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This is one of a pair of striated pardalotes building a nest under a retaining wall in the garden - you can see mud on its feet and beak.

Great Egret - Nesting Facts


Clutch Size 1–6 eggs


Number of Broods 1-2 broods


Egg Length2.2–2.4 in - 5.5–6 cm


Egg Width1.6–1.7 in - 4–4.3 cm


Incubation Period 23–27 days


Nestling Period 21–25 days


Egg DescriptionSmooth, pale greenish blue.


Condition at Hatching - Long, white down covering the back; eyes open

This colorful Roseate Spoonbill was great at finding sticks for nest building, but terrible at trying to figure out how to build the nest ! He desperately needing someone to show him how it's done, and it sure wasn't me.

It's that time of year. I hope the white squirrel I've been following has babies this year!


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Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London

in a wreath right by the front door a tiny nest


Polaroid with my favorite



better picture of the wreath below.

Great Blue Heron nest building ritual ...

one of the pieces in the exhibit .

Good Monday Morning folks, and hope a great Holiday weekend was had by all and a safe one as well.

I thought I would post this to show that there really was a nest to protect and how the behavior of the Juvy depicted the behavior of the adult, and also was in a defensive pose even at that age. Thanks to all for visiting and have a wonderful day.

This Say's Phoebe has a nest in the eves of our desert shack. This morning, wearing the color black, I hid in the shade and took shots of the Phoebes bringing food to the nest.


Say's Phoebe

Sayornis saya


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Patricia Ware Bird Photography


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Full Frame

Ten ducklings following mother duck into the water.

Champaca flower, textures & final processing by me.

Nest from the net.

Bird courtesy of archistock.


I think she looks like she is sleeping in a little nest here. I can't tell you all how much I love my new 17-55mm 2.8 lens. I could never have captured this shot with my 50mm or 85mm.

Got out to Gator-land Orlando today, had great time. Lots of herons and egrets nesting and some hatched. There are a lot of try-colored herons hatched up to one month old chicks. Cattle egrets started nesting!

Osprey at their nest built in the top of the tall sport's field lighting tower.

A sure sign of spring----a house sparrow is busy building a nest in one of the birdhouses in my backyard.

A pair of Tree Swallows occupy a nest box along the Basha Kill near Haven, NY.

Every year this mourning dove has her babies here.


Circle Game/ Joni Mitchell

Eagles Nest is located just outside of Inverloch, Victoria, Sun was setting behind me and I worked with the colours the sky was creating, a Cokin ND2 plate style filter was used to slow the shutter down a little

I went back to check on the nesting sign of the eaglets but saw tip of a white head so knew one or more parents were there. As I took photos of the head tip, the adult started to in right place at right time, wind blowing the leaves aside so I could get some good shots, a thrill.

I'll have to go back when the young are starting to fledge...maybe I'll get lucky again.

...interesting observation; the neighbors are so accustomed to them they don't pay any attention.


Enjoy the weekend, flickr friends....thanks for your visit...Pat...xo...



Some family health problems going on...

Reflections of the sky and morning glory vine .. Big bubbles small troubles .. or so some say, I hope so cause this one is for you Birthday Girly!!:D◯❍◯○◌⃝❍◯❍◯○◌⃝◯❍◯○◌⃝◯❍◯○◌⃝◯◎◯❍❍◯
















○◌⃝◯❍❍❍❍◯ oooookay :D

Killdeer photographed when sitting on a nest.

Bestill52 week 18: organic. Found this nest which had been blown out of a tree after the birds had left it. Fascinating to see all the materials used in the construction - even a piece of string along with fleece.

California Towhee (Melozone crissalis) eggs, in a nest in our front garden, less than four feet off the ground. I snuck this photo when mama bird flew off to find a snack, so I didn't disturb her.

Two Great Horned Owlets peaking out of their nest. There is a third one in there but it didn't want to be seen today. From the looks of things I doubt they will be there too much longer.

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This photo was taken at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson, Arizona.


If you want to learn more about Anna's hummingbirds

click here


for the Macro Monday "egg" theme

Raven's Nest

Acadia National Park, Maine


This one was a bit of a challenge, and I'll have to go back and try again. The night started out with some clouds, then it was pretty clear, but by the time I was setup and it was dark enough some clouds were moving through again. I was lucky enough to get about 5 minutes of no clouds covering the Milky Way, but I didn't get it quite in the position that I wanted. I also didn't really get the foreground exposures right, so I had to use some exposures with light painting that ended up with some harsh shadows. The immediate foreground is extremely dark since this view is set back into the trees and very little ambient light hits the immediate foreground.


This is a blend of 8 exposures. Five exposures for the sky stacked with Starry Landscape Stacker for the Mac (available in the Mac App Store, more info here: for pinpoint stars and less noise in the sky. The sky exposures were each f/2.8, 10 seconds, ISO 6400. One foreground exposure was ISO 1600 for 10 minutes, another was ISO 1600 for 10 minutes (different focus distances) both at f/2.8. And the third foreground exposure was ISO 1600 for 30 seconds @ f/5.6 with light painting on the immediate foreground. All exposures were taken with my Nikon D800E using the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens at 14mm.


For more information on my techniques check out my tutorial "Introduction to Landscape Astrophotography":


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Grey heron - having found the precise twig it needed to complete the happy home, this heron flew right in front of me. They are rascals but can be quite stately I think.

Just outside Caesars Palace and Casino Las Vegas this little bird gathers bedding for its nest.

i just like this so much by itself. one of my personal faves as of now. should i keep this up instead?


made a twitter a few days ago, and you can also see a new interview/feature here if youre interested.


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A tighter crop of the same as I liked both for different reasons.

These are photos of only two of many ring-billed gulls that kept flying back and forth overhead carrying nesting material. Explore #237, July 15/09. Thank you.

tree with caterpillar nest

Female Yellow-bellied Sunbird adds to her suspended nest, hanging from the eaves of a North Queensland home.

Storks arrived near Biebesheim/Rhine - spring is near!

In der Rheinebene bei Biebesheim

This nest was in the cedar beams over our front door. It blew down in a rainstorm and 2 of 6 eggs were broken but the nest was still fairly intact. I placed the nest and 4 remaining eggs back up on the beams in hopes that all would be well, but the wrens did not return.

Photographed at Woodhouse Ponds, Ellensburg, Washington.


This bird and his mate was not at the nest the day before I took this photo and may have returned within 24 hours of when I took photos at this location. I believe this is a male but I am not positive. He flew to where the female was perched about 300 feet from this nest and broke off sticks and returned to the nest twice in the 15 minutes that I watched.


Osprey return every spring from southern locations, as far south as South America where they winter. The osprey is one of the most cosmopolitan raptor species occurring on every continent except Antarctica. Osprey nests are large stick structures often built in trees or man-made structures near or over water. This nest is on one of the man-made structures within a few hundred feet of a ready food supply at Woodhouse Ponds.


Osprey nests are built of sticks and lined with bark, sod, grasses, vines, algae, or flotsam and jetsam. The male usually gathers most of the nesting material, sometimes breaking dead sticks off nearby trees as he flies past and and the female arranges it.


They nest close to water where there are fish. About 99% of their diet consists of fish. They locate fish below the surface and then plunge into the water feet first to capture prey.



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