring breeding season.

one of the pieces in the exhibit .

Female Yellow-bellied Sunbird adds to her suspended nest, hanging from the eaves of a North Queensland home.

Jet Nest", the nest of aircraft: This is a big steel egg from which the wing tip (or beak) of a jet plane, the same way that a baby bird out of the egg breaking its shell. This work by Magnús Tómasson is symbolically placed on a Icelandic rock mound that takes the place of the nest in the middle of a pond, where it is reflected in good weather. When this photo was taken, on the down at the end of February, the pond was freezed.

A pair of Tree Swallows occupy a nest box along the Basha Kill near Haven, NY.

Good Monday Morning folks, and hope a great Holiday weekend was had by all and a safe one as well.

I thought I would post this to show that there really was a nest to protect and how the behavior of the Juvy depicted the behavior of the adult, and also was in a defensive pose even at that age. Thanks to all for visiting and have a wonderful day.

Song Thrush building her nest

Champaca flower, textures & final processing by me.

Nest from the net.

Bird courtesy of archistock.


I think she looks like she is sleeping in a little nest here. I can't tell you all how much I love my new 17-55mm 2.8 lens. I could never have captured this shot with my 50mm or 85mm.

Bestill52 week 18: organic. Found this nest which had been blown out of a tree after the birds had left it. Fascinating to see all the materials used in the construction - even a piece of string along with fleece.

This nest was in the cedar beams over our front door. It blew down in a rainstorm and 2 of 6 eggs were broken but the nest was still fairly intact. I placed the nest and 4 remaining eggs back up on the beams in hopes that all would be well, but the wrens did not return.

Got out to Gator-land Orlando today, had great time. Lots of herons and egrets nesting and some hatched. There are a lot of try-colored herons hatched up to one month old chicks. Cattle egrets started nesting!

A sure sign of spring----a house sparrow is busy building a nest in one of the birdhouses in my backyard.

I heard today that my photo was selected to go in the RSPB 2018 Calendar - over the moon :)

Osprey at their nest built in the top of the tall sport's field lighting tower.

Killdeer photographed when sitting on a nest.

Nest Fiber Studio superwash merino/merino/silk in Persephone - April 2017 club colorway

Every year this mourning dove has her babies here.


Circle Game/ Joni Mitchell

Just outside Caesars Palace and Casino Las Vegas this little bird gathers bedding for its nest.

Eagles Nest is located just outside of Inverloch, Victoria, Sun was setting behind me and I worked with the colours the sky was creating, a Cokin ND2 plate style filter was used to slow the shutter down a little

Reflections of the sky and morning glory vine .. Big bubbles small troubles .. or so some say, I hope so cause this one is for you Birthday Girly!!:D◯❍◯○◌⃝❍◯❍◯○◌⃝◯❍◯○◌⃝◯❍◯○◌⃝◯◎◯❍❍◯
















○◌⃝◯❍❍❍❍◯ oooookay :D

Double-crested cormorant carrying stick to its nest. Last spring i visited Avalon Preserve in Stony Brook which is famous for its cormorant colony. It was a time of breeding and building nests so I could observe those beautiful birds gathering the nesting material and bringing it to the nest. Some sticks were only few inches long while some other were longer than the cormorant's body. It was a great fun to enjoy this warm sunny evening and watch amazing nature spectacle.

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